Ursinus College Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


The worst thing about Ursinus College is that the freshman dorms do not have air conditioners. The brick buildings get very warm.


There's nothing I really hate here. The thing that I probably complain about most is the weird statues we have all around the campus. Most of our statues are these huge block people that just sit in the grass. There's these other groups of statues that are just giant pieces of rusty metal sticking out of the ground. My roommates a tour guide and she says a lot of people like the art. I don't know where it came from, but it's definitely unique.


The worst thing is that my school is not politically diverse and some professors make this a standard for their teaching and grading. Also, you do not always get the classes you want as it is a small school and classes usually fill up pretty quickly depending on the class.


The worst part is the lack of diversity on campus.


How hard it is to find a job after college. I paid alot of money to go to school and I feel like it shouldn't be so hard to find a job! I also think that career services should have more job opportunities in New Jersey.


The price is very high.


The emphasis on Greek life is a little overbearing.


The school is too small in that the campus is not big enough and the number of students are too small. Also, the surrounding area is too boring and there are not enough things to do outside of campus.


The campus atmosphere is gloomy with no school spirit or inter-collegiate unity.


I think the food is the worst part about my school. After four years fo school it is very hard to like the food that i am forced to eat on a daily basis . it gets old after a while, but i guess whats the case with every school.


The food. It's horrible.


Being taken out of my comfort zone and to have my values and ideology challenged and scrutinized when the professor has asked me of my opinions and then fellow students comment on my statement, basically exposing myself to total strangers, in my freshman year Common Intellectual Experienc class was one of the worst things about my school, but I do feel that it was a great learning experience and has helped me to grow .


Every student is trying to surpass their peers, and will resort to whatever means to do so. Some students will manipulate their peers for answers to homeworks, research topic for papers, or for credit for student research.


The worst part of my school is that while we have a nice performing arts center, our actual performing arts majors are quite small. In the dance department, we only have two full time faculty. This makes it impossible to offer a wide variety of dance courses that are suitable for all levels od dance students. The same for the art department. It is in a little brown-stone building which recieves hardly any attention. These majors are quite promising and feature amazing students, so I feel that the departments should be worked on to ensure the student's satisfaction.