University of Saint Joseph Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


One the best things about my school is that the class sizes are very small. The largest lectures we have are of about 50 people. Therefore there is always a way to participate in class discussion and ask questions when things are not understood. In addition my school has a very helpful center for academic excellence and the tutors are extremely helpful in creating study groups and editing papers. This is all free and is very helpful to student who do not really know how to study and teaches in study groups from a different perspective than the teacher.


The strong emphasis on learning, also the help that is provided to students to make sure the succeed. This was my first chocie of college's because I liked that the campus was small and that the faculty really cares about teh students well being


The community that you are involved and the sense of family that you get when you are here.


It's a small school with alot of possiblities and everyone is close and friendly