University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


For the most part my classmates are organized and timely, they respect other student's right to an education and are respectful during lectures and class time.


My classmates challenge professors in the way things are done as well as meet and exceed the challenges given to them by professors.


My classmates all seem to be very determined.


My classmates are respectful and encouraging.


My classmates are generally ver helpful and they are there if you need help with anything that was talked about in class, including if you need notes taking if you miss class.


My classmates are outgoing, intelligent young adults who are all just trying to succeed in life.


I have not yet attended any classes at this university.


I haven't attended yet.


My classmates are open-minded, very social students that aren't afraid to work hard for the future they want.


My classmates at the University of Wisconsin- Oshkosh are inviting, everyone is experiencing new things and my classmates became some of my best friends.


In general, every classmate is friendly and willing to work with or help other students who may be struggling, not to mention its not uncommon for students to form open study groups for classes.


My classmates are typical college students around my age who wish to make the most of their education on a daily basis.


They are all focused, intelligent, and hard working individuals.


My classmates want to learn, and easy to get along with.


My classmates are friendly and have the same goals as me.


My classmates are mostly knowledgable about the class we are in and fun outside of class


Generally apprehensive when it comes to speaking up in class but intelligent when they are comfortable.


My classmates are great, we get along fine.


The student body at UWO is very diverse, including many ethnicities, sexual orientations, gender identities, political preferences, and many other criteria.


My classmates are genuinely welcoming and focused. Each person has goals that they want to accomplish and they understand that their classmates have goals as well. They are respectful of my want to learn and grow as a person and in my career, and everyone does their best to help each other out to reach their full potential.


My classmates are all very dedicated because they are all there for the same reason as I am; to get a higher education in hopes of a brighter future.


my classmates are my competition.


My classmates in my major of Geology are very intelligent and we have a tight comradery in our classes and help eachother as much as we can.


The University of Wisconsin Oshkosh is a school that ranges from blondes to brunettes, whites to blacks, Christians to athiests, and straights to gays but each individual has their own story and are unique in their own way.


Students here are friendly and helpful and I have become close with many people in each of my classes.


My classmates are competative, intellegent, considerate, encouraging, hard-working, and new friends.


My classmates are helpful, focused, caring individuals who strive to succeed.


Classmates at this university, for the most part, seem to be helpful, friendly, and make participation in group projects equally balanced.


My classmates are 2nd degree students determined to make a difference in the world by becoming registered nurses through an online, accelerated one year BSN program.


my classmates are supportive and very friendly


Some are lazy others are not.


My current classmates are also pursuing the same degree and put forth effort and energy to excel and be successful in school.


Unless they are nursing or business majors, this place is just a stepping stone to a better college, or they don't really know where they're going in life.


Every student that I have been working with in class is friendly, helpful, outgoing and is hardworking to obtain his or her degree. They are very easy going and easy to be friends with. No one at this school so far that I have came upon is ignorant of friendship because everyone here is quite friendly. My classmates tend to work well in groups, like to socialize to get to know each other better, open to diverse ideas, and are interactive in class activites.


My classmates comprise such an ocean of diversity, from the driven workaholics to the carefree comic reliefs, every day is like going on a safari and they are never boring.


My classmates are comprised of a unique diversity of students from many different countries, with different backgrounds, and different interests, but with one thing in common: a deisre to grow and pursue their dreams.


Very nice as well as easy to talk to and to work with outside of class.


Racially diverse, friendly, and outgoing, no matter what your interests are or whether you wish to try something new, the people you will find in Oshkosh are helpful, supportive, and always enjoy making new friends.


Carefree, and confused drunks.


When I was heading into college I expected to not really see any of my classmates outside of our class, but I was wrong. The people I've met in my classes are how I've gone about making my friends. There are so many creative and genuine people on the UW-Oshkosh campus to get to know. I think the size of UW-Oshkosh is perfect. It isn't an extremely extensive campus, but it provides a very fitting transition from high school. The campus itself and the students on it are what make the experience worth it.


My classmates are energetic, hard working, and a ton of fun.


My classmates are friendly and willing to help.


I have not had a lot of time with my classmates, and all of my classes thus far have been done online. However, I can say that I have met some very nice people with great perspectives. They have helped me to see different vantage points on topics, and helped to open my mind to new concepts and ideas. The students I have worked with are great about participating in dicussions and assisting others who need a little help.


As returning adult nursing students, my classmates are professionals that can support a family, maintain excellent classwork and above all, support one another.


Friendly and willing to help me out if do no understand something in class.


My classmates are so nice, and try to help you out as much as they can if you need it.


My classmates at the University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh are focused on preparing themselves to find success by setting managable goals.


My classmates and I are constantly striving to be the best we can be in everything we do, we are very passionate about our school and our studies.


Classmates are very helpful and focused on their class.


Students at UWO tend to work hard when they need to. However there is a high level of involvement at UWO and often times people like their social lifes more than their academics. Basically if you want ot study you can find places and people to study with, and if you want to go out well you can do that too.