University of Valley Forge Top Questions

What's the one thing you wish someone had told you about freshman year?


I wish I had been more aware of the restrictions they have. I also didn't have a vehicle my first year & I only lived an hour away, but I felt trapped there. I wish I had been more aware of how small the college was though. It was hard to get away from people and be alone. I lived in a single dorm room which was nice, but when I wented to get out and be alone in a public place, it was difficult at times.


There really isnt anything negative that I can say about my school.


I wish I would've known that I didn't know everything.


One of the things I wasn't really told about college is that living in a triple is very difficult to handle, and I learned this the hard way my freshman year.


I wish only that I had known that I didn't have to try as much as I did to try to fit in and thereby make friends. VFCC has a great leadership team and group of student leadership/government that make every opportunity and multiple opportunities for the students to bond and grow closer to the other students of the college. For example, the college also puts a great importance on community; every Spring, VFCC holds its annual Community Service Day, where all of the students go into the community to do odd jobs and clean-up.


How much things really cost


The age of the buildings. They are still here from the old military hospital and though the school has done it's best to remodel them, they are not the highest quality. But not bad enough to make me leave.


One important thing I wish I knew more of before coming to this school is staying away from drama and mending relationships. Some of the relationships and drama that goes on here is rediculous. A lot of people give themselves more drama than they need. Luckily, I was never involved with any intense situations, but I feel bad for some of my friends that are. I would rather invest time in the friends that I have already rather than giving myself drama to worry about.


Before I came to VFCC I wish that someone would have told me that the dorms are small, so do NOT bring a lot of stuff!