University of Science and Arts of Oklahoma Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


Someone who is interested in pursuing a carreer in science, education, or art. I have found that the Speech Pathology and Education divisions here are more advanced than other Universitie's programs. At USAO the students are very involved in learning and can begin working in a supervised clinic at an undergraduate level. I feel like when I graduate, I will have more experience than my peers and be better prepared for my profession. Also, our Soccer and Basketball teams are nationally recognized so any prospective athletes would enjoy competing for USAO.


We have one of the most diverse student bodies in the state. We have an active LGBT community right alongside the campus ministries. Our students come from over 20 countries and have immensly different cultures and traditions. There is no set "type of student" at USAO. The only things that tells someone that you are from this university is your approachability, warmth and compassion along with your Drover Pride!


The type of person who should attend this school will have to be a little independent and should enjoy having very little to do outside of the campus. They would also have to be willing to learn and outgoing in order to succeed in the classroom and make friends.


USAO is the ideal school for someone who wants to knwo everyone on campus, participate in many activities, and really be involved in the school. Because it is such a small school (less than 1500 students) many students participate in several activites.


A person who is looking for a challenge. Someone who appreciates a friendly hello in the hallways and a teacher that is willing to go the extra mile to help you understand what they are trying to teach you. The classes are challenging, but you really grow in all of them.


Artsy, open-minded, liberal, social