University of Wisconsin-Madison Top Questions

What is the stereotype of students at your school?


cheese, brats, football, and beer


A major stereotype is that all we do is drink and party...which do not get me wrong, we definitely do enough of that! I think that our football fans are also known as being very rowdy, rude drunks to the opposing team.


They like the badgers. They should be wolverine fans.


Before I came here I heard that all students party like crazy, the social scene is purely bars, it is incredibly liberal, and it is strongly anti Israel.


That we drink all the time. People come to visit me and then think that is all we are going to do. But the kids here are smart too. The joke is that we still do well on tests even when we're drunk


The University of Wisconsin is, although decreasingly so, labeled as the prototypical party school. We are, in addition, typecasted as the leading consumers of beer, brats, and cheese. Furthermore, high school seniors looking into the University of Wisconsin more likely than not have heard the label of "coastie", a less than affectionate characterization of students migrating from the East or West coast to attend the University of Wisconsin, come up.


Drink a lot of beer. Party school


We love cheese, brats, and beer. We a big party school.


There is a divide between people from the east coast (coasties) and wisconsin people (sconnies).


Red Neck Sconnies from some small town in Wisconsin. There are also a ton of coasties who live in towers or statesider.


Students from Wisconsin are thought to be "sconnie" which has its own stereotypes. Sconnie kids love to hunt, drink lots of beer, and are a little rough around the edges. The other stereotype is for the out-of-state students who mainly comes from the east and west coast "coasties" They are thought to be very wealthy and even more stuck up. The Wisconsin student body as a whole are seen as huge partyers. They are viewed as heavy drinkers and big time partyers. Wisconsin students are also seen as very intellectual and it is a tough school. Wisconsin is a huge football school, which a growing basketball fan base.


Wisconsin in general: lots of beer drinking, rural communities, overweight people, midwest hicks, working class families, bad BAD accents UW students: smart, huge partiers, small-town kids (aka non-metro in every way), working class families, liberals/hippies, twiggies and outdoor types, huge frat crowd


That Wisconsin students are big partiers.


All Wisconsin students party almost every night of the week.