University of St Thomas-Saint Paul Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


A lot of the students here are often from weathly backgrounds and believe things should just be handed to them without any type of work. It gets annoying to the students (including myself) who come from a working, middle class background and work for everything we're given.


For me, the performance facilities do not match the quality of our music ensembles. We have outstanding, nationally renowned ensembles and directors, but our facilities are poor at best. We need much greater individual practice space, rehearsal spaces, and a legitimate concert hall/auditorium if we are going to be seriously considered as a liberal arts school, rather than just a great school to launch your career.


I think that the worst thing about my school is the fact that you have to pay for each class you take. Meaning that you cannot just take an elective or minor in something simply because it is interesting without having the ability to finance that extra interest. Many other schools do not pay by the credit and allow students to have more freedom in choosing classes.


I love St. Thomas. I haven't found anything that I absolutly hate, but if I had to pick something that irritated me a little bit, it would be that the meal plans do not roll over into the spring if you have any left over in the fall.


The worst thing is that it is mostly a commuter school. Most undergraduates live near campus, so they do not stay on campus during the weekends. This impacts the people you are able to meet and the connections you are able to make. It also makes for a somewhat slow social life if you are from out of state.


The worst thing about my school is the idea that it is not firmly grounded in the Catholic faith like it says it is. There are so many different view points, I believe UST has lost its main focus. Also, I feel that as a commuter, I haven't gotten to know people quite as well as those who live on campus. I wish there was a way to let commuters know about all of the activities going on.


The worst thing about my school, I think, is my dorm room. My dorm is located on the outskirts of campus, essentially isolating me from many activites and most of my friends, who are living across campus from me. While it sometimes nice that my dorm is so quiet, I really miss the activity that is lacking. In addition, I feel that my dorm has yet to come together as a community, which makes for some dull weeknights.


There are certain graduation requirments that hold true to the schools catholic background that hinder the people that choose to attend or even worse the people that dont choose to attend because of this.


In my opinion the worst thing about my school is that it is a "suitcase campus." People don't necessarily go home every weekend but they typically don't stay here on campus. Oftentimes people head off to other campuses to party. I don't like that personally because it can get pretty empty around campus on the weekends. St. Thomas does do a pretty good job, however, of coming up with cheap and fun activities for people to do on the weekend so that there are options for you if you stay on campus!


the walking distance between north and south campus, especially during winter time. i wish we had skyway!


The worst thing about my school is the food. It lacks quality and it needs to be improved. Perhaps it is a good thing though because my school has academic integrity, is challenging, and creates an engaging atmosphere. The tutors, study time, and help centers are helpful and very accessible. I regard St. Thomas as a great school that needs to improve their food services.


My least favorite aspects of school are tied between limited campus parking and insufficient food options. Our campus is located in a picturesque neighborhood, so city ordinances prohibit many on-street parking options. Surface lots are not large enough to accomodate all students with permits. Additionally, food choices are rather dismal. The cafeteria menus seem oblivious to any effort by the students to retain some sort of fit shape.


That it's not faithful to the Magisterium of the Catholic Church. I would like to see it follow the Catholic Church's teachings in all it does (having a higher percentage of Catholic teachers, not having clubs that promote things contrary to the Church's teachings, etc.).


I consider the worst thing about the University of Saint Thomas to be the finals that ae given at the end of each semester. These are the worst because in order to do good on them, you have to study very hard for them for atleast one week. This also means that you will not have a social life for one week because you will be in the library studying.


I think what I would consider the worst thing about my school is how expensive it is. It is a great learning institution and has a lot to offer but when it costs over $30,000 dollars a semester how many people can really have the opportunity to experience it.


The worst thing about the University of St. Thomas is the stereotypes that come with attending school there. I know that people think attending a private school means that you have to be rich and there are assumptions that people are stuck up.


Walking to south campus in the Minnesota winter....just a tad cold!!! That's a tough question to answer, because at this time I really don't have anything bad to say. I began in September 2009, and have enjoyed getting to meet my professors and the rest of the students in my classes and on campus.


Many of the students do not grow or change once out of high school. They stick with the same friends, all going to my college and doing the same things every weekend. It's hard for newcomers to fit in since many students already know eachother from the surrounding high schools.


The worst thing about the University of Saint Thomas is the food selection. The food is not terrible, however, one would think that such a wealthy school would be about to provide higher qualitity food and a greater selection. It seems that the cafeteria offers the same items every week with hardly any diversity. While the food is decent, it tends to be the same things over and over.


I really have nothing negative to say about the University of St. Thomas. So I suppose the worst inconvenience would be having to walk to class in below freezing weather since the school is located in Minnesota. However that is not even that horrible since the school has a tunnel system which goes through half of the campus.


When looking at my school as a whole, I think that the worst thing about St. Thomas is the lack of places to study. Although we have a library on both North and South campus, they fill up very quickly and tend to get quite loud.


School is a ton of money! It is important to know that you will be able to get a lot of loans at St. Thomas but you will have to pay them all back. But honestly, it's not like they take your money and give you nothing in return. Everything at St. Thomas is top-notch and it shows!


The tuition is highly costly for me. I'm attending the college with financial aid and it still doesn't cover my whole expenses attending there. I wish that there are more scholarships for students who are from low socio economic backgrounds because we want to achieve more but due to financial hardships, it's very challenging. Also if they college can provide work study for many students so they can help themselves more by paying for their books and other expenses.


There is one area in which St. Thomas' diversity goal is lacking: location. Most students at UST are from wealthy suberbs in the Twin Cities area, which means that although there is much diversity at St. Thomas, one often has to search to find it.


The worst thing about the school is the cost, while there are scholarships and loans available it is still costs a lot of money.


The worst thing about my university is the lack of diversity. I was in a diversity program the summer before my freshman year with other minority students and it was one of the best experiences of my life. When the actual college year started, there was not many more diverse students than the group we had formed in the summer. To get the best experience out of your life, mix with as many different people as you can, from different backgrounds, and learn their stories. This will give you a better understanding and respect for others and yourelf.


There are necessary evils that all schools need to have in order to function properly. The University of St. Thomas is no different. In essence, tuition is not a bad thing but I would like to see tuition costs to go down. There are always ways to make attending college affordable for example finding scholarships or working. If the tuition at St. Thomas was a little lower, then I would be the happiest man alive.


Since it is in more of an urban setting, the worst thing about St Thomas is parking, which is very limited to on street parking, which has restrictions, or you have to buy a pass to park on the lots on campus, which are still very limited.


The worst part would have to be class registration. Classes fill up quickly and sometimes you cant get into the classes you need.


The worst part about St. Thomas would be the English department. They force us to read books that at times go against the very core elements of our Catholic faith. Being a Catholic University the whole idea of a Catholic education is important to me and that is why I chose UST thus leaving the English Department a huge diappointment.


The superficiality of some people and the miguided "political correctness"


The worst thing about St. Thomas is the fact that if you don't drink alcohol you will probably have a hard time fitting in at first because that is the common stereotype that Freshman see.


The classes are hard, but worth the work. Heavily dependant on the professor you have, however thats the same for most schools.


The parking situation. While UST is in a residential area, it is also is a bustling neighborhood and sometimes there is a struggle to find parking. Unless you want to park in the ramp, which is somewhat isolated from campus.


The price. It seems too expensive. They get alot of money but it's not clear where it goes


The distance that is needed to walk to get to our classes on south campus in the winter, because it gets cold in Minnesota.


The availability and quality of the food services on the Saint Paul campus. The cafeteria is nothing special and the other options get very old very fast. A cafeteria similar to the one on the Minneapolis campus would be preferable, as it has a greater variety of food choices any given day. I also have had better food at other colleges.


Lack of dorm life on campus. Public safety is extremely strict, not just with alcohol policies, but also with noise complaints and curfews reducing the amount of social activities on campus. I don't care about the alcohol policies, laws are laws, however a heated game of scrabble should not be disbanded because it's after 10 o'clock at night.


I think there needs to be more diversity. I know that the university has been trying to have a more diverse student and faculty setting, and they have been suceeding, but I don't think it's where it needs to be. I would love to see at lease half people of color at this school. At this time I would estimate that there is around 10-15 percent people of color enrolled. A more culturally/ethnically diverse campus would open up doors for everyone in many different aspects of life.


I feel as though my school is the perfect fit for me. Although, every school has flaws. The most prominent problem at my school, as is every other school, is the underage drinking. It is so common, especially for freshmen, to drink on the weekends. Some students drink every day! I think that in order to improve my school, they should express and act on more strict rules about underage drinking. Underage drinking not only happens in the first week, it happens all year round. This problem can be fixed with new effective rules.


The night access program does not let you have the opposite sex in your dorm past 2am on weekends.


The food because for how much we pay to go here, we should have more selection and higher quality.


I think that the worst thing about the University of St. Thomas is that alot of the students are not very welcoming and friendly as well as most students who come here go home all the time. I have noticed as a freshman that it is extremely hard to meet people that are nice and open to be friends. So, it has been difficult to make new friends at this school. Many people come to this school knowing alot of people from their high school so it makes it challenging.


I really like my college except that it is so expensive and they make you think that you will be getting more help than you acctually get. I worked in the phone center and we were raising so much money from alumni for the 'annual fund' and I didn't get any help for the school.


The science classes start out with huge auditorium classes, which is not what St. Thomas advertises as a part of their "small class sizes" deal. I also don't like the fact that there is no underground tunnel system or miniature shuttle system for the extremely cold Minnesota winters. The dorms are too expensive for the conditions that their in. Toilets, sinks, cabinets, carpetry, wall paint, bathroom tiles, showers, windows, ALL NEED REPLACEMENT! The communication between north and south campus activities are also very secluded.


The worst thing about this school is living on campus. As an out-of-state student, they make it very difficult to adjust to college life. It is also a commuter school for the most part. The campus will be full of students going to class during the day in the middle of the week. However, once it gets past five o'clock, the campus is dead. During the weekend, the campus is dead as well. In addition, you can have fun at school here but it won't be in the dorms because they are extremely strict.


I would have to say, personally, it would be the tuition. The financial aid is very helpful. But, coming into college with very little money, I know that I will walk away with loans. The education that I have recieved, and the personal growth that I have had is worth the money and if I had to decide again if I was coming to St. Thomas I would apply all over again.


Stereotyped as snoby rich kids, which is true for some of us but not all. Also are school sayd how diverse we are, but we are not at all.


That the school keeps growing so class sizes are starting to increase. Also, it's very expensive to go here and they could give out more financial aid. They need more affordable on-campus living and more upper-class options as well.


St. Thomas is an excellent school. However, everything has a downside, and St. Thomas' downfall is its insanely high tuition. For one year at St. Thomas, the average cost per student is about $42,000. St. Thomas does offer a very large academic scholarship, but the cost is still quite large compared to most schools. I would not recommend St. Thomas for a student who is not fairly well off financially.

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