University of Wisconsin-Green Bay Top Questions

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.


The University of Green Bay offers an extensive art program for students who are interested in pursuing a degree that involves creative thinking as opposed to analytical thinking. This is why I chose to attend.


Three "T's": Trees, Tunnels, and Toilets.


The University of Wisconsin Green Bay is known and respected for the three T's: Trees (beautiful forested campus), Tunnels (underground hallways that connect all of the academic buildings together), and Toilets (all of the oncampus housing, including the oldest dorms have their own private bathrooms).


UWGB is a well rounded college with great teachers and a great campus filled with nature.


A great place to learn and to grow.


UW-Green Bay provides a peaceful, comforting enviornment for students to study and enjoy themselves. A city housing both the Green Bay Packers, UW-GB athletic teams and the Green Bay Gamblers, it is a great place to enjoy sports. Also, the professors are very caring and genuinely interested in advancing students careers.


Small-size university offering many big benifits.


UWGB is an environmentally friendly school open to teaching students in the best way for the individual to succeed in the world post-graduation with the use of modern technologies.


its a school where you can get a degree


A good liberal arts college, thats takes and interdisiplinary approach


A small campus that focuses on arts and business for school.


Accepting and involved in student's lives, the faculty and staff want good careers for their students


Out of town.


My school is a small yet extremely friendly school that really allows you to focuse on your education and get away from the large campus life.


The University of Wisconsin Green Bay is a boring commuter college.