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What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


To find the right college, decide want you want in a college: size, quality, community, etc. Then research colleges with those qualities. Visit the college, talk with students and professors, attend a class. To make the most of the college experience, be involved, but not so as it will interfere with your grades. Participate, come eager to learn. If you are a Christian, seek God's will for your school and your experiences there.


The best advice I could give is to find the campus that fits you the best. If you visit the campus and it feels like home then you know that is where you should go and what would be best for you. Academics are extremely important but you need to find somewhere where you will have an amazing experience a part from that as well.


Some advice that I would give parents/students on selecting the right college would honestly go with what you feel good about. What I mean is that college is not just about going to some big name school for the popularity of it. For example, at my high school everyone wanted to go to USC or UCLA just becuase they are popular schools. Yet, once I really started looking at all of my options I found that maybe a smaller school would be a better fit for me. It's all about what you want out of your college experience. Some want to go to college to find themselves and experience fraternities and or sororities; I personally did not want to engage in that type of lifestyle, I wanted a more laid-back "homey" feeling at my college choice. So, in my personal opinion it is best to figure out what you want from a college in deciding where to go. What types of things each university has such as sports teams, clubs, extracurricular activities, majors and local social life. I am personally very happy I chose a small school insead of a big one.


To make a list of places that they want to go and give reasons why and then look into the programs there and see which school has the best program for their particular major and/or sport. If your an athlete go to the school that will give you a scholarship because those are extremely helpful when it comes to paying for your school. If it wasn't for mine I wouldn't be going to school right now. Also praying and seeing which school God would want you to go to where you would grow the most as a person and spiritually.


Find out what you are interested in, what you have passion for, and try to major in that. Don't worry if you have no idea what you want to do in life, no one really does. Ultimately, find a college that makes you feel good. If you don't find it at the first college you attend, transfer. It's not a huge commitment. Visit the colleges you apply for and make sure you'll love where you are. Also, live on campus as much as you can--it's one of the best experiences I've ever had. Make friends and don't stress too much. It's not a race, it's some of the best years of your life and they go by way too quickly.


Finding the right college takes a great deal of research. One needs to take into consideration the hobbies, major, location, weather, sports, living area, cafeteria and even safety into account when choosing a school. With technology and help of Campus discovery, pepole can find these facts all online. Money is very important but, when looking for schools I personally wouldn't let financial difficulties limit your opportunities. If you find an amazing school that is too expensive to attend all 4 years then it can be used for motivational purposes. You can always go to a community college for two years, save money and have a chance at the dream college/university. After doing all the research, you may find yourself with a top five or even top ten schools.


To the parents and students who are trying to find the "right college" I would say keep your eyes, ears, mind, and heart open. I use the word "open" because very often, when looking at our future, we bring along with us our own ideas that may or may not be rooted in reality. Being open to the opportunities that lie ahead is key to making the most of our college experience. It is during this crucial time. Parents - your son or daughter will be leaving home, may not in a physical and literal sense, but nonetheless will be away from you. For you parents, you should strive to think the best of your adult child and always encourage him/her. We, the students will have enough to think about without your constant reminders of right and wrong. And for you students, remember things may not always be as they seem and the one thing that you can be sure of is yourself. During the college experience, who you are will be questioned, proded, and poked in ways that you may have never experienced before; so take hold of this opportunity to discover you dreams and go for them.


Definitely visit the campus, talk to current students, faculty, & staff in order to decide if it's the best fit for you.


Do your research!


To find the one the fits you best as a person.


Look for the college that specializes in the feild that you most want to study, or else the one that appeals to you the most. I chose this school because it felt right, in my guts. Going to college is about finding out who you are as well and getting the credentials to do what you feel msot passionate about in life. Don't let a lot of work discourage you becausae it does pay off. This so far has been the best experience of my life and my future is very bright.


pray about it, trust God, and just go with what makes you smile.


I would advise them first to pick out options for different schools. Secondly, visit those schools and weigh the price, financial aid, and location. Make sure you check out the dorms and get a feel for the social and academic life at the school. Whatever you feel most at home and comfortable, that will be the right college for you!


choose one the student actually wants to attend.


Take your time. The last thing you want to do is rush into a decsion. In many ways, this one decsion will determine your life path. It will determine you friends, your career choices, and in many cases, your spouse. It should not be taken lightly. Don't choose a school for its prestige, or its price but for the quality of its education and the values the institution hopes to embody. My last advice would be to defer enrollment once accepted for a semester or two from your second/third choice schools. You never really know if your choice school will work out and if it is a good fit for you until you get there and sit in the classrooms, eat in the cafeteria, or sleep in your dorm room. By defering enrollment to your other schools, you can more easily find what is best for you and transition if need be. Good luck!


Do your research! Visit the school ahead of time and get all the possible information you can! Make sure the STUDENT picks the school(s) of their choice, not just the parents! The student is one that has to attend the school, not the parent, so they better make sure they like it.


The best advice I was ever given when looking at colleges, was to visit all the campuses I was interested in, and whatever one I felt more welcomed and at home was the one to choose. This advice worked for me when choosing my University. The moment I stepped foot on the campus, I had a gut feeling that it was the place where I was meant to be. Of course, I still battled on picking a school, but the feeling I experienced at that campus ultimately led me to make my decision. When I first arrived to my new home, I admit I was pretty overwhelmed. One moment I am dependent on my parents the next I was on my own. It took about two months to fully adjust, like the majority of college freshman. I would say the ticket to making the most of your college experience is to get yourself involved with the programs, activities, and events your school has to offer. Colleges offer a wide variety of leadership roles, try-out one, even if you do not feel competent to be a leader. You will most likely surprise yourself!


The key to finding the right college for you or your child is to actually go and visit the schools. Ask lots of questions to make sure they meet your needs and get a feel for the community spirit. Your student will be living there for four or so years and they want to find a place that makes them feel at home. Look at the community around the school see if that's a place your student wants to be. Finally once you have started college don't let opportunities pass you by. Get involved in campus clubs, and activities. Make the most of the resources they offer such as campus jobs and tutoring. Most importantly go and talk to your professors. They are a great resource of knowlege and often enjoy getting to know their students and building relationships with them. My professors have been the best mentors to me outside of the classroom. Don't slack off but stay focused on classes while balancing a good social calendar because those are the memories you will take with you the rest of your life! Best wishes in your college search and career!


Get involved with the school and step out of comfort zone.


i would tell parents a students to sit down and discuss the best options for themselves financially as well as personal growth. also the college experience is definatly what you make of if. watever your financial status may be, live on campus, join clubs, go out of your way to make new friends, go visit a new friends hometown with them. if you sleect a college that is close to home stay on campus during the weekends and do things that are out of your comfort zone and experience new and exciting things. after living on campus for the first year, i absolutly love the school and the environment, so for incoming students who are looking at a college, try to go and visit the campus and try to get a feel for the social atmosphere of the campus, and enjoy the college journey where ever it make take you.


My advice to parents about finding the right college is ultimately to let their child make the choice about where they attend school. Parents, you are there to support your child in the decisions they make. It is important to make sure your child has all the information available to them about schools and the programs and majors they offer. It is also important to be there for your child for help and advice when they are searching and selecting the college of their choice, but it is imperative that you give them the freedom to choose their college and simply support them with whatever school they choose. My advice to students would be to choose a college that has the best program for the major you are interested in. It's important to know all of the information about the schools you are looking into before you make a decision. Once you start college, the best advice I could give you is to make it count! Work hard, have fun, build long lasting friendships and relationships, and dont let the years pass you by without truly taking the time to enjoy every aspect of your college experience.


Make sure that you are looking for a campus that will suit every single need that you could ever consider. Be committed to serving your school, whichever you choose in every single way necessary.


Look for a place that you can get connected with the people around you including staff and faculty. College is not meant to be done alone. Find a close community-oriented school!