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The unique thing about my school is that Virginia Commonwealth University is the only nearest university offer a fantastic program I am very interested in. Moreover, the medical school is just a few minute driving away from my school right now. Therefore, if i want to continue getting a higher degree, the medical school is just next to our school. This is a very great opportunity for me to learn more about the medical school during my four years in college.


There are far more career paths at VCU. Some schools are focused on one type of career, but not VCU. Recently, the University decided to "remodel" some of its programs to provide a more beneficial experience for the volume of students. Students studying anything from business and medicine to art and religion may find their time at VCU to be a strong investment. Employers take a degree from VCU seriously. They know that someone with a degree from VCU isn't just another cookie-cutter college graduate. They see that person as a potentially valuable asset to their company.


VCU?s student body is diverse. Students come from variety of cultural and socioeconomic backgrounds and life experiences. Students can also study a wide variety of concentrations. Because of the university?s diversity, students feel they can express themselves and nourish their passions and interests.


It's a slight urban campus with a diverse student body. There is a strong emphasis on the arts and in the medical and engineering programs. It has a lot of opportunities and strong programs for a public and affordable university. It is the best art school that has in-state tuition and the best public university known for the arts.


VCU is very liberal and accepts different types of lifestyles and backgrounds moreso than other schools I considered.


We have many people who come to VCU from different countries which makes it extremely diverse.


Multiple components was a deciding factor for my willingness to attend Virginia Commonwealth. Since I am a biology major, concentration in Pharmacy, attending VCU was a logical step for my career. After attending one of the orientation, I discovered that I the faculty and staff was welcoming, answered all my question about housing, financial aid, and even how to stand out from the other applicants when applying for Pharmacy school. The central location is city, but the richmond have also an hour from the famous Virginia beach and about two hours from the Appalachian Mountains.


The diversity of the student population and organizations at VIrginia Commonwealth University are what set it apart from any other university. It hosts fraternaties and sororities for almost every ethnicity of ever student that attends VCU. I plan on joining one next year.


It's an open campus known for its artistic programs as well as its medical program. Not many schools can boast having strong liberal arts programs and an excellent medical program, as well. This is especially unusual in the case of particularly large, public universities, which VCU happens to be.


This school is unique that it is very urban yet, in 15 miles one can hit the suburbs and in 30 miles they can see farms. There is good diversity on campus and many students share simliar goals and have similiar outlooks on life.


The price and proximity where important. The program valued itself on working in theatre.


Something unique I find about my school is that the campus seems a lot more historical than the other schools. A lot of the buildings here have been here for several decades. Another thing is that it seems like there is much more campus security than other schools.


Richmond is culturally and ethnically diverse. For a student seeking more than just an education that comes from books, to one who is seeking a real-world education, VCU is the place to be. There is always something to do in the city and it's an easy commute from campus to anywhere you'd like to go.


Be willing to work hard, no degree from any college comes easy. Don't get too stressed out, balance you time between actually having a life and making room for your studies. If you don't, you'll get burned out.


our school is on the outskirts of the downtown city life. we live in more of the suburbs with lots of art galleries and mom an pop owned eatery shops. there are lots of vintage and upscale fancy clothing shops too.


The thing that makes VCU different from other schools that I considered is the fact that it is really diverse. You come in contact with people from different ethnic, religious, cultural and financial backgrounds. This prepares you for the "real world" and the many things that you can expect once you graduate from school. This causes students to have a more open mind and become more accepting of other people's lifestyles.


Very artistic and diverse. The campus is very liberal and open to a lot of studnets opinions.


There is a powerful sense of ethnic diversity at my University, which in turn allows the students to have an open mind.


This school is very diverse and the campus is large enough that you can continuously explore it and not get bored.


I actually am a transfer student from a school in NYC, Pratt Insitute. When I first came to V.C.U. I was shocked by the school spirit, itz very strong here to a point where athleats are given special treatment. While there really isnt a division of social classes there are strong boundaries between social groups. This school has a great art program.


Open campus with new buildings and use of many architectural unique buildings for classes and housing. The school is career oriented that ensures your success in the community.


I am leaving VCU because I just didnt feel like it was right for me personally but I know many others that enjoy it. I went because of a friend, I recommend NOT doing that. Go with what you like, not just because someone wants you to come. You wont be happy. It's a nice school, but I want a college with more school pride and a football team! =)


If I had to choose a school to attend all over again, I would definitely choose VCU again.


VCU is an amazing school. I love being involved with the theatre program here. No one really knows how much we do besides us. There is always something to do on-campus. I remember they brought Tori from "Mythbusters" in! There were not a lot of people, but still, I got to hug him! We actually got out of our work-call for "Dracula" just to see him. :]


I loooooove VCU : )it's the best.


VCU is an awesome school!


I cannot begin to describe how excited I am about starting my journey of college, and it only adds to my thrill to be going through this at VCU. This fine college is friendly, welcoming, strong in academics and professors, and many things that would make any college across America outstanding! My choice of college was a hard one, but now I realized all of that deliberation was not worth it after seeing the amazing gold and black of the VCU Ram spirit!!


Just have fun and find your own place. I'd recommend VCU to anyone.


I think that about wraps it up. I hope you seriously look into VCU as your school. My college experience has been great and I would not change a thing. Just follow your instincts, see what is out there, and don't forget to have fun learning new things about yourself. That is what college is about after all. :)


The president makes way too much money while the professors are left scrounging.


VCU is a great school.


VCU rocks! Go RAMS!!


Its a nice place to be... but it is a city... so probably don't wander in dark alleys at night.


Its home.


VCU has it's great parts and bad parts. The administartion is more focused on money than students, but if you meat the right falculty it's alright.


VCU is GREAT- if you're willing to go and join something and make the experience for yourself. There are LOADS of people that are totally willing to be your friend and totally willing to give it a shot, but you've GOT to be ready to help yourself in finding them.


Last advice from me: Get to know Richmond. The city has a lot of things it can offer students that a lot of college kids may not have access to. There are some fantastic restaurants and fun places to go to see or to go hang out. Just go check it out!


I heart V-C-U.


VCU IS GREAT! We don't get enough credit!




Okay, one of the main things people need to know about VCU is the safety situation. It boils down to this: if you are not stupid, you will be perfectly fine. Your experience will obviously vary, but as long as you're not wandering around at 3am by yourself you will be okay. Just travel with a buddy or a group if you're going far from campus after dark, if you stick near the dorms you'll be fine on your own. Monroe Park will have a number of homeless people, they will not harm you aside from maybe asking you for change/food. This can be discouraged if, like many a VCU student, you walk around with headphones. The VCUPD is also very good at what it does and you will have a number of services available to you for getting around safely. For example, VCU offers a free ride service that you can use if A: you're too drunk to walk/drive yourself home after a party or B: are out after dark in an unfamiliar area and are scared to walk home alone (until you're used to the city there is no shame in this). Just be aware of your surroundings and don't go into sketchy areas after dark and you won't experience much worse than aforementioned hobos. As for security inside the dorm ,the situation is much the same. Keep your door closed if you don't want people around, lock it if you're going to sleep/going out or your stuff WILL vanish (I myself lost a CD player and a pair of headphones. Other have lost things up to laptops). You would do well to invest in a lock if you have a laptop. Final big thing to note about VCU is that it takes great pride in being a nearly paperless campus, meaning you'll be doing almost everything online. The plus side is that you can submit stuff like quizzes and assignments online without much hassle, and the online system they use for this, called Blackboard, is solid and pretty easy to use once you get use to it. Utilization of this varies by professor. The downside is that the mail server is changed almost every year and its replacement is invariably more unstable. You forward emails to a gmail or hotmail account, but even this can be problematic. I had no major problems but griping is widespread so be warned. This also applies to the system you will use to register for classes online. I haven't used the new system, but it seems to be even more complex than it's predecessor. Also due to the volume of people registering registration is staggered, so upperclassmen get first dibs, with freshman going last. This will result in massive slowdown. If you have morning classes the first day you can register, be prepared to skip them. The schedule of classes is also online so be sure to write down times and registration numbers beforehand. Also if you work out the perfect schedule beforehand be prepared to have backups for most classes as some do fill up quickly. Just consult your advisor extensively beforehand and you'll mostly be okay.


VCU is a good school but it has many flaws in its systems. It is a massive school that seems to work with a small to middle size faculty which doesn't add up if you do the math. With more housing, more concentration on accomodating high demands, and better services in place, it could be an even better school. There are also great parties around campus, but they've started a party patrol that looks on facebook and other places trying to find the parties and shut them down so there is no telling how long those great parties will last.


VCU has some of the friendliest people I have ever met. I visit other schools and am greeted no where near as kindly as I am here. Also, I have met probably the most intelligent people here. I have visited UVA, VT, and JMU, and found the intelligence level for people at VCU (at least social intelligence and rationality) to be FAR above any of these schools.




The dining facilities are what I don't like the most about VCU. There is basically only two place to go eat with your dining plan. One of them is The Student Commons which has really weird hours, it closes at 7 at night and at 1:30 on Friday so if you don't eat early dinner then you miss it. It is also not all open on the weekends because everything pretty much shuts down then, i guess they think everyone goes home on the weekends. The other place to eat is Schafer and the food there is sometimes... less than satisfactory unless you can eat a cheeseburger and fries every day. The food service workers are not very polite, alert, or helpful either and this seems to carry through to all of the restaurants. You won't mind if you can eat fried food all the time but I wish there was more healthy eating encouraged.


vcu isn't meant for students not from virginia there isn't anything off campus to do without use of a car bus system sucks teachers are great housing is horrible will be transferring


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