Virginia Commonwealth University Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


My school most likely offers only one professor for every science classes and i didn't like it because it conflicts with my other classes. Most of my financial aid counselors were not helpful at all. They don't care if the students succeed or not. for instance, i came from a poor family and they gave me less money for my financial aid and i had to take loans in order to stay in the school.


The food prices at the cafes are ridiculous! $10 for a sandwhich, bag of chips, and a drink. When I'm stuck on campus from 9am - 7pm I have no choice but to eat there. It can get very financially demanding!


I don't have anything bad to say about VCU, i believe that it is a very good school to attend to have the experience of the real world before you are thrown out into it. VCU has a variaty of people that attend as well as the real world. VCU is a great place to attend and get the expierences needed to survive in the real world. Once you are in the real world there isn't many people to help you along, you have to learn and do by yourself. You also have to deal with multiple people.


There is an extreme lack of organization within the school system in relation to the academic advisors, the financial aid office, and the registrar. Things are always lost and misplaced, and more than a few times I have had the worst run around trying to get them all straight. It all just adds to the stress of my heavy workload!


Because it is located within a city, students have to be extremely cautious at night.


The neighboors that live in near by and the fact that there is always that scary sometimes that happend...getting mugged or killed at night


The worst thing about my school is that we have such a cultural school, yet some of the cultures only stick to themselves or do not often socialize with other nationalities outside of the classroom. But our school helps us with this, by having our annual International Block party, with food, cultural dances and values.


The fact that it is placed in the center of Richmond. It is the poster child for an urban college. Without a distinct campus it is easy to mix the city with the school. While that provides some benefits, it causes many problems. Without that singular location that you can call "your school" you find yourself detact from it.


There is not much that?s worst in my university. But if i had to choose one, i would say the money. Everything on campus, students have to pay. Parking, printing, dorm, food, fax, etc. even the smallest things VCU charges you for everything. Even professors are charged to park. No discount, no exceptions. I believe that education should be something that could be given a chance for. Some students might not be able to pay for all these and still attend college. So I think VCU's weakest point is money.


Every pro has it's con's. VCU may be largest university in Virginia but that may not make it the safest. The fact that we are located in the city is almost an oxymoron, you wouldnt have VCU without the city, but without the city you wouldnt have as much crime. Ever since i have been at VCU I have never been harmed but I have herd about several crimes. I guess the one thing to remember is there is crime everywhere


Being in the city, I think that walking late at night has always been a concern of mine. I keep my eyes behind me so that I'm aware of my surroundings.


I feel like the staff in my department is sometime unprofesional and un willing to help students. I am in the arts studying communication arts. Our building was under construction for over 2 years because of unresponsible money handeling it took longer than was expected. This cost the students money who had to pay for materials that where suposed to be provided for us, such as computers and drawing tables. Aslo I have had to take summer classes every year because faculty will not help you get into required classes if there is a problem.


There are too many students on campus; everything about the university's facilities are done in excess. The school itself is huge and encompasses most of the City of Richmond. VCU hasa two campuses: Medical and Monroe Park, but if you are applying for on-campus housing you may be placed on either.


The amount of money the students are paying to go to college. The amount of money is too expensive for classes, food, books, and everything else. There are not enough stores around my school. I feel my school is located in an deserted place, like my school is an island or something of sort. Everyone has to travel for miles to go to any place good enough. People are screwed if they don't have a car. There are not enough parking places. My school need more varieties in food. Selling books sucks cause we get less than 40% back.


The crime in the area has always been a problem. Also I do not like the amount of drugs and drinking everyone here does. As far as actual classes and teachers its a great school.


the worst thing about my school is the bad areas surrounding my campus. there are alot of homeless and people not involved with our school around the campus. Also we dont have a strong central campus, it is kind of spread out and not centralized.


I think the worst thing about my school is the parking situation. That's because it CAN be hard to buy parking passes online, especailly if there is a problem with the computer system. If you can't get a parking pass you really have to know the street cleaning schedual and how long you're allowed to park. This can be particularly hard if you're in a 2 hour parking spot but class goes from 7 - 9:40 pm


Poverty surrounding campus.


The hours things are open and closed. Because it's inconvient for college students timelines.


There isn't much I haven't fallen in love with at this school. The city itself is in a reconstruction phase, as new, yuppie apartments are being built, replacing the old run-down and abandoned warehouses and factories. Many people complain about the aesthetic of the streets being shabby or 'ghetto,' but in reality, over 80% of my experience off campus has been delightfully revitalizing.


My professors weren't open enough for the creative expression of the mass of the students. Grading was harsh and overly subjective.


The social isolation if you come here alone.


Poor advisors and lack of tenacity.


The courses are not setup well in the sense that if you do not succeed in it then you will have to wait a year to retake. Which is bullshit. This applies to the courses offered in the School of Engineering. Also Professors should take into the account of Exam Grades more than overloading assignments and projects that do not help the students in any way applying the fundamental work. Exams determine the students ability to retain information and application techniques.


Unorganization in the adminstration system.


Sometimes they have a problem with getting all the information to off campus students because so many live on campus.


The worst thing about Virgina Commonwealth University would probably the cross walks around school. Many students have to cross busy and dangerous intersections in order to get to their classes. Sometimes I really don't feel safe or comfortable crossing the street .


There is limited internet acess in some buildings. I have had errors caused by the school in my financial aid paperwork, forcing me to have to borrow from family members until it was resolved. Often I have had the runaround and have wasted time trying to get information or help from the incorrect sources. For example, I wanted to speak to an academic advisor. It took 2 weeks to make the appointment and she could not even help me. She gave me the name of the person I needed to contact and told me to email her.


The wide-spread campus