University of Wisconsin-River Falls Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


A person interested in agricultural science.


A person who does not like small schools, or who who lives far away and are not sure what they want to do for a major.


I can't think of any type of person that should not attend the UWRF. We have programs for anyone who is willing to apply themselves, and we are a very culturally diverse campus.


Anyone is accepted, but not very ethnically diverse.


The only thing i can think of is someone whos program we dont offer.


If a person can't handle going to school in a small town environment then they should not attend this school. Students from a large city often have adjustment problems here.


Anyone who wants to go to a big school. This is a big enough school where you don't know everyone, but small enough where word gets around fast.


A very liberal student that plans to stay on campus and participate in many activities besides drinking.


People that want a busy city atmosphere with a ton of students. A small town quality of life is important here. People that don't like agriculture, sustainability, or care about the enviroment should look elsewhere.


This school is great to attend if you're interested in Agriculture or Food Science, and if you enjoy a friendly, small- town environment.


If you don't like cows, packers or (ewww) vikings, small class rooms, small school, or a small community.


People who don't like small cities


Anyone can attend this school. There is something for everyone here.


Those who do not like a smaller campus centered around the enivorment. UWRF is very environmentally conscious and the school strives on protecting and helping the environment. Another type of person who the campus would not be right for would be those that do not enjoy a close university. River Falls is a smaller campus and there are so many different events and organizations that allow the students to become close and involved in the university. If you are not social and do not want be actively involved then River Falls is not a good campus to attend.


Anyone is allowed to attend this school there is a group for any type of person.


Someone who is expecting a large campus life. This is a small family school. Most students go home on weekends, or stay there and party.


Someone looking for a good "bang for your buck" type of school. More concerned with low finaces than socializing. Most students are from working class families and pay for college themselves and therefore; go home on the weekends to focus on work rather than school.