University of Washington-Seattle Campus Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


Very environmentally friendly.


The school's emphasis on tolerance and environmental responsibility really fosters a welcoming environment. Students can feel safe and welcome, as there is a very diverse community. Also, the campus and its surrounding areas are really well-maintained, not only because of the excellent faculty, but also because of the effort that goes into emphasizing the importance of minimizing one's impact on their environment.


The University of Washington offers a variety of different educational options. The climate produced by the school is extremely pleasing and makes the entire experience enjoyable. The school performs research and does many other things to benefit the environment. Overall, the University of Washington is a great school that makes learning enjoyable.


The availability of diverse opportunities for people with a wide range of interests.


Education and research.


Being such a large institution, the University of Washington allows students to explore many options in order to choose the appropriate major for every individual, while providing an extremely challenging curriculum. The vast amount of class choices allows all students to pursue their interests and learn about numerous subjects to become a well rounded college graduate. Hands-on, internships, mentoring, and group discussions lend to this style of obtaining applicable knowledge that is valuable in a future workplace. It creates a win-win situation for professors and students to help everyone become the best citizen possible.


The sciences. Every science based class I have taken has been a great challenge but has also been a journey. The professors are known to be specialists in their fields and great teachers.


The best thing about the University of Washington is that there are so many different courses and majors offered. The possibilities are endless. It allows people to explore more options and discover new interests. The school is also very diverse which creates a very welcoming exvironment for every student, whether they are international students or right from Seattle no one feels outcasted.


UW is really large so no matter what you're looking for, you can find it here.

Charles Paul

Being located near so many tech industries. Before graduation, many students have jobs locked in at these companies.


There are a lot of available research opportunities in a wide variety of fields. In the sciences, I feel like school is very research based and professors are very willing to take on undergraduate researchers and mentor them. Also, a lot of the professors here are experts in their fields.


The best aspect of the University of Washington was also its worst. I loved being on a campus of over 70,000 students. The resources and activities that come out of such a number of diverse and creative minds is extremely easy to engage; and there is a plethora of academic and extra-curricular opportunities which can do wonders for your resume. Secondly, the University of Washington is on the quarter system which often times feels like you are running a 100mph through your education- often leaving you with the feeling it's over before it has begun.


The best thing about my school is that its large size has only benefited me and never posed any ill effects. Being a large school there are many different opportunities whether it be class wise or major wise. I knew going into college that it was likely I would change majors and being at a school like UW has really opened me up to so many different possible career paths that I would not have considered otherwise. Also while many classes are large, weekly quiz sections and office hours allow you to develop a closer relationship with professors and TAs.


The diversity of classes and the quality of the faculty makes UW one of the best institutions for undergraduate education. Additionally, being able to live in the City of Seattle makes all of the rain worth the fuss of having to carry an umbrella with you more days than not. The campus and the city as a whole are gorgeous, and it is one of the greenest cities I have ever been to, both in terms of actual foliage and environmental considerations.


I like that it is close to a lot of things - the city, the suburbs, mountains, the water. It makes the college very accessible (especially in terms of commuting) and allows for a lot of fun off-campus activies .


UW is a hugely diverse school, highly tolerant of and extremely open to differences.


The best aspect to the University of Washington is the opportunities and wide variety of academic studies it offers. It gives students the opportunity to fulfill any dream they could have whether it be in the drama, dance, sciences or math fields and many more. Students at UW have big dreams and hopes and are smart individuals that will one day be incredibly successful.


Something that I really consider to be the best thing about the University of Washington is the amount of racial, ethnic, and cultural diversity I see everywhere around me. To me, this makes going to school a very enriching experience because I come from a small town that is mostly Caucasian, and being here in Seattle was a change that I welcomed warmly. It is a very educational experience as well, to see people from all sorts of backgrounds, with a multitude of ideas, come together as peers, and I feel lke that is something that our society really needs.


I think the location is really great, being a short bus ride away from downtown Seattle. It's also far enough to be its own community, though. Everything you need is within walking distance. I think our diversity is pretty notable too. We have a considerable Asian population, including Asian-Americans and international students. There are also a lot of out-of-state students, including myself.


The best thing about the University of Washington is all the opprotunities on campus. I know at other schools I would not have had the ability to do undergraduate research, or get involved in so many on campus organizations/volunteer opportunities. Additionally, the schools environment is very academic and I do feel like I am becoming more of an intellectual by going to the University.


The best thing about the University of Washington is the amount of assistance that can be obtained. No matter what classes a person is taking, they can get help with homework and preparing for tests. This makes college an even greater learning experience. Also, it allows students to be academically competitive with one another.


The best thing about my school would be the infinite amount of free resources in and around campus. The companies that are conveniently located within walking distance and a short commute are valuable assets to have as they help out with our networking possibilites and help us figure out what we would like to do in the nearby future. Having so many businesses around helps the economy as well and helps us figure out what we would like to do because of the diversity of the ideas and opinions of people around.


Amazing resources for students.


I would consider pride to be the best thing about my school, because anywhere you go on campus, everyone seems to be so happy to be going here. Pride brings a welcoming campus. It helps you get along with others and find friends you can relate to and keep for life. The happiness that comes with the pride and love for our school makes people excited to learn, (and proud to be alumni of the school).


The best thing about the University of Washington is all of the different opportunites available. Because the school is so big, there are so many different areas for a student to get involved in.


I think the best thing about my school is the helpfullness of the professors I've had so far. Even thought the class sizes range from 15-700+ students, each of my teachers do what they can to help myself and others. I really like the personable side of this large school.


The best thing about the University of Washington was the breadth of opportunities available to students due to the size of the institution, the diversity of the composition of its students and faculty and its location in such a progressive city such as Seattle. There is never a lack of ways to satiate your varied interests.


What I think is the best thing about my school is all the people. There are always new people to meet and different things to do. There are so many different people and along with that, different perspectives and ideas to learn about. There are all sorts of clubs, athletics, fraternities and sororities and campus activities to be involved in so I feel like there is always something to do. The location goes along with people in that Seattle is really diverse and really has a lot to offer. I love it here!


it is a small school and you get more one on one.


The University is very diverse, friendly, and is helpful. There is always something going on, so there is always something to do.


The best thing about the University of Washington is its close location to the city of Seattle ; and the help that is available to students on campus. It is easy to form study groups and find assistance with anything from a calculus assignment to the best way to visit an interesting downtown site.


University of Washington is a very well accredited school with lots of options to offer, and experiences to give. It offers challenging, high standard curriculum so an easy grade is definitely not usual. If you are ready to put in the effort, if you are here to learn and go far in life, if you like to challenge yourself and reach your potential, then this campus is meant for you. There's strong competition among students, but thats where you can test your potential and push yourself to your best. If I had to choose this school again, I would.


The most impressive aspect of the University of Washington is the volume of extracirricular opportunities, internships, jobs, and athletics. College is more than just quality education; if one does not make the effort to get fully involved in activities in every possible way, one is wasting time at the University. The University of Washington accommodates the self-motivated, active student by having a multitude of available career-oriented jobs and internships. The university?s ability to do this comes in part from its large size, but also from excellent faculty who know how to write grants and fund research.


The laid back social atmosphere is ideal. You arent pressured into anything you dont want to do, but there are tons of options availabel regardless of what you are into. Also, the school's attempts at becoming as "green" as possible are impressive. We have all bio-degradeable utensils/cups/napkins/and to-go containers and the school is considering placing solar panels on the soon to be constructed football stadium. The education is top in the nation in numerous areas of study, and regardless of major, you are taught by high ranking individuals in their fields.


The diversity and opportunityies of my school helps us, undergraduate students, have resources to and realize just what we can do and what we aspire to be.


The best thing about my school is that you recieve help from different programs and will always make lifelong friends. It is a great experience to go to the University of Washington it make you feel proud and valueble. The counslers do a great job in helping choose the best classes and help prepare you for the future. The people going to this school are all very mature and respectfull.


I have really enjoyed being a freshman at a campus where the college is so diverse. This is in part because of being in such a famous city, but also because the campus is huge and filled with so many different cultures and types of people. Seattle is such an entertaining city to live in and study in because its fun seeing all the people out in the city, as in Pike's Place, downtown or studying on the Ave. Living here has given me a lot of opportunities to step out of my comfort zone and try something new.


The University of Washington is a school of approximately 27,000 undergraduate students. While campus can feel like a dizzying experience with hundreds of new faces daily, there are scores of opportunities out there for those students. For an individual, that means that there is almost always an outlet for the most varied projects, activities and classes. For example, the University has an undergraduate research program which connects undergrad students to research projects. This quarter I've been working with a professor in the management department. It is a rare quality in research universities which should be taken advantage of.


UW specifically saw a need for an Evening Program for those who work during the day. Classes start after 430pm!


The best thing about my school would be the diversity.


a lot of taiwanese people here


I think that the students that make up the university community are the best thing about the school. The faculty and staff are very helpful and provide guidance for all of the students there but it is the constant, everyday interaction with the other students that make the campus great. Everyone is very warm and friendly, with an open mind towards all sorts of ideas.


There is a lot of diversity, people of every shape and color attend. There are a ton of different ways to get involved on campus, whether it be ASUW, any of the clubs, or just going to a sports game. We have a lot of school spirit even if our teams aren't doing well. People are not afraid to voice their opinions and there are people from way left to way right. You can major in just about anything. There's a place for everyone.


The best thing about The University of Washington is that there's such a diverse aray of students attend. There's people of many ethnicity that gain not only an education by coming here, but are given the oppurtunity to learn about each others various background and cultural differences.


It's a great opportunity to meet students from all around the world. It doesn't matter what nationality you are, everyone is friendly and open to new ideas. I like all the extra curricular activities and the sporting events. There are so many things to do in Seattle, so it's a great place to have a college.


A lot of opportunity to learn, be social, explore and alot of cultural diversity


The best thing about my school is the great education I got. I left the school feeling confident in my abilities because of the internships and classes I had to opportunity to participate in.


the classes are really interesting


I believe the best thing about my school is it's location. It is located right outside downtown Seattle yet it has its own community surrounding the campus. Therefore, you get the feeling of living in an urban setting yet you also feel as though you are part of a community that is welcoming to college students.


what I conside the best thing about my school is that we have very large amount of students that are welling to help other student's mostly upperclassman that are helping freshman, although our school is located near a big city we have large amount of tress and nature. this creates a positve learning envirment, our school is also culture diverse different ethicity raom the school.