University of Vermont Top Questions

What is the stereotype of students at your school?


That the students tend to be heavily liberal, hippie types who smoke lots of pot.


A lot of people stereotype UVM students as pot heads or hippies.


That they are all into drugs and love to smoke weed. Although many times this is true not all UVM students are reflected by this stereotype and often times it looks negatively upon UVMers. One thing that is common is that when you mention that you go to UVM people automatically think that you are a crazy partier and drug user which i think is unfair because the UVM experience is no different from many other colleges.


Pot Smoking Hippies.


The large blanket stereotype about UVM is that everyone here is a white suburban pot smoking hippie.




That we are all hippies! That we all love hiking. That we all love skiing/ snowboarding.


that people are either hippies or really preppy.


Before I came to UVM, I heard that the kids here were exceptionally chill - very laid back, accepting, and welcoming. I was told that most people here are hippies, all of the kids snowboard or ski, everybody smokes pot, and everyone parties. Academics sounded important, though - the admissions people made a big point to let us know that it was getting harder and harder to get in.


One stereotype that is very prominent, especially with out-of-state students is that everyone comes to smoke pot. Another is that we're all hippies.


-The students are hippies -The Residental Life department is very gung-ho, and more about punishment then community. -It's really cold -The teachers are very qualified -Its in the middle of no-where


Some people believe that all people at UVM like to ski or snowboard.