University of Wisconsin-River Falls Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


The kind of person that should attend University of Wisconsin-River Falls is someone who wants the community feel. We are medium size school but the university does a good job keeping our class sizes to about 20 students. River Falls campus has a sense of family. When you are walking to class people will say hello to you and smile. If someone who is looking for a more Rural setting for their campus River Falls is the place to be. I think that River Falls is a good university to attend because you get the best of both worlds.


Any person who is well driven, and self motivated would do great here. The staff is amazing to work with and is friendly. I believe students who want to progress with the way society is changing to new and better things fit in well here. We look for students with acedemic excellence along with a good social aspect.


This University is very opening to whoever wishes to join. It is a great University that allows for people of any size, race, or gender. Personally I believe if your a hard- worker and willing to spend extra time doing home work or communicating with your professors then this school is a perfect choice. To me it's a school that anyone can join, as long as your willing to take risks and look at it as a good oportunity rather then just more school/ work.


The type of person who should attend this school is someone who is able to learn about topics other than just what theyare interested in. Tere are alot of general education requirements nd many of those requirements are in areas that you may not be familiar with. A person also needs to be self-motivated to attend this school. Many of the professors do not take attendance, so it can be very tempting to skip classes, You jusst have to remember that you are paing to be here.


This college is perfect for people who are looking to go into agriculture, teaching, and any form of business. It is more of a liberal arts school than graphic arts. However, I am still going into advertising design, graphic design, with a Marketing Communications major, so this college is perfect for almost anyone!


People who like agriculture sciences, or education, but have diverse hobbies or interests and don't mind walking to class in a blizzard (it will happen).


Any kind of person whio has a desire to live in a small town near a HUGE city.


Not a big-city person


A student should attend this school if they want the college life experience, without being overwhelmed by an enormous campus. This is not a small campus, but it is a decent size. Students who are ambitious in art related feilds will find this school a great place to atttend. Also, students who like to attend sport events and have a great amount of school spirit will enjoy going here.


Anyone who prefers a smaller, friendly campus in a small town, yet close to cities, movie theatres, shops and who likes the midwest seasons, simpler life, accessible campus, and still get a good education from quality teachers and a more liberal arts education.


Some one who would like a hometown feel or small town . if you are interested in Agriculture. If you like being able to get to know your professors and get individual attention. We are very close to the twin cities so you get the best of both worlds. living in a rural community but driving distance to all the excitement of the cities.


Everyone should attend this school!


Someone who likes to feel like they're a part of something important.


Someone who doesn't mind smaller towns and enjoys small class sizes, but also along with that, less availability of classes that you want or need.


anyone that wants a small campus next to a big city!


I believe that this school is for everyone. There are all different types of students that attend this University. I have not really found any judgement issues or slanders against people. There are different activites for all different culutres; diversity days and other ethnic activites are a hudge hit at the University of Wisconsin of River Falls. I have fully enjoyed my experience at River Falls for the Two years i have been attending and i hope that i dont have to transfer to finish my degree. I am honored to be able to complete my degree at this University.