University of Utah Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


It's hard to be accepted when you are not LDS. They tend to ignore or think down on you if you are a different religion.


The worst thing about our school I would consider to be the parking.


There is a distinct lack of interdepartmental cooperation or assistance. Students in the dance department are often unaware of performances or classes in the music or theatre departments and vice versa. This holds true for other colleges as well. The main cause of this is the university's system of apportioning money to the departments based on how many students they have in their classes. It would help build community and allow students to meet more people outside their department if we were encouraged to take classes related to our majors in other departments.


The Winters at the University of Utah are terrible. The sidewalks are not shoveled well, and the roads are very slick.


I can't think of anything! It's all up hill?


It is a conservative, commuter school. It's great socially for those just out of high school in SLC but not so great for anyone needing to meet people. It is not a very fun school.


The worst thing about my school is perhaps the shuttle system, especially in the winter. They are fairly old buses and tend to break down. When they break down, there it pushes back the entire schedule by half an hour. This causes students to be late for class or work. Also, when the shuttles do run late, they tend to speed, which is fine, but the buses do not feel safe when going up hills or taking sharp turns at high speeds. I think they could invest more money in good, safe shuttles that feel more like public buses.


The worst thing about my school are the large class sizes. There are sometimes over 300 students in the classes, and it can be hard to learn effectively and comprehend what the professor says. Some students are shy and are afraid to raise their hand and ask questions in such a large group. It is also hard to get to know your teacher and have your teacher get to know you, which can be essential when applying for medical programs or graduate schools.


The worst thing about my school would be how cold it gets in the winter and having to talk across the campus to my classes.


Too many people think that just because you are from Utah that you are LDS.


The fact that it is a comuter school and a lot of people keep their same friends from high school.