University of Saint Joseph Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


The advice that i would give myself if i could go back in time, would be the fact that college will be the most important time your lifetime. It is important to maintain a good GPA from start to finish, because college is based on what you will do in the near future. You cannot waste a year, because then you will regret it. So keep up the good work with no breaks.


If I could go back in time I would tell myself to apply for more scholarships. I owe a lot in student loans now and while I lvoe the education and experience I received it is a lot to handle now. I would tell myself to be prepared for the financial burden that I am taking on, and be prepared to work hard. I would tell meself to relax, have fun, and enjoy my time there. Overall I would want to stress to my high school self to let things happens and not worry too much about majors and classes. I would tell myself to have more fun however to be better prepared for the job search and struggle of post-college life.


The advice I would give myself is to try harder. I tried hard my senior year, but I could have done better. I could have worked harder. I should have paid more attention in biology. I should have switched out of Mr. Mourad's class. I should have applied to many more scholarships. I should have applied to schools earlier. I shouldn't have put off any work like the summer reading I have to do. I believe I did work hard, and I did try, but there is there always room for improvement. I see people like Jacob, ( ranked number one in my class) and I think that I could be like that. I should have strived to be better. I should stay on top of everything as much as I can when it comes to transiting to college because there is a lot to be ready for and to do.


If i were to go back to myself as a high school senior i would tell myself to block out what other people told me i should do with my future. I would tell myself to go where i truly wanted to go, rather than going to the school that simply gave me the most money. In addtion i would tell myself that it is okay to not know exactly what i want to do for the rest of my life and explain that being afraid is okay. I would explain to myself that despite the failure of my family and being let down my whole life, that i have the ability to succeed and the my difficult past is what gives me an advantage over those who have always been handed things. I would tell myself to spend as much time with my friends the summer before college becuase after you all go your own ways, the friendships will never be the same. Consequently, i would tell myself to forget the differences and go into that summer thinking that i want to have no regrets when it's over. I would tell myself to always think, "i will succeed!"


There would be countless things that I would love to tell my past self. Though there is one message above all else I would like to tell her. I want to tell her to NEVER give up. My years in highschool were difficult as well as the ones in college. There were various times were I truly believed that I may not be able to complete my schooling to obtain an undergraduate degree though I did thanks to the endless support I recieved. My support came from my family, friends, coworkers, and the people at the Universtiy. I wouldn't have made it without that support.


I would tell myself to pack half of the clothes and belongings that I THOUGHT I needed to move into my dorm. I would emphasize the annoyance of bringing everything back home. No one ever focuses on advice about what NOT to bring to college, and I would have an indepth conversation with my younger self so that she could save herself the trouble later. I would also tell myself to get into an excercize regimine over the summer, so that in the fall I would be used to a healthy life style and not fall into the trap of the freshman 15.


If given the opportunity ro go back and time and talk to myself as a high school senior, I would tell myself that college is what I make of it. If I go into the situation with a negative attitude, then more than likely there will be a negative response. However, if I enter the situation open-minded then there is no telling who or what is to stop me from reaching all of my dreams. Also, take advantage of ALL the resources on campus because I am paying for them!


Two months into my freshman year of college I enjoy the kindness and teachers the school has to offer. I specfically attended this school for the nursing program. The nursing classes are demanding and time consuming. Futhermore, I have proved to myself a hundred times fold what a hard worker I have become. My experiences have been valuable the worst and the better ones. I am able to get a glimpse of how the real world is and the determination I must possess in order to hurdle over obstacles.


what ive gotten is a great bond with individuals and have learned alot. ive been in college two years now and have a great connection with other students and teachers. i realized that teachers are there to help and they want yuo to succeed. ive also learned alot about myself and what my goals in life are. in high school it used to be about who i hung out with and what i wore but now its all about me and what i want to do. colleg has showed me that i can succeed on my own, with the help of the teachers of course.


I'm not happy as I could be. I haven't done everything I said I would. I'm not who I'm supposed to be. These are the things I've learned from attending the College of DuPage. I'm intelligent, creative, and thoughtful with immense potential. Because I was indecisive, unsure of myself, always so afraid of what I didn't know, I'm not having the college experience that I want. That is, fulfillment, excitement, and on-campus housing to name a few things. I've learned that I'm not a child anymore, I need to take charge of my life and achieve whatever makes me happy. I'm dying to be independent, learning to do things on my own and having experiences where before I was terrified at even the thought of being an adult. Now I'm bursting out of my surroundings, forced to be in an environment that cannot contain me. I love my family, and I know I'll need their support, but bigger things are calling me, and frankly, I'm ready to live now.


As I entered my first year of college, I wondered why I should even go. My mother, father and aunts had all succeeded at life in their own ways, so why should I waste the money? The answer was: because I wanted to be a nurse. As I went to class day in and day out, complaining at times over the course work and laughing with my fellow nursing students, I slowly began to forget why I had questioned my choice. Friendship, knowledge, independence, and a sought-after career would all have been unattainable had I not completed my degree. As I walked across the stage on the day of my graduation, I felt a sense of accomplishment. I was a nurse. Even now, I think back to my college days as I care for my patients and thank my professors for teaching me all about time management and patience. Although college is not always easy, there are not parties around the clock, and one must work in order to get a good grade, the friends and knowledge I have gained prepared me for the world and gave me the confidence to be myself.


So far I have learned a lot out of my college experience. We are just starting to get really in depth to Adobe Photoshop and Indesign. I have really started to learn that you can turn a project into something fun and unique. I think it has been very valuable so far because its relating to the field of work that I want to participate in the near future. Plus I love learning new things especially when it comes to computers. Graphic Design is my passion and im glad im getting an Associates degree in Visual Communications.


Freshman year is always a challenge especially when you notice how much free time you have and how you don?t get HOMEWORK but then f you don?t keep up on your reading you began to fail on tests and quizzes. Saint Josephs has taught me to not be afraid to ask questions in class because as stupid as it may sound there might be someone else that had the same question. This is also a benefit to going to an all girl school because you tend to feel more comfortable and rather than waking up in the morning and spending an hour to do your hair, etc you just have to grab clothes put them on and go to class. Saint Joseph wants its students to be successful, I?ve never felt rejected when I needed help. They always want to help you and lots of times teachers will give you extra credit if you go to tutoring. Unlike other schools, Saint Joseph changes according to what their students believe would be best, they really enjoy hearing from us. Saint Josephs is the school for any girl who needs the extra push to get out of her shell.


For me, college has truly been a learning experience. I have not only learned the basics of english composition and music appreciation, but also the basics of myself and what I want out of life. In college I have been a leader, a role model, and a friend. I've also been a teacher, a student, and most importantly: an adult. Having to be on my own and figure things out for myself has proven to me that I can succeed and, no matter what. I will.


From the start of my college experience, I've learned how to live on my own, take on a leadership role in my community, and how to reach the goals I've set for myself. Saint Joseph College is an incredible school where you learn about female empowerment and self empowerment. I've learned how to manage my time, make new friends, work with people I never would have thought I would have, and make myself a competitor in the world of job hunting. The woman I have become because of Saint Joseph College will help me accomplish the goals I've set for myself; I am aquiring the education needed for the job I want, and the skills to make me valuble. Learning how to be a woman who works to get what she wants is invaluble. Self-motivation, perserverence, honesty, intellegence, and personality are traits that anyone needs in the working world to get themselves ahead and make a difference. No other school could have taught me to believe in myself the way Saint Joseph's has: the Entire school is a community and we're all there to help each other out and make each other stronger.


In highs school i slacked off a lot coming to college was one of the best choices that i made in my life. Going to school and getting an education will help me in the future to be more successful. Coming to school is always a great experience even if kids do not like school very much. You meet amazing people at school and learn some life lessons with out even noticing. You make some long time friends here and getting a great eduation from teachers that actually know what they are doing and know how to teach it to you in order for you to understand the material. The teachers will always be there for you also, they are always there to lend a helping hand when you are having trouble with an assignment and work on it with you until you understand the assignment.I regret taking two years off after highschool but i am glad that i came back to school to make something of my life.


For the last six months, my college experience has been very uncomfortable. This doesn?t mean it was not fun or even educational but that it was an experience I guess I was not ready for. Now that I?m in my second semester, i've learned a lot of do?s and don'ts. If I learned anything from my little college experience it is, I should use my time wisely. I have learned, the sooner I get work done the better. I have learned that taking care of an 18 month child while comminuting to a four year college is very hard but it is doable. With the mistakes that I have made and many more to come, I have learned to take them, learn from them, and keep moving. There is no need for a person to stop their education just because there are a few bumps in the road. My education is an important thing to have mainly because I have a son to take care of and I want to be a great role model for him. But also because its my life that I?m messing up if I dont succeeded with my education.


There is so much advice I would give myself if I could go back and time and talk to myself as a highschool senior. I would first of all tell myself to go into college with an open mind, be who you are and accept others for who they are. You need to be willing to meet new people, make new friends, and sociolize with others. College is really the place where you meet the friends you will never forget. On another note, you also need to make a transition to the workload recieved in college. In college you tend to recieve a heavier workload and more difficult criteria. Time management is very important, don't save assignments for last minute, and get help if you need it. If you have your mind set on certain goals you want to achieve, you need to believe in yourself and put in your best efforts in order to be successful.


To study harder, take more courses that would have counted for college credit. I would have wanted to stick with track and cross country so I would have tired out my first year of college for the teams.


Do a lot of research and just visit the campus. What you read on paper does not describe what you experience. If I had not visit Saint Joseph, I would not have attended it.


I would begin by figuring out the finances. What can you afford. Then figure out if you want a big or small campus. Then look at if you want a gender specific campus, like all women's colleges. then find a campus that has has a variety of majors and meets all of the qualities that were mentined before. By doing this you will attend a school you can afford and meets your requirements. GOOD LUCK TO HIGH SCHOOL SENIORS!!!


You learn a lot about yourself in college. Therefore, you want to make sure the college ou choose is right for you. I was a wild child, and focusing on a task isnn't always that simpple. This steady paced college helped me focus on the work I had to get done free of most distractions. And in te process, I was able to find what it was I wanted to do with my life after college.


Dont waste your money. If you aren't dedicated you should not attend college. College is expensive and everyone who is there is there for a reason. If you are a girl, you should apply to Saint Joseph College West Hartford, it is a wonderful experience.


advice that i would give to parents and students about finding the right college is to find a college that best suites your personality. and also look into good financial aid and scholarships because that always helps. as for making the most of college experience...just have fun and be willing to meet new people!


Make sure you take your time, review all your options, and your pros and cons. Make sure your finanial aid is beneficial, clubs and sports you are interested are there, and your major! Make sure the campus is the right size, visit it, more then once if nessary. Make sure dorms are nice or in good condition, and try the food so you know plan to get. Talk to some professors in your major, getting to know them is imporant. Make sure you know the graduation rate, job rate after graduation all of this is very imporant. Remember take your time its the rest of your life.


If you want to get the best education and walk away with lifetime friends, SJC is the perfect choice. Small class sizes, one on one attention with professors and numerous outlets for help and achievement are just some of the things offered. There are many sports and organizations for you to get involved in, something for everyone. SJC has the best of the best, and only graduates the best, most qualified students. You have to work hard and want it really bad, but in the end when you are holding the diploma form this amazing school, all of the hard work is completely worth it.


To choose a school that is known for particular career fields (a school well-known for nursing will have a better network of internships and job opportunites) and one that has similar values to the ones in your family.


If your choice in schools is not what you can afford or if you want to save yourself or your family a little money try a 2 year school for your basic requirements then transfer. I had to pay for school myself and this was the only way I could get into the school I wanted without selling my body organs or putting my family in even more debt.


The best advice that I could give a prospective SJC student is to be open minded and hard working. SJC is a place where you can find your voice and speak your mind without feeling scared or intimidated. The campus community is so strong and supportive; with all of the academic resources on campus, you will not fail if you do your best. SJC gives each student the opportunity to grow and develop into strong and confident young women, as well as give back to the community. Saint Joseph College is the college to attend if you want a close-knit, family like community. The friends you make here will be part of your wedding party as we as be friends for life. Through SJC, students are given opportunites that other schools would not be able to offer, just because the community knows that name of the college, and that we onyl graduate the best. So to become the BEST that you can be , Saint Joseph College is the college for you.


My advice would be to pick a school that will educate you not only on your specific major, but also on how to become a independent and competent being. While in school, participate in committees or clubs and get to know the people around you. It will help you in the long run!


Visit the schools often for any open events and if possible stay over night to see how comfortable you would be


I would advise students to not look at the cost. Get a good education--you'll be able to pay off the loans eventually. There is enough aid out there for you to make a way if you really want to. Make friends--they'll last a long time if you keep up with the relationship. Don't be afraid to go new places or try new things--college is made for new experiences. Most of all, stay opened minded, but don't forget where you're from and who you are!!


Students: Look at each school's data, compare it to your interests and see whether or not there's a match. Parents: Look out for your kids and guide them in making the right choice - don't choose for them.