University of St Thomas-Saint Paul Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


I like to tell my friends about the great study abroad program here, it is one of the best in Minnesota. Also, I tell them about our vision program, which allows students to study abroad while helping foreign communities. St. Thomas is the largest private university in Minnesota and gives out lots of scholarships and financial aid.


I brag to my friends about how much my professors care about my personal achievement. I always tell my friends that everyone of my professors knows my name, and many of them know me on an individual level. I am not just a student ID number, but a person with goals and questions and needs. I also talk about how perfect the size of our campus and student body is. We have enough students that I don't know everyone by any means, yet the class sizes are small and I often have friends in each class.


I tell my friends about the great environment of not only the school but the students who go here. The teachers are especially helpful and make it their goal to help you succeed.


It's really close to home. It is very close to two urban centers (Minneapolis and Saint Paul) yet it's also removed in an almost rural-like setting. Very close to the beautiful Mississippi River Boulevard.


How much help is available on a variety of subjects. There are tutors available for each subject area, and professors are always willing to sit and help you with any problems. There is also an amazing career center to help with deciding a major, and every student is given an academic advisor that we meet with regularly to plan out school and to offer guidance. Overall, there is help available in almost every way imaginable!


I mostly tell them how small the class sizes are and how helpful the profs. are.


With fewer than 10,000 Undergraduate students, Saint Thomas is less daunting of a step into the real world, and more of an opportunity to make lifelong friendships and form a support system. I often brag about St. Thomas’ ability to take a frightening new environment and make it feel like home. You get to know your fellow classmates, a task that is hard to achieve at a large school. The close bonds formed at Saint Thomas continue as you move into the workforce, and eventually provide hundreds of connections others don’t have the opportunity to obtain in college.


St. Thomas has so much to offer that it is hard to brag about just one aspect of the school. Mostly, I brag about the community; St. Thomas is located in a beautiful area and is architecturally pleasing as well. The faculty truly cares about the students and seems to be most willing to help students achieve their future goals. The professors believe in each individual student’s success in a supportive and welcoming manner. Also, the students themselves seem to genuinely care for one another. The community here is none like any of another college or university.


I love the fact that wherever I go, I see people that I know without it being overwhelming. Even with this factor, St. Thomas still provides plenty of opportunities to meet new people.


I would inform my friends of the highly accreditted Criminal Justice program that my school offers. My schools Criminal Justice programs teaches students about administration aspects of law enforcement with some courses in forensic science.


Classes and friends!


I brag that my school is one of the top in the state of Minnesota and our professors are top notch in their fields of expertise. Many of them are graduates of ivy league schools and chose St. Thomas as the place to bring that level of education to students.


There is a large recruitment from local business for graduates of Saint Thomas.


The small class sizes and knowing your professors one on one.


I tend to brag about the social aspects St. Thomas offers. The school puts together many different activities for students to attend, and they often give away free t-shirts, sweatshirts, etc. to those who attend. I have yet to hear of a school that gives away anything near the amout of stuff we receive from St. Thomas. Also, our athletic teams are all very, very talented. It's great to go to games because they're all so fast paced and competitive (and we usually win!)


good job placement, good academics


When discussing the University of St. Thomas with my friends I often find myself bragging about the beautiful architecture, the exceptional faculty; both in their knowledge and their willingness to work with facutly. I often spend a good chunk of time bragging about the new athletic center that was opened thiis past fall.


The facilities, and the quality of the sports teams.


I brag most about living close to the cities and how the class sizes are relativly small. Also I brag about how good the classes are and that St. Thomas actually helps you to find a job or internship prior to graduation.


The beautiful campus. Its so nice. There are also many different classes and majors to pick from. Also, the school is the perfect size, not too small, but not too big. You will run into friends walking to class, but there are always new people to meet.


I say that the campus is beautiful, the professors are great. There is plenty of one on one with your professors and they want you to succeed and graduate and get a good job in the future. The other students here are great and lots of fun. While it may cost more than some other colleges it is definately worth it.


The size of the school. It's not so small that you never meet anyone new, but it is small enough that you see people you know eveywhere and always have someone to sit with at lunch. And chances are that you have a friend in one of your classes, so it's nice to have a study partner.


I love the one on one attendion you receive from faculty and the campus is gorgeous.


The new sports complex that will be built in august.


When my friends ask me what school I go to I gladly tell them the University of St. Thomas. I say it with pride because of its rich history and its prestige known by businesses and surrounding schools. It is also the largest private university in Minnesota. I also brag about the diversity that the school is now experiencing. The upcoming class is the most diverse class in school history. Being a student of color I get the feeling of home when I'm at school.


The small class sizes, the professors availability and the networking opportunities


The University of St. Thomas is a wonderful educational experience because it supports the whole person. I can participate in music (choir) and have voice lessons. I am lucky to have small class sizes and have professors that know my name in the classroom and out on the campus. I am able to find work on the campus and have a great job. I am able to join many clubs and organizations. I have organized a music night at Scooters on campus. It was a wonderful learning experience and a lot of fun too.


I brag about the extensive academic history, the highly accredited professors, and the vast opportunities for off-campus involvement. I stress the commitment the university has towards service and the student experience within a global setting. The university has personally taught me the importance of public service, and promoting the general welfare of my fellow human beings. Through their academic and extra cirricular activities, Saint Thomas enforces this mission, and creates morally responsible, and highly effective leaders.


My professors at UST are very helpful and constantly accomidating to to both my family and accedemic needs. They want to see their students succeed and they are always more then willing to help me reach my goals


St Thomas is a pretty small school, there's a lot of school spirit, and they give away a lot of nice free stuff.


Our great classes and food, free laundry and amazing free Wi-Fi.


St. Thomas has small class sizes, and professors that are open to help any student. The classes may be challenging and push students farther than highschool once did, but this then leaves the student with an appreciation for education and the learning process. Then in return provides the student with confidence and self appreciation. Beyond classes it is nice that laundry is included in tuition and the food that is served is better than other univerisities in the area. The living areas and dorm buildings also provide adaquate space for the residences.


I meet many friends in each class at the University of St. Thomas. The class sizes are small, and each professor is friendly and helpful. The campus is small, and easy to get around. The students on campus have lots of school spirit. Commuters also have plenty of access to on-campus activities.


I brag about the fulfillment I receive every day I learn something new. Being in a high learning institution is different than High School. I am learning a vast amount of ideas and coming up with my own ideals. I am able to be myself and people respect me for it. I do not have to worry about being ridiculed by others and is always able to speak my mind when I feel wrong. College accepts people for who they are and what they do and that is something I brag to people I know.


They have one of the best business schools in the state, and will be ranked nationally pending their accreditation. Classroom settings are ideal for students who desire individual attention. The school does a fine job of reaching out to students to participate in activities outside the classroom. This could be related to an individual's major, with a vast majority of clubs that enhance the learning experience, or totally unrelated,and great opportunities to network or have fun. Consider private colleges when you look into further education, they really are prestigious, and provide an ample setting for your college experience.


We have a beautiful campus, and recieve a great education.


We have a very strong athletic program, as well as a beautiful campus and small class size.


The education, hands down. I am proud of how challenging the academics are and how you learn to think critically and analytically. This school prepares you for the real world and it has a great rate of placing students into jobs after graduation. I am incredibly proud of the education I am recieving here. What also helps is the professors and class sizes. It is a great learning atmosphere and the professors challenge you, while still bieng available to help and get you to find an answer to your own questions.


I love that my classes are small enough so that I feel comfortable talking. We have debates, and I make friends within my classes. I love that our school has such a good study abroad program! I traveled my freshman year January-term to Rome, Italy, and it was one of the best experiences of my life. St. Thomas is very encouraging when it comes to traveling and seeing other parts of the world.


That it is a private Institution with some of the nicest facilities around. Great teachers and a welcoming enviroment/community with a beautiful campus. Outstanding academics with a vast variety of majors to choose from.


St. Thomas offers a lot of really cool things to students free, like concerts, clubs, sporting events, etc.


I brag about are business school.


It is a great school: relatively small sized; Student to professor ratio is low, therefore creating a friendlier atmosphere with professors. It has a challenging curriculum. The general class requirements are spread throughout different areas of focus leading to, in a sense, a broader knowledge of the world. It has a professional atmosphere, where people are expected to take responsibility for themselves.


The area around the university is really amazing. The Mississippi River is a short walk away and the residential streets are quiet and easy to move about. The campus reflects these quiet surroundings with large quadrangles and beautiful architecture that make warm days more easy to enjoy.


I tell them how beautiful the campus is with it's modern gothic style buildings, the special attention all students get with their professors because of small class sizes, the great people I've been meetin, and the many educational resources that are availabe to anyone such as homework help programs/centers.


The campus and its facilities are absolutely beautiful. St. Thomas has an incredible alumni system that encourages graduating students to take advantage of. The scholastic reputation of this school is extremely prestigious, as well.


I don't really brag but I do tell them that it is a nice campus with a good community and that the buildings are all quite up to date with technology.


Free food and T-shirts.


I brag mostly about the great location in the Twin Cities and the beautiful women that attend St. Thomas.


It is a good environment where students enjoy learning. The teachers are very helpful and are very passionate in the subjects that they teach. There are a lot of opportunities for students to prosper.

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