University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


Our school is best known as a business and nursing school. That's what most students come here for.


My school is known for covering a wide range of majors and it is common for students from other universities to transfer here to finish their education. The nursing major is probably the most popular and competitive major here so it may be difficult for nursing majors to finish their education here in four years. The university has great technology systems and their academic as well as social buildings are awesome. The university always has different events to attend during the day and at night which are worth it.



Our campus is best known for its smaller size and its emphasis on community involvement. Due to the smaller campus size, students at this university are able to better communicate with professors, and make life long friendships with people both in and out of their intended major. Individuals who attend school here strive for excellence both in the classroom and on campus. The attitudes cultivated in this environment prepare its students for life in the community and equip them with skills to be assets to any business.


UW-Oshkosh should be best known for its great student organizations. The school has great social networking activites everyday of the week. The students are accepting and the campus is fun and energetic.


~ There are a lot of alcohol related parties on the weekends.


I would say that my school is widely known for it's partying and alcohol consumption, but while that is all good and fun on the weekends; i feel my schools professors are known for being very friendly and engaging. My professors have really helped me to become even more interested in my major, and have helped me to strive to be a better student in order to suceed in my career choice. So overall, I would say that my school is known for its' great professors.


It isn't an overly hard school if you do your work and stay on task. As long as you keep up you should do fine. Our best known departmenst are our education, accounting, business, biology, & social sciences, to name a few.


...being in Oshkosh?


Nursing and Education


Very much career oriented and strongly push us to reach our goals




The University of Wisconsin Oshkosh is known for its involvement in the community, on campus and off. Many students take part in the Big Brothers/Big Sisters organization. It is all about mentoring kids and being a role model for them. There are also many on campus events such as blood drives.


Our school is best known for it's elementarty education programs as well as their nursing programs. It is coming also to be known for its business programs.


It's Education and Nursing Colleges.


My school is very well known for their nursing, teaching, and buisness programs. Also, drinking has been a well known characteristic as a result of the holiday, Saint Patrick"s Day from the 70's.




Strong tradition, and strong emphasis on academic ventures. The counseling available at UW-Oshkosh is excellent as well. We are also known to have a good time both in class and outside of the classroom.


Our Nursing program.


Our school had a very good baseball team in the past decade , and some other sports did well, so the schools athletic department is solid. We are also in the top for division 3 in business schools. Also, we have one of the largest career days, where over one hundred companies set up a booth and people can go around look for jobs and just practicing interviews and other things related to finding a job after college.


We are best known for our education and business programs. Also our small, down to earth, welcoming, and safe campus enviroment.


my school is best known for the parties that are thrown almost daily.


At my school, we have this bad reputation that were the "party" school of Wisconsin. That the scrub students come here to get a degree. I dont feel that way at all, it actually makes me very upset. I liked the smaller enviroment, it gives myself and others a better chance to interact with one another. Plus its the price range that I could deal with best with my money situation. On the bright side our school in know for a well nursing program and business program. Our nursing program is number one in the state and business is second.