University of Wisconsin-Madison Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


Research, athletics, academics


Our school tends to be known as a party school, but i've found that if you are not into partying and drinking, it is not difficult to find others who feel the same way and it is easy to find alcohol-free activities at all times. Also it is known for being a great school for someone who loves sports and i find this to be very true. Our school is known for its large size, yet i find it actually does not feel that big once you are here.


cheese, beer, football


Great cedemic facility, great professors, nice people, very athletic.


Madison is known for many things. It is known for its rigirous academics, quality programs, and sometimes on the weekend, for sports and drinking. Madison is a very liberal college town. During the day, the campus is packed. At night, the libraries are packed. The drinking is a stress reliever for students who have incredibly hectic and hard work and class schedules. Madison is full of opportunities and unique experiences that can shape a person's career and life.


Football, Basketball, Business, Engineering, and drinking/partying


Known for fun, activist campus, research oriented academics and friendly atmosphere.


Being a party school


To limit this question to one idea or one concrete thing is far too difficult. When people think Madison, they think top research. They think football and parties. They think liberal. They think internationally focused. They think demanding academics. These thoughts are what defines Madison, and yet are only a part of this school as well. It seems impossible for me to limit the thought to one idea.


Extremely competitive academics, football, drinking, being very politically active and involved in the community, research, and extremely large school spirit


i don't know