University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh Top Questions

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Prior to UWO, I attended UW-Milwaukee. I was attracted to UWM because of the attractions off campus and the prospective campus life. However, after a semester I transferred to UWO because it seemed like a milder version of all of the things I had hoped for at UWM. UWO is a great campus to attend. All of the offices regarding advising, financial aid, etc., are very student friendly. I received so much help as a transfer student mid-year. UWO is a very friendly campus that offers great educational opportunities as well as enjoyable on and off campus activities.


I think what is unique about my school is the interim classes they offer in the winter and spring. UW- Oshkosh is one of the few schools that incule these interim classes in your tution so you don't have to pay extra for them. Interims are a great way to get more credits completed so you can graduate early or on time. I've heard many schools charge extra for thier interim classes and I feel really fourtanete to go to a school that offers these classes. It's a great benefit everyone should take advantage of.


UW-Oshkosh has a great education program, as well as a great radio/TV/film program. I am planning to transfer into the education program and my husband is attending for the radio/TV/film major. It is a great fit for both of us!


What I think makes this campus the most unique would have to be the atmosphere of the diversity of people and the beautiful campus building and surroundings. I loved how this campus did not feel like it was in the middle of a city, but it was its own small community. It is easy to get involved and be acepted by others.


The Campus is all in one area. There is no need for shuttles to get from your dorm to acidemic buildings. We are also the Greened UW school in Wisconsin.


The University of Wiscoins- Oshkosh is unique because of its many helpful programs. Not only are the professors always willing to help, there are also several tutoring opportunities. There are tutors availible for every subject as well as study groups. We also have students that have taken and passed the class hold study sessions which has proven to be very helpful. Because of it being a smaller university, I am able to get the one on one help I need to suceed.


They seem very academically oriented and the teachers actually care


What's unique about this school is the campus set up I believe. This school that I know of, is the onlt school to have just freshmen dorms.


I think the best part about this specific campus is the campus ministry called CRU. I feel very connected through them and I would hope and wish for more students to feel connected, appreciated, and loved through that group. Furthermore, I really enjoy how the food system is set up here and I take advantage of every event they offer (e.g., midnight breakfast).


The University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh is different from all of the other schools that I looked at. When I walked onto the campus here, I had a sense of being at home. I felt as though I would feel comfortable living here. There is a true sense of community and family. The school has the right amount of students for me. It is not to small and not to big. In my classes, I feel as though my professors know who I am. Oshkosh offered my major that I wanted and also I am able to play golf here.


It is close to home and is right on the fox river.


It had the major that I'm going for: Radio/TV/Film. Not only does it have my major, but the education I'm getting from Oshkosh in my field is one of the best that I could get in the state.


It's smaller so your classes some of the classes are smaller which can be nice. It also has a computer science program and a pretty good nursing program.


What is unique about UW Oshkosh is that the school is one of only three schools that offer a dual major in education for special and elementary education. With this as my major I will be more susceptible to employers and be able to graduate earlier with a higher degree of education. Also the campus is very friendly and inviting and offers a wonderful softball program that I am currently participating in. UW Oshkosh has many aspects that catch one's eye and benefit them greatly in the future.


I chose UW Oshkosh because it provided many oppurtunities within the science field. I also felt at home when I took the campus tour. The professors are personal and class sizes perfect so that I don't feel like just another face in the crowd. Another main reason I chose UW Oshkosh is because while touring I was introduced to the field of medical technology. Going into the tour, I was unsure of my major but knew I wanted to work in science, so when presented with this new and interesting oppurtunity I couldn't turn it down.


Campus is very condensed so it never seems like the school is as big as it is. It never feels like there are 15,000 students. You can make it from one end of campus to the other in ten minutes. It has a small town feel and all the students are very friendly and open to meeting new people. The lecture halls are big but not overwhelming large so as to make you feel uncomfortable asking questions. The classrooms are still an intimate environment and teachers know you by name if you involve yourself in the discussions.


My school has a great athletic facility and very good equipment for lifting. My school makes it very easy for its students to stay fit and active because the workout facility is open almost all the time. They don't charge money to use the workout equipment either. The professors are also very good professors. The classes challenge the students appropriately, and teach good concepts.


My school allows the opportunity to double major in Elementary Education and Special Education. This is what initially drew me to the school, however, I also found out that it has a wonderful honors program for high acheiving students and a great welcoming environment for freshman students in the freshman dorms. It also has a beautiful back campus with flowers and trees as well as the attractive and relatively new student union where a student can get art supplies, attend awesome events with speakers, magicians and performers, and get coffee while enjoying free wireless internet. Also, it is relatively compact.


I did not plan to attend the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh. We - my mother and I - were visiting another school when she suggested that we visit "just one more" on the way home. Despite the fact that it was Martin Luther King Jr.'s birthday, and the campus was, thus, deserted, I knew immediately that this was the school for me. The sun shone, the wind blew gently, and it occurred to me: I needed to use the restroom. We found one unlocked door and ran into an employee who answered my questions. Her service and warmth drew me in.


Actually, UW- Oshkosh was the only school I considered! It has the second best Nursing College in the state. It also is only a 25 minute drive from my house to the campus. It provides everything that I currently need now and possibly what I could need in the future.


Oshkosh allows you to express yourself as a student as well as an individual person. Along with a top of the line education, you also receive a chance to grow as a human being. Meeting new friends and being involved in extracurricalar activities , along with learning new things every day, makes the experience at Oshkosh worth every minute.


Everything is so close to eachother and the teachers here are all very willing to stay late or come in early to help our no matter if they class is 10 kids or 300 kids they want to help you.


UWO isn't too big, nor is it too small. Located in Oshkosh, this is the prefect sized town to feel at home but not overwhelmed. The Fox Valley area is very rich in what it has to offer people here.


What is unique about Oshkosh is how creative the students are. Everyone here seems to have so many different talents and Oshkosh really supports all of them. There are many opportunities here to show your talet and other students are really interested in seeing what you can do. Oshkosh brings out great muscians, athletes, actors, and artists.


I chose to come to UW-Oshkosh because of the nursing program here. It is one of the best in the state, but it is also very competitive. That is something I also like. I also really love the campus. It's gorgeous any time of the year and I loved that about the area.


a very tightly centered campus, close to pretty much everything you need.


There is alot of students that go to school here, but when walking around campus, it does not feel that big. Everything is all located by each other.




The campus layout is what made me fall in love with this campus. It's very convenient and easy to abide by.


All of the people here are very friendly. When you walk by students and professors walking to class they always say hi to you, if you know them or not.