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What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


I would tell myself to make friends with people I never would have in the past, and to study more and make it THE priority.


Your highschool world is so very different from what your college world will be. Don't assume that you can go into college with the same attitude that you have right now and do as well there. Good grades are harder to get and friends are harder to win. Coming from a small town to a huge university will be one of the hardest transitions you will have ever made. Understand that if you work hard all along, it will pay off in the end. Don't let the move get you down and affect your freshman year. Make the most of it-college is supposed to be the best time of your life. It will be a very hard time for you. You will have to work 2 or 3 jobs at a time and attempt to keep up the good grades but it will be more than worth it in the end. Throughout college, friends will come and go along with boyfriends but that's okay. The ones that matter will still be there in the end. Make decisions because of what you want, not because of what someone else wants for you. You'll be just fine.


If I could go back in time to talk to myself as a high school senior, I would tell myself that I need to practice my study habits more and get more ready for college by studying harder. I should have started out my senior year taking a few classes during high school and get those under my belt. Also, I would have told myself to start a savings just for school instead of now having to take out loans, and worry about college debt when I graduate.


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior, the first thing I would say is relax. I would tell myself that I don't have to have everything about what I want to do with my life figured out at this point. I would suggest not declaring a major my freshman year, and instead testing the waters by taking a variety of different classes. I would also tell myself that, although I don't want to let my parents down, I must choose a career that is going to make me happy in the long run.


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior, I would have told myself to follow my heart and chose a major when I first started my freshman year. Waiting until my third year of college to start my major is what held me back from graduating on time. Also, I would have told myself to join my sorority my freshman year instead of waiting til my sophomore year because Alpha Delta Pi helped me get over wanting to go home all the time and it made college life so much more entertaining. Doing activities, school, and work difinitely keeps me busy, but considering my freshman year I felt like I had no friends, it is difinitely worth it. I would tell myself even though it may same overwhelming, it is all worth it in the end.


Prepare yourself now.


If I could go back in time and give my self advice as a high school senior I would tell my self that time management is the most important thing in college. I would say this because in college I have to make sure that I take time out of my day to study and do homework. For every hour in class I spend three hours studying for that class. I would also tell my self that hanging out with friends is not always good because thats an easy way to get distracted and lose focus on school work. I would also tell my self not to do assignments at the last minute because if I do my assignment at the last minute I wouldnt get the grade I deserve because I didnt takle my time to start my assignment on time and rushed at the last minute and recieved a lower grade. When I assignments at the last minute there is a possibility that I can leave out important information that I should have added.


If I could make a quick stop back to my senior year, the most important lesson I would have told myself would be to finish up my credits and take better classes at the community college I attended. In my senior year of high school, I was dual enrolled at both high school and the local community college. I was on the right track for going to college during my senior year, but the only problem was that I took two histories in the fall and didn?t finish up my other credits in the spring because of a minor problem. When I enrolled in college after high school, my college only accepted one class. Fast forwarding to my life now, if I would have stuck these classes out I would have had nine credits going toward my freshman year instead of just the three credits I got from the one class. If I chose classes on what I needed and not on what my friends had I would have been in better shape. If I also would have persevered through my classes and not let my problem make me quit I would have been in a better position today.


If I could go back in time to talk to myself, I would tell myself to be more serious. School is nothing to play with. There are so many opportunities out there for me to grab on to. Start applying for more finanical aid, because any and everything can help your situation. I also tell myself not to be afraid to ask for help, because your GPA is very important and it must be maintained. I have learned that a closed mouth don't get fed. I would tell myself to be more independent as well. I don't want myself to wait on anybody to get the job done. Lastly, I would tell myself to always trust in God and stay close with family and friends and start giving back to the community.


Figure your out what major you want to be in before you are a junior.


As a high school senior, I would think about being open to meeting new people and making new friends. That is so important in the college setting. I would also try to think alot about making a budget and trying to live within that amount . It is very hard to be on your own and deal with money situations. My problem area is eating out and not wanting to eat cafeteria food when I know I have a meal plan. So you to really have to adust to a new way of life when you move out of your home with your parents and live on your own. College is a wonderful experience and you can make it what ever you want to make it.


First tell that girl you love her and get ready for the best times of your life. You are about to embark on a new journey of self discovery and fun. Maybe you should go to the Payne Center more and meet more people. Boy you are going to meet some wild ones. You will have fun. Try a different major so life can be easier for us. Remember who you are and if you beliefs change it's okay. Everyone has a purpose and so do you. Enjoy your life and have fun and live large.


If I could talk to myself as a high school senior, I would tell me to not worry. I would let myself know that the transition to college was really going to be a breeze and the stress that I was causing myself was unnecessary. I would remind myself that I had made the best choice possible and that I couldn't possibly imagine all of the great stuff that was going to happen as soon as I stepped onto campus. I would tell myself to relax about the transition to college and just focus on what was important to get through my senior year of high school. I would also tell myself to remember that my family was very important and very influencial in my life and I should keep them on the top of my list of priorities. I would end our conversation with an important message that these next years were going to be some of the most important, fun, memorable, and influencing years of my life. With that, I would wish myself the best of luck and tell myself to not forget to fill out the Campus Discovery Survey when it came to me.


The first piece of advice would be to finish any research related to the school. Visit all university possibilities during your the fall of your senior year at the latest and make sure you are aware of school and departmental scholarships available to freshmen. Also, stay on top of deadlines while applying for college. There are a lot of deadlines, and just like school assignments, these applications need to be given time and attention. Staying on top of deadlines and completing all applications before the summer will make a more relaxed transition. The next piece of advice would be to prepare for more demanding assignments. The assignments in college require time and thought, so make sure you have the foundation you need in good study habits. Budget the time necessary for assignments--give them the time they need but do not let them take over your life. Also, review anything from high school that you might not understand well, such as punctuation techniques and algebraic formulas--these will be waiting for you at college.


The first thing that I would do would be to thank myself as well as give myself a handshake. I knew that going straight from high school to college would not be a wise choice. I knew that I would have wasted time, money and other peoples' effort. Going to school at an older age allows you to be better prepared to not waste time and have the experience of how some of the world works.


I would tell myself to get my head into the game and to take college seriously. Have fun and get to know people and teachers around you. I would love to be involed in college activties and to be doing something that I would like to make a career out of. Always strive for what you want out of life. Know that your path may change and take longer than you may have expected it to. Always stay true to yourself and keep God close to your heart. Know that your family, friends and boyfriend supports and loves you very much. Be all that you can be and try not to get discourage with what life has to threw at you to learn from. Be grantful for what you have and help others when there in need of your help. These will be the best years of your life....enjoy them!


I would tell myself that it is perfectly acceptable to not have a clue what you want to do with your life. Everything happens for a reason and God will open the gates for you when the time is right. I would tell myself to live life to the fullest and have a blast in college, but also keep in mind that your grades are very important in the end so keep that GPA up so that it will be an easier process when applying for graduate school. I would tell myself to really get in close with my advisors and couselors because you will have to refer back to them many, many times after you graduate between applications to graduate school or references for a job. They can make or break you so be good to them! And last, but certainly not least, I would tell myself to break up with that stupid football player boyfriend of yours. He is trouble and you should never base your decisions on where to go to college by following a stupid boy. He almost ruined my life, but like I initially stated "everything happens for a reason". Believe in yourself!!


If you are a senior and your about to graduate don't wait to the last minute to figure out which school you want to go. You need to start early and really look into the school you want to go to and consider which school is best for you and your major. Don't just go somewhere cause your bestfriend or boyfriend/girlfriend is going there. Do what is best for you so in the end you will succed in whatever you going to do.


Finding the right college is the most crucial decision a student must make. Parents and students should always visit the college/university before deciding upon anything. This is the beginning factor in the "college experience." If one attends a school that he or she hates, the experience will be an utterly terrible one. However, if one has fallen in love with his or her school, then this is a key contribution into making a memorable and wonderful undergraduate experience. In conclusion, my advice is for students (and parents) to always be sure that a love for the school is present, and that excitment does not fade from the hearts of the parents and child.


Visiting your prospective college is vital in the decision making process. Pictures and virtual tours can help, but the only true way to feel the atmosphere of the campus is to see it in person. Starting casual conversation with the students is also key. They can give you inside information that cannot be found on a website or brochure. It's important to keep an open when trying to build friendships. Give each person you meet a chance even if they're not normally who you would gravitate towards. Some of your closest friends could turn out to be the people you judged to quickly.


I would tell them to give their opinions, but leave their ultimate decisions up to the child. Choose a college in an environment that is not hard adjust to, so you will have to worrying about not adjusting in a timely manner. I would encourage the students to make many friends as possible, including cafeteria workers. I would also suggest the students to get to know each of their professors outside the classrooms. Don


Go with your gut. Be happy with your decision and son't pick a certain school to please anyone but yourself. You will eat, breath, and sleep that University for four years, you might as well enjoy it!


If you are a student, or a parent who has a child that is going go college, I advise to tour your childs top 3 (atleast) colleges that he or she is interested in and see which school is best for their major. Also, look into which college has the most scholarships avalialbe and if the scholarships can be stacked to help reduce the cost of college. Once the burden of paying for school is done, I only suggest that the college student relax and be themselves once they start college. If they happen to live on campus, see if that school offers a roommate connection program and find a possible roommate and get to know them over the summer before school starts.


In order to make the most out of your college experience one must be open minded and willing to get involved. I believe it is important to visit schools and talk to the advisors before enrolling in the school.


Do what your heart tells you to do. Find t he right school for yourself and do not listen to all the negatives about it from others.


When trying to decide which college is right for you, you need to look at what each college has to offer. If you already know what you would like to major in then I suggest you look for the college that has a really good program for you. Also you need to decide on the size of the university, because when taking freshman corses, the smaller the school the more personable you will be with the teacher. Location is very important, especially in the education field because the teachers will be constantly relating everything to that state. Also students will sometimes get the opportunity to go out to say the schools in the area, and experience teaching first hand. The people you meet in the field will possibly help you on later in life when you are ready to start your career. I do strongly believe that when looking at which college to attend you need to first figure out what you want when it comes down to the key elements. Those elements are location, SAT/ACT scores, student population/size of the school, and your field of study. Lastly, remember to get involved and meet new people.


When selecting a university or college, I think that it is crucial for students to visit the campus and actually get an understanding of the atmosphere. This atmosphere cannot really be exposed unless during this visit, the student talks to students at the school about their experiences. More than anything, to be sucessful in college, one must learn to manage their time successfully.


Do not let anyone decide on your future. The parents should listen and help there child pursue the college he or she wants to go to. Go visit the campuses and get involved with the school from the start. A student should keep his or her mind open to new people and new ideas to get the most out of his or her college experience. Do not be afraid to try new activites and join different clubs. Do not stress 24/7 over school work; enjoy the social ativities on and off the campus. Another tip is to volunteer and make a difference with you college experience. Make it a task to meet a new person everyday.


My advice is to the parents of the college students. I would say to be very involved in your child's decision of what college to attend. Parents let it be your childs choice but be there to give your input and let him/her know that they are not alone in their next stage of their life. It's good to know that your parents are there for you through out this difficult decision time of your life. As for the student, be proud of what you are doing . Have fun in your new found freedom but remember the reason you are there. Your studies will have to come first and you will be fine.


The best thing to do when chosing a college is to visit the college, meet people from it and go with your gut. I knew I wanted to be in the theatre program after watching their production of Little Shop of Horrors and talking to the woman who sold the tickets. It's an emotional and realistic decision to make. I realistically knew what I was pursuing, and the university had a great program. My emotional response to the people I met lead me to know it was the best and only choice for me.


I would tell parents and/or students to look closely at finacial aid. In the end you will have to pay it back if you take out loans. Make sure you will be set up to do that one day. Don't take more then you need, and make sure you don't change schools too many times. Look closely at what you want in a school. Do you want an education or a social life? Think long and hard, but remember study hard and have fun.


The most important thing to remember when choosing a college is that it will not be anything like high school. Some of the major distinguishing factors include living without your family, classes at strange hours, and generally going about your day without supervision. There are some really wonderful things about college, like classmates who are actually interested in the class material, and an immense lack of drama, but there is a great deal of responsibility that goes with this that some students find hard to adapt to, especially after being used to having their days heavily scheduled with extracurricular activities. Many get lightheaded from all the freedom and party or skip classes so often that they flunk out and have to return home. To avoid this, it is important to realize that you are the one responsible for getting to class on time, for cleaning your dorm room, for knowing when to turn down a party when you have a big exam the next morning. Yes you can go out and party or stay up as late as you want, but remember how that is going to affect your academic performance. You did come here to learn, after all.


Take time to find the right school to finish an degree, do not go to a school because of how they party.


There is a great deal of advice to give parents of newly-enrolled college students, and indeed the students themselves as well. The first piece of advice is that unless university housing is truly horrible, that students should try to live on campus; it will benefit them academically, financially, emotionally and is quite simply convenient. Another piece of advice that I would have appreciated, it that your major will not determine your life, often students come to college so convinced of their career paths, that they fail to take classes that interest them and that will help to build them not only as a future employee but also as an individual. Finally, I would encourage all new college students to get involved on their campus, that fastest way to fight homesickness and boredom is to be involved in everything from clubs to honor societies to Greek life.


I would give parents and/or students advice on finding the right college and making the most of his or her college experience. I would tell them to make sure your first college is the one for you. I would advise them too look at the size. If you went to a small highschool you will probably feel more comfort in a small college; however, if you went to a large highschool you probaly will feel more comfort in larger setting. Also, make life long friends but choose them wisley. Remember in the end you will be a college graduate, and no one ever looks at how many parties you went to during your college experience.


Take the time to make the right decision for yourselves. Study and try to have the right knowledge to make the decision you will need to make for your future. Stay true to yourself and do right in life.


My advice to students and parents is to visit colleges before deciding to attend somewhere. If you have any anxieties about a college then do not go there. Go where you feel most comfortable and try to make the most of your college experience. Always go to class is my most important advisement. Try to get involved on campus and get to know your professors. Professors can be your worst enemy but they can also be your best friend.


Finding the right college isn't easy. The most important thing to remember is that college is for you. You shouldnt let your parents choose what you do for the rest of your life, even if that means being removed from your family. The college you choose will be the one that guides you to what will do "when you grow up". With that being said, chose the college that fits you. Research and go to the different campuses to familiarize yourself with the atmosphere. If you love it, then you are in the right direction to finding the right one.


Most students need to figure out a college that is the right distance from home. Not too far, but not too close. I usually see the people who are struggling with thier first year of college chose to come here, when home is aver 200 miles away. Also choose a college that seems like it has the right atmosphere. A college that is medium sized is perfect!


For those you searching for a college to go to, make sure you do extensive research on everything the school has to offer for whatever it is you want to major in. Although using the internet is good and taking other people word about the school, I feel its best if you take a visit to the school and there is where you'll learn all you need to know in your orentation.


I hope that students go to college for their own personal gains. That they choose a college that is right for them and not because friends/family encourage to go to a particular school. I hope that parents will give their opinion of a school choice, but do not make a student feel gulity about going to a differnt school.


go visit them all


Go visit lots of schools and look in to all of the things they offer: housing, social, majors, scholarships, sports, school spirit, classroom size, off campus aminities, etc


Take time and start planning ahead. Look at each of your choices carefully. Go and visit the schools your are interested in. Take the time to talk to your academic councelors .


Make sure that the college you are looking at has a good academic program for the area you would like to enter. Also check out the residence halls if you are thinking about living in the dorms and make sure you'll like living on campus. The best thing to do is go tour the campus on a school day and randomly ask students in the program you are thinking about entering questions about the program and about the professors. It is always a good idea to know about the classes and the professors so you'll enjoy the class. Also, attend some football games or other athletic events. Its a great way to meet new friends and also to see what events there are on campus during the weekends.


Visit, Visit, Visit!!


College is college. It's going to be crazy and fun. Avoid junior college like the plauge, and try your hardest not to go into debt.


Parents and students take advantage of opportunities of what colleges are offering from student life, leadership opportunities, and the values of the University and the people within it. Choosing a college should not be a rushed decision take your time to make the best choice. Go on a campus tour and spend a day with a friend or leader to shawdow at school. Talk to any student or faculty member to get a feel of how the people are at the University. Make sure the major that you are interested is offered at the University you will attend. See what leadership opportunities are offered for the student. Make sure that whatever University you decide to attend that the University can help you not only get a degree but can help you grow as a person and an individual. Every University is here to give you an education, but it is the lessons learned outside of the classroom that makes a college expereince. The best advice I can leave with you is to look at each University and make a decison is to see what college will give you the best opportunity to succed in the work force and in life.


Let your child pick their own college. Visit many colleges and do your research. Apply for all of the college based scholarships available. GO TO CLASS and have an open relationship with your teachers/professors. Try ne things and go to all the campus functions, you never know who you may meet.


I would advise students and parents to go to several universities and pay attention to the campus and what goes on during a normal day and night. They should look at more than what happens on a football weekend. Parents and students should begin saving money for college very early. Talk to current students at the college of choice as well as professors and advisors. It is very important to get a feel for what people think about their school of choice.

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