University of South Carolina-Columbia Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


The kind of person that should attend the University of South Carolina, is a person who believes that there is nothing that can limit their success. The person should have a set mindset to learn all he or she can to excel in the workforce. The person should not wait for opportunities to come to him or her, he or she should be looking for opportunities that will help better the Carolina community. At the University of South Carolina, there are no limits to our success.


The beauty of the University of South Carolina is that it is a welcoming environment for all of those in attendance. There is always something to do no matter what your interests are. Students, faculty, and staff are always friendly and engaging. Every single time I have needed help, someone on campus has been willing to help me in any capacity that they can. With the quality education and accepting environment, I cannot imagine why anyone would not want to attend USC!


The University of South Carolina is a great school that offers a lot to any student who wants to learn academically and socially. The University of South Carolina has a rich history and offers a rich cultural legacy. If you enjoy sporting activities, the University offers a wide variety of activities to keep you active and involved. If the arts is your thing, the Koger Center of the Arts is located in the heart of the University. Whatever your looking for academically, the University of South Carolina have you covered with some of the very best professors in the country.


USC is definitely a big state school that at times can revolve around its sports program. If you are a sports fan and are at least someone sociable than USC would be a great fit for you


USC is such a large school that anyone could go here and feel at home. There are so many organizations you can If you're the type of person who doesn't like the idea of going to a school where many of your first year classes are lectures you probably shouldn't go to USC. But in general I enjoy it.


A person willing to have to walk, bike, or drive from class to class, if they choose to go full time. This person must also be willing to get through a lot of figurative red tape, apply early, and double check everything from class schedules to financial aid. It also helps if this person is a fan of the Gamecocks.


The kinda of person who should attend USC is anyone who is willing to gain a brilliant education.


The kind of person who enjoys social activities and a moderate workload.


The type of person who should attend the Univeristy of South Carolina is someone who is very outgoing, loves football, and has a desire to join a fraternity or sorority. There are many loud and outgoing personalities here at USC and in order to stand out you have to be ready to really put yourself out there and meet new people. EVERYONE loves the Carolina Gamecock football season and it truly is part of the reason why I love my school. There is also a large emphasis on Greek Life, so I would highly reccommend considering joining an organization.


The type of person that should attend the University of South Carolina is one that is outgoing and social while being focused and balancing their schoolwork at the same time.


People who are eager to join student organizations and have massive amounts of school spirit should attend this school. Student organizations, both Greek and otherwise, are a great way to be involved at USC, especially because a majority of upperclassmen live off campus. Also, in my opinion, football season is the best time of the year because the entire city of Columbia gets involved and tailgating at Williams-Brice are the best. There's such a sense of camraderie when you and thousands of other Gamecocks yell and scream when you score a touchdown.


If you are a conservative, are willing to have a lot of school spirit and love football then this school is for you. The football tailgating scene is very big as well as the fraternity and sorority community. There is a lot of wealth at this school and people are not afraid to show it.


Someone should attend USC Columbia if they are 1. an international business major 2. a public health major 3. an honors college students. All of these programs are great and you can take advantage of the opportunities there. If you like southern culture, football, and greek life you will fit in perfectly.


USC Columbia is for anyone who is foucused and driven to be successful. The kind of person who is outgoing and creative. Someone who is individual-minded and doesn't follow the trends. Someone how would be glad to call themselves a Gamecock and willing to volunteer around the university.


Students that are dedicated to their studies, but value leadership, service and other experiences outside of the classroom. There is an extremely vibrant social scene at USC and a ton of school spirit.


There is no specific "type" of person that should attend this university. This school is incredibly diverse in the fact that there are people from many different countries and other places that attend the college. Although, as with any school, college, or university, students that attend this university should be dedicated to their own studies and should have a passion for whatever carreer they are planning to pursue.


A person who loves sports, easy going people who are very friendly with one and another.


You should attend the University of South Carolina if you are the type person who enjoys a school-spirited enviroment. Here, college football is everything. We are well known for our Five-Points Division. Therefore, we are a party school. The University of South Carolina is a large campus and it includes various cultural backgrounds.


The type of person who should attend this school is anyone who wants the perfect balance between good academics, good sports, and a good social life. The school is great and full of friendly people who are eager to meet others.


Indivduals seeking to be challenged psychologically and experiecne creative lessons that will challeneg you to expolre who you are. Individuals looking to understand their core beliefs, values, and attitudes that they possess . Gifted and talented people that are culturally different seeking to gain understanding of the culture we thrive in and how to acquire techniques, and skills that can serve as a major impact in their profession.


All people of any background, race/ethnicity, culture should attend because there is something here for everyone.


Anybody who wants to live in a beautiful, friendly environment will love USC. An outgoing and friendly person will fit right in. USC is so big that many kinds of people find their places and are comfortable.


The University of South Carolina-Columbia provides students with over 70 undergraduate majors from the 15 different colleges within the University. This is a school that will challenge you academically yet provide you with an abundance of resources to make sure that you are able to succeed as a student here. Amongst you, there will be a vast number of students providing the school with much diversity - whether it be someone of another nationality or simply someone who has a different major. Anyone seeking cultural competence and the structure to success would be a perfect asset to the University.


There are many different studies, but the International Business Program is number one so I would recommend it. Everyone is very happy at the University of South Carolina so I am sure students in their prospective field of study would feel the same. There is a lot of enthusiasm at this school.


USC Columbia is a phenomenal choice for any prospective student wanting the advantages of both a large and a small university campus. With enough potential friends to satisfy the most adamant social butterfly and classes with enough one-on-one attention and academic assistance to bring out every student's highest academic potential, USC dominates.


Someone who is friendly, loves an urban vibe, loves the arts, and cares about what is going on in the world.


A person who is outgoing, not afraid to accept diversity, and willing to be involved in different organizations and activities.


USC-Columbia is very socially divided, so regardless of if you are the wild outgoing person, or the shy, read a book type person, the school has a place for any category, and I strongly recommend it to ANYONE!!!!


A person who should attend this school should be well organized, have a strong desire for an education and most of all be prepared for the friendliest environment that he/she will ever meet.


Highly motivated students who strive to excelle in increasing their education and better future should attend this college.


I would encourage anyone who is interested in bettering themselves and their quality of life to attend this school. I don't think that this school is right for some people and wrong for others. What a student should focus on is finding the right major and student groups that would make them happiest and provide the best academic support. As someone who is attending graduate school to become an educator, I would say that school is a place for everyone as long as they find the department within the school that inspires them.


Everyone should attend this university because we are culturally diverse, we have great academic programs, and we love our SEC sports. This isn't a school just for brainiacs or athletes, it's for everyone.


I would recommend USC to all types of students as the student population i've encountered is very diverse. Many of the shools are highly rated as are many of the professors which attracks so many students for so many reasons. The types of programs offered such as the Honors College and the Capstone Program attract top students and the campus is so friendly.


An outgoing person will do very well at this school. If you want to do sports but not on a college team, there are plenty of club sports to join at USC. If you like the city life then this is definately the place for you. I can from a small city, and the change has given me plenty of life lessons I will never forget.


The person that is willing to learn, but who is also capable and willing to put in the hours to suceed.


Someone who likes a combination of working hard for school and who likes doing things like going to football games and different campus events


White males and females from the south and east coast, otherwise you may not feel like you fit in. This school has a lot to offer, major wise. has an excellent international business program, as well as engineering, nursing, and even sports/entertainment management.


It's a pretty laid back school. Perfect for anyone to attend. It is really focused on business and research. It's possible to be a liberal arts major and still be happy and content. Anyone who likes laid back learning and a great environment will love the college.


This school is great for many types of people. Originally I always thought that I wanted to go to a school on the smaller side, but I ended up going to USC and it was the best decision for me. Therefore even if you are a little shy its a great place for you, and obviously if you are outgoing and love to be around a lot of people it is too. If you are interested in football, enjoy being in a small city and around friendly people all the time than USC is the right choice for you.


Someone who has a lot of school spirit, who is not afraid to make themselves stand out, and wants to be at a school where football games are the most highly anticipated part of going back to school.


Any person can attend this school. USC is very diverse and I have friends from all races and religions. No one is against people different from them and I really enjoyed my time here.


The kind of person that should attend The University of South Carolina should be a person who is serious about being successful in life. This perosn should be a person who has high expectations and drive to excell in everything he or she is involved in. This person should also be open to the diversity that he or she will be exposed to on campus. This person should be ready to embark upon an experience that will prepare them for the future. In conclusion, the kind of person that should attend this univeristy should be ready to rule the world.


Any person can attend this school. We have a well-balanced social program that includes extra-curricular activities for many different races, nationalities, sexual orientations.


Someone unafraid of a larger campus and larger class size who wants a healthy social life and can handle a moderate workload.


A student who loves football and wants to attend a school with a variety of opportunities for majors, career options, and people groups.


Someone who likes to learn and have fun.


someone who knows what they want and are a strong personality.


Someone who wants to attend a great school with lots lf history and opportunities.


Someone who is conservative, loves to go out and party, isn't too worried about academics, wants to be in a sorority or fraternity, loves the South, and doesn't mind small cities.


very hardworking, dedicated, helpful, nice, and professional