University of Wisconsin-River Falls Top Questions

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I have gone from running track to studying aboard, to dancing. There are so many programs to choose from it's hard to pick. Not to mention i can take whatever class I want just because. Also, we rent text books, we don't have to buy them. Which saves me so much money! Oh yeah, we have free laundry too! :D


It's close to where I grew up and my workplace. I'm a homebody and it's nice for me to still be able to work 20 hours a week at the job I've had since I was a junior in high school, which helps me support myself, and also be able to see my family whenever I want to.


What is unique about UWRF is that we get a home town atmosphere with the large twin cities right next door. It creates great oppertunites for students to get intenships and experience while keeping a small town feel to it. I feel like this alone attracts many students here.


The Univeristy Of Wisconsin River Falls is an amazing place to be. University Of Wisconsin River Falls is not too much of a bigger school nor is it not too much of a smaller school, but is just the right amout of size for students to feel comfortable to be in. It is a very diverse school which gives out a better learning experience for me as a stuent to learn. There are awesome teachers who really care about their students and they really help when it is needed for suggestions, editing papers, and other ways to study for exams.




My school is unique because of how tight knit the campus is. The campus is only a mile long and it's like the whole campus is a family growing together.


It has my biotechnology major and was division 3 so I was able to swim.


UW-River Falls is unique because the students and teachers and staff truely feel like a family. The University is very small and everyone is very kind and helpful. The Campus is also one of the most green or eco-friendly campuses in the United States.


It was a lot cheaper and they had a good amount of majors.


Very friendly, social, and homey




World renowed trout stream runs through campus. All Fraturnites and Sorities are outstanding organizations that can help any one do better in school and make connections with people for jobs, internships and fun activites.


Small classes club baseball team 2 year dorm requirement


University of Wisconsin River Falls in unique in many ways. There is always a place for student to go if they have questions about anything! the people here are really friendly and open to new things. Most of the professors are really nice and easy to approach. I have never had a problem asking for help. Alot of the students just do not ask. But i have become good friends with alot of the teachers and I know that I am in good hands when it comes to my career.