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What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


The first thing I would tell myself if I could time travel would be that I was enough. In highschool I was trying to decide not who I was, but what I wanted to be. Those four years I was constantly plagued with the question of, "Am I enough?" I felt like I was falling short in several departments such as, pretty enough, smart enough, funny enough, strong enough, brave enough and so on. I was so consumed with other people's opinions of me as if my value depended on them. I can not change what they think about me. In the end, the only person's opinion that matters is my own. Am I content with myself and my abilities? Can I accept my flaws and work towards correcting them? In my mind I want to be perfect but I realize now, that being real and kind is more important.


The first thing I would tell myself is to not be so scared! I was terrified to leave my little town and go to a "big scary university". The college I chose is the most amazing place I've ever been and I feel silly for ever doubting it. Its not big at all and the people here are the best friends I've ever made. The second thing would be APPLY FOR SCHOLARSHIPS. I was such a fool in thinking I would be fine with not ever applying because I was too lazy. I've got myself in a bad place because of how lazy I got during senior year. I've had to take out loans and work 2 jobs, which leaves barely any study-time. My biggest regret is not getting motivated to ask for help. The third and final thing I would say is to expect your first roommate to be awful. Everyone's was. My first roommate and I hated each other, but I moved to another floor and eveything is fine now. So, don't sweat it. Its not just you.


I don't think I would go back in time to tell myself to go straight into college,because if i did that i would'nt have my two beautiful children right now. I would of course tell myself to straighten my life up a lot sooner so i wouldnt miss some of my kids life going to school. I would also let myself know that even though it will take us a while to even consider school, that we do go and we will graduate because we have the drive to go to college and we have the heart to see it through to the very end till graduation. An in the future we do and can see ourselves walking across the stage and recieve our masters degree with a very happy piece of mind.


I would have told my high school self to think more about my interests. I was always so concerned with what courses I was taking during high school, and how they would reflect my ability to get into the college of my choice. I was worried that if I didn't take multiple honors or AP courses that I wouldn't succeed. I think I would have been far more calm and less stressed out during my senior year had I realized that I didn't need to have absolutely everything figured out by the time I graduated. I would tell myself that as long as I was putting my best foot forward and putting effort and time into my studies, that I would be perfectly fine attending a college. I guess I thought I would have to know exactly what I wanted my career to be so soon. I know now that I can still take time to sort that out. I did well in high school, but I was a very stressed out student. Knowing this would have spared me the worry and allowed me to enjoy my classes more.


Dear Cynthia. I know the C word has become pressure full, now that the big year is here. Its exciting but comes with a responsibility that will affect each and every decision you make from now on. Don't let the load of papers you have to fill out, and the financial matters rob you of the thousand created dreams and wonderful imaginations that are locked within you waiting for the opportunity to be unlocked in full wonders. You are privileged to be where you are, with so many opportunities that you would have NEVER had if you were still in the refugee camp. This is what you once hoped for, the spark of light you once saw as you sat staring in the sky on a breezy midnight in the semi-desert of northern kenya. Transitions your used to them, money you have scholarships, grants,loans and school work you have the determined hard-working heart. Hope for the best but expect the worst. Oh little one, don't let anything hold you back anymore, your dreams arent dead! its time to wake them and College is the right place for that, Smile always, it will lessen the stress.


If I could go back and inform my teenage self about college life and the transition into being an adult, the first thing I would tell me is keep going. No matter how down I get, no matter how much I want to quit, just keep going. I would also tell myself to be as social as I can. Finding "your" people is key to helping you get yourself through college and through the troubles and trials that come with being an adult and having responsibilities. Another thing I would tell myself would be not to get stressed. If I feel overwhelmed, then stop for a moment. Nothing is worth getting all upset about.


I would tell myself to study, don't take time for granted, and that food is a good thing. Most high schools aren't that hard to complete, you go to class, you do some work, you graduate. But college isn't like that. You actually have to work. Time feels endless in high school, not so much after high school. In college you have to schedule things, you have to make sure that you have time to both get what you need done and to sleep. Rest is nice. And finally food. I don't know how many meals I have skipped because I was studying or I just didn't have time to fix myself something to eat. When you're living at home, most of the time, your parental guardian has fixed you something to eat. At college, you have to fix yourself something to eat. This goes back to the time thing, make sure you have time to feed yourself. You'll feel a lot better later on in the day.


I have gotten many things out of my college experience that will greatly benefit me in the future. First, I have made great friends, with very diverse backgrounds and cultures. This will benefit me because I have learned to interact with all different varieties of people. Second, my college voyage has allowed me to become more hands-on in my experiences. I have been able to dissect everything from parasites to sharks, to pigs; I have also been given the opportunity to shadow doctors and get experince working with others in my field. This will allow me to be more knowledgeable of my career as a doctor when the time comes.


My brief attendendance at USAO has taught me to think outside the box, to find that tiny strand of DNA that makes me different from everyone else. USAO is one of the smallest if not the smallest colleges in the U.S., but this setting fits me just perfectly. I am becoming more outgoing and I find myself reaching out for other peoples opinions, instead of relying on my sole outlook on things. This school has taught me to pay attention to the way our economy and government is being run, and the more I research and read about the different policies being adopted, the more aware I become about the change that needs to come about. What I have recently learned is that people ask for change and expect others to make that change for them. The only way change can occur is if we as individuals become that catalyst for which change can grow through and around us.


So far, my college experience has allowed me to grow as an individual and as a future physician. Moving to a small town that faces a completely different set of challenges than the city has allowed me to understand more than just the people next door, but the people across the state. The worth of my education cannot be given a price, this is all I have ever wanted to do and I am ecstatic to be achieving and living out my dreams.


I need to be more diligent and focused when it concerns my acadmic integrity, work ethic, and critical thinking. I needed to build a relationship with my teachers and build the window of open communication about my problems on and off the classroom field. I wish that I had been more interactive with my peers and readily available and open to their opinions and responses. I wish that I had been more opinionated and agressive when it came to the classroom. I need not to accept my limitations but to push the boundaries of what was set before me and create an octagon from the four dimensional thinking that so many highschool students become imprisoned in.


Dear Beatriz 2009, Moving to college is going to be quite a ride. There is no need to worry about the transition, it would be best if you look at it from a different perspective. First off, once you get to college there are going to be opportunities for you to make a bunch of friends. Just remember, you are not the only freshman that is going to be attending that college. One great way to meet people is get involve in clubs and attend activities that the college might have on campus. Second, college work is not going to be much different from regular high school. You will have less classes, but some homework will make up for it. Some good things about college is, each course is studied in one semester, and you get to nap between classes, and sometimes you will even have one class a day. College is about finding a new "you", and finding out different goals that you might would like to accomplish. Just go to college with an open mind; and don't be afriad to try new adventures. Sincerely, Beatriz 2010 P.S. Stop stressing, college+new friends=excitement!!


I would tell myself that just because you come from a small town in the mid-west doesn't mean that you have to get married, go in the military or go to a junior college. You can become or be anything you want to be. Don't sell yourself short! The world is full of possibilities and opportunities. You just have to believe in yourself and find others who believe in you. Guidance counselors don't always have all the answers and sometimes hold you back by pushing you into vocations like the military or trades. If you want to go to college but don't feel you can afford it, there are many grants and scholarships out there but you have to try for them. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Dream Big!


If I could go back in time to offer my high school senior self advice about college I would be sure to emphasize how important it is to keep a good time management schedule and get everything you need to have done finished early, and not the day before. I would encourage myself to be outgoing and optimistic, to be myself and not wear a mask to impress others. I would also remind myself how important it is to make your own decisions on which college I was attending. I believe USAO is one of the best things that will help me to be motivated about have a positive attitude towards my future. I would tell myself to stock up on Easy Mac, Noodles, and Deoderant whenver possible, to always prowl around in search for good sales, and to keep God, family, and friends close.


College is a great time in a person's life. Having the experience that i have now, i would give this advice to anyone: go to class, do your work, give yourself a break, have fun, don't let life or school get you too stressed, you can do anything you put your mind to so don't give up, make friends, volunteer, join clubs/organizations, be outgoing, don't be afraid to try something new, step outside of your box, have an open mind, take risks, do not procrastinate, save money, do your best, put yourself out there for people to see, enjoy this time because it goes by fast, trust is God because he will get you through anything and everything, and be true to yourself. College is all about starting over. You can be anyone you want to be and do anything you want to do. So get out there and do it! College is not easy, otherwise everyone would go. You have to work hard but in the end, the result will be worth it! Good luck and follow your dreams!


First of all, ?Don?t worry about the money.? I chose a school based on how much money they have gave me. I didn?t care about their location, their reputation, etc. Therefore, when I arrived to my current school I just wanted to go back, I hate it. If I can go back to my senior year I would tell myself to research the school more and forget about the money. I figured out that a lot of people have school loans and it?s not a bad thing. Go to the school that you want to go!


Transition into USAO was easy and painless due to the great staff and current students at the time. College is a lot of fun, however, do not underestimate the amount of work and the amount of time you have on projects. As the classes become more advanced so must your thinking and the level you need to be on to understand what is going on around you. Also, some advice I would give myself is to not live with you highschool friends. You hear this most of your senior year but it is completely true and you will just be miserable in the end. College is not highschool. Your freshman year may be easy but it is very hard to catch up if you fall behind and not just in school. I have a job that I have to juggle with school so know your priorities. You can always get another job, but you cannot always save your grade in a class. Although the classes and grades are important, have fun, because if you do not make college memorable it is just another job.


Dear self, pick the college that really speaks to your soul. Your college choice does not have to be about how big the football stadium is or how much the college is charging you to attend. Just because a certain college is very inexpensive, does not diminish its quality. I would also tell myself to just breathe, don?t rush into leaving everything behind. Life is this fabulous journey that takes us into unexpected situations. College is such a big growing experience that you?ve got to grow tougher skin. Disappointment WILL happen but you must tell yourself ?everything will be alright.? There are so many students, friends, faculty and staff members that understand what you?re going through. Self, you?ll be fantastic in college don?t worry about that silly expression ?freshman 15.? Walking becomes refreshing and making new friends will be perfect. Trust me.


I would tell myself to take all my core classes first to get them out of the way and really keep track of what I need to take in the future so I won't fall behind and will be able to graduate on time. I would also tell myself that summer school is worth it because you can get so much in during the summers and will be able to graduate sooner or on time.


Be ready to work hard, become independent, and be broke.


When looking for the college that will best suit you consider things such as class size. Will you be overwhelmed if you are seated in a room of 2,000 students? Will you feel claustrophobic if it is only you and 30 other students? Consider also the town in which the univeristy is in. Does it have what you need? Will you have to travel far to find what you want? Look for campus involvement and the clubs and activities the campus supports. Consider what is most important to you, and look into how much availability the university offers you for these things. Are current students satisfied with their education? To make the best out of your college experience the most important thing to remember is-get involved! This allows you to make friends, to meet professors, and become aquainted with the campus. Live on campus or with friends when possible. This also lets you stay involved, make life long best friends, and have a support system. Make friends with upper classmen in your major who can help you with assignments and point you in the right direction. Stay on top of your studies, but allow time for fun also.


Sometime parents or students choose a college just because of its name. I understand a college name is important but what really matters is what the college offers. The educational plans and opportunities a university offers should be the first things to motive us in our research for the best college. Parents should look for a place that fits their children' personality and their goals. Parents should understand tha they will not be the ones sitting in the classroom and taking the tests but it is going to be their children consequently the choice must be given to them. At the same time, both parents and students should weight the financial cost of attending a particular college and decide if the money is worth to be spent that way. How can students make the most of the college experience. First you have to be yourself and stay yourself . There should be room for improvement but no room for negative changes. Students must have goals and drives to accomplish them. They must know their priorities. They must remember what they were taugh at home. Last thing, they must have fun and remember to breath and live!


It is very important to find the college or university that coincides best with your personality. It is also important to visit many different kinds of colleges and get a feel for the different options you have like going to a two-year verses a four-year university. All colleges are different in one way or another and it comes down to finding the one that fits you and your lifestyle the most. As far as making the most of your college experience, the best advise that I can give is to get involved with the clubs and activities that go on. It is a great way to meet people that have the same views and way to life that you do.


Go with your gut. Tour as many places as you can, even if there is only a chance you could be moderatly interested in attending. Talk with current students and go online as well as small group tours at the campus. I knew in my gut that I fit in as soon as I got to USAO. Think about the transition to college life. Look at campus size, travel time, cost of attendance, and continuing student scholarships as well as those for freshmen. Look for student groups that fit your intrests beyond the scope of your major. Don't be afraid to be undecided, to live with people you have never met, or to take classes outside of what is required for your major. I am a chemistry major that has taken indepentent study class to attend the Special Olympics and I have taken two semesters of American SIgn Language. Don't be afraid to meet people of differing lifestyles or opinions. Go to a Gay-Straight alliance meeting, rush for a sorority or fraternity, or join Colleges Against Cancer and do Relay for Life. There is so much to do, but never forget the ultimate goal: a quality education.


I would definitely encourage students to visit the campus, preferrably on a weekday. It will give them a chance to see how the college runs on a day to day basis, and may also provide a chance to meet and talk to current students so they may get a honest student's opinions on the school. On my school trip to visit the school, I got a chance to meet with students at the time and they were extremely helpful in explaining clubs, financial aid and just everyday occurrences. This trip was definitely the deciding facter on where I attended college at, because all the students I talked to were extremely welcoming and friendly. College is a wonderful environment that is very much like high school; the biggest difference is that most students are on their own for the first time making their own decisions. While getting into the party scene or skipping class may seem like the ideal thing to do, it's important to remember that your studies come first. You're paying to be at the school and to get an education so you should definitely take full advantage of that.


Just Visit!!!!!!!!!!!


USAO has become my home. I've fallen in love with it and I really and truley don't ever want to leave. I believe all campuses across the nation could be that place for anyone. College is really about making your own way, and finding out who you really are. It's a time for students to become independent. Students should begin by deciding what major they want to do, that way they won't waste time looking at colleges that don't offer that major. Tours are another way students can find the perfect college for them. It gives them a chance to visit the campus and get the right feel for what they like and what they don't like. College however is really about making your own way, creating your own fun, and preparing for your own life.


To find the right school for any individual and still please the parents in the financial aspects each person should complete a search for the school of their dreams, both a little out of reach financially and some that you know you can afford, but may not be your first choice. Then take and find some schools that you positively know that you can get accepted in and easily pay for. After you split the choices for your top five apply for each one. Then look at each school's financial scholarships and costs. Just because a school is bigger and more expensive does not mean that you can't afford it. Once you choose which ones are easier to afford look at the social aspects because studying isn't fun when you don't have a study break. Most schools offer the same basic general activities, but look at which school offers more for you personally, including sports, groups, or academic areas. Once you are in that school, DO NOT ONLY FOCUS ON STUDIES. Keep your grades up but don't be afraid to check out those groups that you chose that school for.