University of Washington-Tacoma Campus Top Questions

What is your overall opinion of this school?


Though Tacoma is my hometown, I have lived in many places as well. I got my Associate of Arts degree at Treasure Valley Community College located in the little town of, "Ontario Oregon". After graduating in the spring of 2012 I packed my belongings and moved to the big city of, "Boise, Idaho". I was planning on going to Boise States University for business or something, but not long after I decided to move back to Tacoma, Washington. Two years of working in a health food store and realizing my life was going nowhere, after much prayer and consideration I finally applied at the University of Washington Tacoma campus and to my surprise I got in. University of Washington Tacoma campus is a beautiful place to go to school. The campus offers a variety of degrees and has smaller classes which help with getting to know your professors and receiving help in your studies. Though it's only my first quarter back in college I hope to do well and take as much from my experience as I can. Aside from the academic curriculum they offer there are also a wide range of clubs they have for students to be apart. All in all my experience at the University of Washington-Tacoma campus has been good.