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What should every freshman at your school know before they start?




just have fun!!! Stay focus.


To choose a college that you think will be a good benefit and a good learning experience for you.


The advice I would give to parents and students about finding the right college is know the school. There are a few things one should know about a school such safety, location, finances, interests, environment, cultural attributions, academic rank, and specific professors. Also, life your life to the fullest because you only get one chance to enjoy yourself.


Location! Location! Location! Location is so crucial to your overal happiness and experience. Location determines what sort of lifestyle you lead when not in class. Although class is the reason you're going to college, you learn just as much if not more about yourself and life outside of the classroom. Decide what types of things are important to you in a city. Regardless of what school you choose to attend for academic reasons, if you fail to put yourself somewhere that you're going to be happy then you've really missed out on the college experience. On that note, getting the most out of your college experience is easy. Take as many classes as you can without overworking yourself, and GO TO CLASS! Half of the work is just going to class. Electives are great things! It gives you the opportunity to learn something of you're choice. Don't go home every weekend! Spend time with friends and live a healthy social life...this is the only way to come into your own. Find things that you're passionate about, and get involved in those things. Work, Learn, and Have Fun! Welcome to College!


Do some research. Try to schedule college days during junior and senior year so that your child can get a feel of what the college has to offer before he or she decides on which college to choose.


I would say that the best thing I did was to visit each college that you are most interested in and spend some time on the campus. This will allow you to experience the environment of each college and help you decide where you are most comfortable.


I would say that when choosing the right college you have to keep in mind your goals for college. Choose a college that bests fits all aspects of your life such as distance, major, money, college rating, things of this nature.


Visit the campus more than once. Be sure to talk toother students in you field. Meet with different professors and also some of the administration. Visit the library and look at currrent and recent past programs of study. Be sure to ask about career placement, internship programs and other student enrichment opportunities.


Don't quit and never give up


I would say to know what you want to major in before you get there and have an understanding of the class load.


Go to the college check the activities that are available. Even though you think your child should worry more about his classes then extra activites - think you have to have down time. You want your child to be able to have a choices of those activites, safe enviroment while those activties are going on. The ability to get around campus. Some classes will be across campus from your other classes - will he/she be able to get there from where one class is or from their living quarters without hassle.


In choosing the best college, there are many factors one should consider. This first is the option of an in state college verses and out of state college. According to one's own ability to detach from strong ties of the past, deteriming how far the individual is willing to be away from their home, friends, and family. Second, one should consider his own interests, and then make sure the college that is chosen reflects those interests. Third, one should do research on the colleges of interest. All colleges have their own personality, and an individual should try to correlate the two.


It is terribly important to visit a campus before attending or even applying for admission especially to see the department your child is interested in. It is also a good idea to speak to a current student it, helps to make an informed choice with your child about what they want in a college. While visiting the campus try and see a dorm so that you and your child can get an idea of what sort of living conditions you'll be facing when the semester comes. Once in college it always helps to get involved in some sort of extracurricular activities, I always tried to participate in my campus art club because it relates to my major and allows me to meet people who share similar interests.


I would advise parents and students to look around and not settle for the nearest school. Find the school that best suits you even if it half way across the country. The best thing to do is follow your heart and see where it leads you. I would also advise students to have a good time at college, make friends and have fun but to also work hard at school. Learn to balance work and play. This will allow the student to have a great time and have amazing friends and memories for a lifetime, but will also lead to amazing opportunities after college with good grades as well. Remember, grades are not everyhthing it is also important to get involved to meet new people which can open thousands of doors for you. Likewise, get to know your professors, this can help with your grades and later in your education these professors can write recommendations or references for you. This way professors know more about you as a person and not just as a name and grade in the classroom. They can vouch for you character and your work ethic, which are very important for careers and graduate education.


I would tell parents to trust their child to make the right decision for them and to not put pressure on them in any sort of way. I would tell students to learn all you can about each school they are applying for. They need to make sure that whatever school they choose will benefit them more with their education, not just what sports team they have. Each student should look at the department or college that their major will be in and see what the career placement percentage is for after graduation. They also need to check out the social scene. Being at college is about education, but all work and no play makes for a boring life. Also, parents and students should take a tour of the campus. I took a tour of three colleges and it really helped me decide where I wanted to go. I chose the place where I felt most comfortable. The process of picking a college is hard, but if you take time, the result will be being at the best college for you!


Make sure its the right fits for you academically and socially


Make suere that you are happy. do what you want because life is to short. just thinking before acting.


First, do you research and know what kind of school you are attending and what life their will ential. Know what kind of life you want for the next four years, and thus the type of area, size, and cultural experiences the school has to offer. Secondly, be open minded to new experiences and get involved on campus and the community from the start.


Visit the campus and talk to students who already attend.


I would suggest to make visits to EVERY campus that you are genuinely interested in. Get a feel for the campus, observe the students there, and make sure you can see the classrooms and on campus housing. Do not rely on your comfort zone when choosing a college. I went to college with some of my best friends from high school and chose the closest university to home that I found acceptable, and I regret that. It has really hindered my ability to meet new people and become truly independent. Just because it's close by and you're with old friends doesn't mean it's the best school for you.

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