University of Wisconsin-River Falls Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


Let's do some shots.




Many of my classmates are hardworking anf will be sucessful in their futures.


The classmates on campus are really out - going people, down to earth, and have the soul to learn at this University. Having the motivation and the positive attitude towards their professors and their classmates makes things better on campus because we are like a family we treat each other equally we don't put down any individual who is attending this University because everyone here!....Is a family member in Vanguard University.


My classmates are from many diverse backgrounds from big city to farm country; we all love to have fun together and are proud of how we do in school.


My classmates are 70% diverse, 100% open-minded and friendly.


Helpful and going through the same things as me.


Classmates at UWRF are diverse, outgoing, passionate, and enthusiastic students that strive to better themselves in every way.


My classmates are generally agriculture majors. However, the fellow english majors that I talk with are extremely intelligent and hard working. They share many of the same passions for writing, reading and creativity that I have.


All the students at River Falls I see as driven individuals that work hard to obtain their goals in life.


Most have been very self-centered and unresponsible. I found this especially true this past semester with several of my classes requiring group projects. I was forced to complete most of the work myself in order to earn a decent grade and not rely upon the other group members to complete their assigned portions of the projects. I hope I find more mature students in my upper level classes the remainder of my college career.


My classmates are friendly, respectfull to others, funny, and career oriented.


Fun people who are friendly and intersting to talk to most of the time.


Everyone in River Falls was their own person, some friendly, some not as much, but each unique, bringing something new to the table.


My classmates are some of the most friendly and helpful people I have ever met.


It is mixed in that some come from rural areas of Wisconsin and Minnesota and some come from the cities, therefore some I really connect with and they are open to me and some are put off by my tatoos, dreads and darker olive skin.


Friendly, a nice mix of city and country folk.


My classmates are focused, fun, and amazing individuals.


Everybody I have met at UWRF has been extremely friendly, and there is a good variety of people who party and don't party, studious and non studious, so everyone can fit in somewhere