University of Vermont Top Questions

What is the stereotype of students at your school?


They are a bunch of tree huggers.


Stoners, hippies


Liberals, Hippies, Skiiers/Snowboarders, Pot Smokers


That were are farmers, even though the school is in an urban setting.


That they are sheltered.


Some stereotypes are that we are all stoners and liberals.


Potheads, Hippies, Really Outdoorsy


Hippies! Unfortunately when people think of Burlington, Vt they think of the abundance of pot that must be available to students at UVM. Obviously when pot is smoked people change there eating habits (vegetarian), clothing accessories (wear hemp), natural hair to dreads, carry around bell jars for drinking, and definately DON'T take showers on a regular basis.


they smoke a lot of pot.


More liberal political. Students tend to be very socially involved (sometimes without knowing why they were or what they were actually rallying for). Use to be a more "groovy" scene. tending to be more yuppie these days


That we're a bunch of hippies, when in reality we're all actually just really down to earth and nice.


hippies, gays, burnouts, liberal


Before I came to UVM, just like everyone else I had talked to, I thought the school would be filled with hippies. A lot of people have that image of barefoot students with dreads sitting around in circles on the campus green, beating drums, and smoking weed.


There are major stereotypes that we are all hippie stoners, extremely liberal, unwashed people.


UVM is as stereotyped as Harvard, although each lie at opposite ends of the spectrum. While Harvard is seen to be full of the rich and ultra-smart, UVM has the reputation of extreme liberal mindedness and rampant drug use. Especially coming from an affluent suburb of Boston, UVM is seen as a safety school in a town where 50 percent of Seniors attend Ivy Leagues. My best friend attends Harvard and constantly kids me about UVM's stoner reputation, especially when introducing me to her friends.


They're super liberal, crunchy, hippie types. They love the environment, hate America, smoke pot, protest wars, etc.


everyone thinks that we are a bunch of tye-die wearing, Phish-listening, weed-smoking, beard-growing hippies who grew up in the suburbs of New York city and Boston, but really that is only maybe 10{4a082faed443b016e84c6ea63012b481c58f64867aa2dc62fff66e22ad7dff6c} of the student pop.


That students are either rich or they are hippies.


College for hippies and potheads


When I was a freshman four years ago, the stereotype was definitely related to high drug use, especially marijuana. Now, however, I'm pleased to say that, although that stereotype still exists, it is less a part of who we are. There is still a strong stereotype of outdoor enthusiasts, which I think is accurate for the most part, and also a positive thing.


pot smoking, really laid back, huge partiers, hippies and ski bums


People believe that UVM is a party school that goes crazy for drugs and alcohol. Also it is believed that there are flocks of hippies roaming around campus, demonstrating against everything imaginable.


Most people think that all UVM students are hippies, both in the way they look and act. Another common misconception is that UVM is made up of a diverse student body that is accepting of all different kinds of people and beliefs.


UVM is split between the preppy kids from Connecticut and Massachusetts and the fake hippies who are most probably from Connecticut and Massachusetts. People are generally down to earth and friendly. There is a lot of drug use, especially pot.


Stoners, like to party, hippies, laid back, not that bright


The stereotypes are that UVM students are all hippies. Another assumption is that everyone is rich and their parents pay for college completely. Also, it is assumed that all students here smoke pot and party constantly. None of these stereotypes apply to me.


If you think that coming to UVM everyone will be crunchy tree hugging hippies you will be surprised. If you think that UVM is going to be rich New Englanders you will also be surprised.


There has always been this environmentalist focus that has given us the rep of being hippies.


Liberal stoner hippies with dirty feet hanging off the left side of the world.


The main stereotype about UVM is that we are a hippy, tree loving school. All we do is party, hug tree's and ski/snowboard.


We're a bunch of stoners, lotta hippies


Comming into the school i assumed there would be alot of hippies and "dead heads". There are a good amount of people that you could classify as that but there are also alot of other groups that vary greatly. There are the jocks houses and some frats.


That we're all dirty hippies who smoke pot all day


Hippy pot smokers


1. UVM has a large number of hippies. 2. UVM is a big pot school. 3. UVM has many people from out of state.


There seems to be two ends of the spectrum on that one. From growing up in Vermont I've always heard the, "all the students who go to uvm are from out of state and their parents pay for everything" argument. Or the "they are all hippy liberals, or wanna be hippies that don't actaully get anything accomplished"


Hippie, Stoners, flower children, green school. green is good. groovy uv.


UVM students in general are liberal to a fault. It's a school of radical hippies.


Everyone smokes marijuana... everyone skis/snowboards... everyone is a hippie


That UVMers are big stoners, big partiers and the med students are stuffy.


That it is a huge drug school where mostly everyone enjoys getting fucked up, also that it is not hard at all for certain majors.


Stereotypes about UVM having a largely crunchy/hippie population exist in part because of the Phish legacy and in part due to Burlington's vibrant outdoors-oriented community and music scene. However, although you might catch the occasional waft of patchouli oil while walking on campus, what most defines UVM students is their aversion to being indoors. When it blizzards kids hit the slopes; when it warms up campus teems with bikers and longboarders heading downtown or to North Beach.


The biggest stereotypes are that UVM kids are all pot smoking hippies and that everyone skis or snowboards.


UVM is a potthead school, and all the student who attend are mountain men or hippies.


In past years, people have stereotyped UVM as a hippy kind of school, with a lot of radical activism and pot smoking.


One of the first stereotypes about UVM that is gradually changing is that it still holds the name and attitude of "Groovy-UV". This is particularly true for in-state students who have used UVM as the back-up school, since it seems in only the past few years it has become more prestegious. A second strong stereotype is that UVM is a smoker's dream, since the majority of students like to work hard, but party even harder. If you take a look at the student population it is diverse in interests and types of study, but the one thing that is common overall is drug and alcohol use on campus...UVM is one of the largest party schools, afterall.


"Trustafarians"--rich stoner kids who want to be hippies. outdoorsey types. all white.


That we are all hippies, liberals, and don't care about religion.


hippie (but what does that really mean?) hippie can either mean free-spirited, ecologically thinking, open, music loving, and "natural," or people can use it negatively and annoyingly when referring to someone with a lot of hair who smokes weed. if you really look at the term it means, "someone who is hip..." but rarely is that what people are talking about. i think it sucks that there's such a negative stigma around being close to nature and having long hair.


Hippies, potheads