Ursinus College Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


Football, parties


I emphasize the small class sizes and the ready availability of the professors, many of whom will meet with students even outside of their office hours. Many classes are capped at 25 students and some at even less. Additionally, the advising is very good and personalized. Students are assigned an advisor in their major when they declare, and this advisor helps them to plan out their course of study as well as any internships or study abroad semesters.


The amazing professors and the great nights I will never ever forget


I brag about how I know a lot of people that attend school with me.


small class size and accessibility of professors


The small class sizes, availability of professors, atmosphere etc


I often brag about the parties. But I also brag about the things we do in class and for extra-curricular activities. I often tell stories involving the Ultimate Frisbee team for which I play. I also brag about the random activities that come up, such as fishing with one of my professors to help her research group.


Our research department is amazing. I can never stop talking about it, and all of our labratory equipment is superior compared to other colleges, especially state colleges.


My fraternity