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Is the stereotype of students at your school accurate?


for the most part


The first stereotype is definitely not true. If you choose the right classes, you can get a lot out of this university and it can be a very worthwhile experience. Unfortunately, the latter of the two stereotypes does have some truths to it. There are a number of kids at URI for academic purposes, but there are just as many (if not more) here for the "college experience" of parties and alcohol. Fortunately, these two different types of people can get their respective experiences from URI without interfering with one another too much (in my opinion.)




All colleges have parties, but overall I wouldnt consider it some crazy party school.




In some ways, YES. I may not be any one of those, but so far that is what I have seen, and the stereotypes have every reason to be "stereotyped".


Stereotypes happen for a reason. There is always truth in it. So yeah partys do happen here.


There are a lot of Jersey people. Yes, we do have a high level of school spirit


It is a party school, but any school can be a party school, you just need to know where to look. A few decades ago the school really was a major party school, reaching number 1 in the nation I think, but now it is a dry campus which really changed the school atmosphere a lot. Many of the parties are now held off campus, which is becoming a problem in the off-campus community.


Yes, they really are. You have to go out of your way to find bright people. But they do exist, and I've met some incredible people I hope to have keep in my life after we graduate.


While URI may have been a party school in the past, it has calmed down a lot in recent years. It sure does seem as if URI is full of pretty rich kids, but we are not all that way.


No. The education here is amazing and they are adding new and more advanced faculty every year to make it even better.

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