Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


Spirited, genunine, nice


Virginia Tech has a great environment which is condusive to everyone. There are so many people with so many interests that go to Virginia Tech, that it would surprise me to hear that someone didn't "fit in."


Tech is mostly preppie, but I don't see it as a bad thing. I personally fit into that group, but I know minority groups do exist and come together to support each other. Personally I think that integrating rather than making separate groups would be better but overall I think everyone can find their niche here.


There is not much diversity at Virginia Tech. There are some international students here, and there is an international center although I'm not sure how included these students feel. Most students wear jeans and a t-shirt to class. Most students are from either NoVa, Richmond, or VA Beach (in that order), although there are some locals and people from Pennsylvania, Maryland and North Carolina.


There are not very many black people. I would characterize the campus as overwhelmingly white, and fairly conservative (which isn't surprising in SW VA). Once again though, it is big enough to find a LARGE community of any kind of people you may be looking for. The Greek Community is another great way to find a smaller group of people you feel akin with. Different groups always interact in the academic realm but maybe not so much within the social. Tech students are largely from VA. (Northern Va, Richmond, and Va Beach are huge sources)


The student body is sooo diverse and large that it is almost impossible to feel left out. There are all types of groups, and organizations you can join, etc. Because it is so big, I find myself meeting new people almost every single day and I have been here already for 2 years. I love this because I am making more friends, new connections, and amazing experiences every moment I am at Vtech.


Students at Virginia Tech are a very good mix of races and religions. Everyone is very casual and open with each other. Most people just wear casual clothes around campus, some kids are preppy but others are not. It is a very good mix. Most students are from Virginia, Maryland, or Pennsylvania.


Students are crazy about their school. The students are polite and clean cut yet diverse. Southern hospitality. These students are a cut above.


I don't feel that very many students would feel out of place at Virginia Tech. I feel that Virginia Tech is a place where you can be an individual and be yourself. Most students dress very casually for class; jeans, a tshirt, and flip flops. Students do not feel pressured to wear the most popular brand of clothing to impress other students. Most Virginia Tech students are from northern Virginia.


It doesn't really matter where you're from here it just matters that you're willing to get out and meet new people. The school is so big everyone can find a place if you seek that place.


I don't think VT is very diverse but I meet people with different political views and ethnicities but not overwhelmingly. Most Tech students are from the three largest metropolitan areas in VA, like VA Beach, NOVA, and Richmond. Since I am in the NOVA category I feel at home at Tech but my boyfriend is from a small town in Southwest VA and he enjoys Tech the same amount that I do, especially once he joined a fraternity and made his community larger.


We are pretty casual around here, most people wear jeans and a tshirt to class, not everyone does this just the general overview.


There are so many different culture groups to get involved with... there's def. diversity on campus IDK of any type of student that would feel out of place t-shirt and jeans or just whatever suites them... YES different types of students interact i can't really describe the tables... everyone kind of mixes together Politically aware... yes, all about getting everyone to vote, etc. obviously money is a concern but it's not like a major topic or anything??? no one really sits around and is like OMG i'm going to make this much when i get older... that's kind of dumb


I doubt there is any such thing as feeling left out of place at Virginia Tech. We have so many organizations on campus dedicated to diversity and comforting environments that there is absolutely a place for everyone. Students wear Hokie Gear the most to class. When I say Hokie Gear I mean ANYTHING Maroon and Orange. It is pretty much the easiest and most popular thing to wear on campus, especially when you see someone with a VT shirt you hadn't seen before, you WANT it and GOTTA have it.


I would say a lot of kids are republican, but no one really talks about it. I think for the most part groups on campus are very open and encouraging to success and willing to help people do well.


not very diverse, everyone inviting and friendly


For the most part, Tech's student body is primarily composed of white students. Many students would say discrimination does not exist on this campus, however, they are wrong. Whether it be suddle, or blatant, it does occur; more often than one would think.


-I do not notice race. Most students where t-shirts and jeans to class.


To be honest, the majority of students at Virginia Tech are white. That doesn't mean that we don't have a large percentage of minorites, because we do, but the majority are white. Most students dress relatively preppy, and many just wear hoodies and jeans to class. Most Tech students are from Northern Virginia, Richmond, or Virginia Beach. I think that the majority of students are middle class, at least the ones I interact with. I think the majority of students think that they are politically aware, but they are really not.


I don't know if any one type of person would feel out of place at Tech, as long as you have social skills and have friends. You'll find students wearing some of everything to class. There will be the ROTC dressed in their uniforms, people wearing sweatpants and jeans; some people do dress up for class though. Different types of students do interact. I feel like most Virginia Tech students are from northern virginia or maryland. Followed by the rest of virginia and up north like new jersey and pennsylvania. There are all types of financial backgrounds I assume, but no one really talks about that. There are students who are politically active and then there are students who are not. It's such a big school you're going to have a mix of everything.


Being from out of state, I have noticed that there are a lot of in state students at VT. There are also a lot of international students. Coming from the South, Virginia Tech seems diverse to me, but I know that compared to other schools it may not be perceived that way by others standards. In addition, I think that VT embraces all students from all walks of life. We are a very accepting school, and the students are interested in engaging and learning more about people different from themselves.


the students are generally middle to upper middle class students dress fairly casual to classes, sorority girls tend to dress up a bit more


I studied abroad and became good friends with a Turkish VT student. He informed me that VT is very "clique"ish and it is difficult for people from other cultures to integrate into those groups.


I think that the virignia tech student body needs to be humbled. We can be very cocky and down right disrespectful to the people who helped us out the most after last year. I think that we should have learned something and most people didnt.


Virginia Tech has a very diverse student body. My experiences here have made me a much more open-minded individual. I have not experienced tension among different racial, gender, or socio-economic groups. I think our climate is very tolerant and accepting. You can come to VT as you are and expect to do well and make great friends. I can't really think of a certain "kind" of student that would feel out of place here, because we offer so many diverse programs. Virginia Tech students are from all over the nation, even the world. In one class I have this semester, I have classmates from Virginia, California, Texas, Maryland, Bolivia, Australia, and Romania. I suppose everyone, no matter how far away they grew up, wants to be a hokie! Financial backgrounds vary at Virginia Tech much like I assume they do at any other public university. Obviously some students come from wealthier families than others, but VT offers great scholarship opportunities and financial aid programs in order to allow every student and opportunity to acheive their goals. Many students here are politically active and aware, and there are many student organizations, both left, right, and moderate, that reflect this.


Accepting of all cultures. Most are from VA obviously, but a lot are from Maryland and other states as well!


I find that most students are from these general areas: Northern Virginia, Virginia Beach, Richmond, and some Jersey kids. I don't think anyone would really feel left out here because there are all types of personalities, but it is definately important to be somewhat outgoing and eager to meet new people, or else you might feel overwhelmed at the number of students. Not many people talk about how much they will earn on day... it's more of a general understanding that the engineers are going to make bank.


Most students wear sweatshirts and jeans to class. Although many also wear polos and khakis. I feel like anyone can fit in here because there is such a diverse group of people that come through here.


We have over 300 different clubs, and the experience I have had with them is all positive. Students that can't make friends fast and are not use to large groups. Students usually wear jeans, T-shirts, pajamas, things appropriate fo rthe ever-changing weather. Yes, different type of students interact. Most students are from Richmond or Northern Va. Yes, students are politically aware and active. People say we are right but I dont know; Im in a sorority and very southern, so my opinion may be bias but I know more left. I dont really hear people talkign baout how much they'll earn, just exactly what they wanna do.


Diversity is a current issue on our campus that they are trying to improve. It is a white-dominate campus & they are trying to change that or make it more comfortable for different racial, religious & etc groups.


My freshmon year roommate was Hindu/Indian and my best friend was Muslim. So I spend alot of time with the Indian students. And they are very clicky - at least as a non-Indian that was my feeling. The students I have met are from many different countries but there does seem to be alot of them from Virginia.


This is in no way an urban campus and the urban 'So-Cal' style will be drowned amongst VT sweatshirts, jeans and sneakers. Regardless of this there are many different types of students around campus, duh. I hear students talking a different language at least once a day, and if diversity is something that you thrive in, then you'll find it here. If you feel most comfortable around those of your own cultural background that's cool too. All I'm saying is that if there are four tables in the dining hall one could be with all Asians, another will all Caucasians, another with all Middle-Eastern students, and one mixing bowl table of them all. As far as interaction, there is no hesitation amongst the student body to talk to someone 'different' than themselves. We're not unworldly or ignorant to the we're accepting and generally open-minded. The future, even if it screams and waves it's arms in our face everyday, isn't talked about in a snotty or stuck up way. Kids here aren't relying on their parent's corporation or some family rubies to support them. Your average student is from a middle-class/suburban background and are at this point financially independent or at least partially independent. Everyone wants to be successful, but they're not going to shove you down in the process.


I don't think any student would feel out of place at VT. There's such a diversity of students that everyone finds their place. Most students, for girls at least, wear jeans and a casual top. Different types of students don't really seem to interact. Most VT students are from northern virginia, even though some places shouldn't be really considered nova, williamsburg, or richmond. My friends are politically active but I don't really know about others.


Our drillfield is the center of campus and all groups are allowed to advertise, pass out fliers, and just talk to students. I feel like I've come across every type of person on campus. Everyone goes here! We're not just a school of a certain color. I don't see how anyone could really feel out of place here--except people who hate football on game day. Most students wear what they are comfortable in to class. Me, I'm a jeans, hoodie and flip flops kind of girl. Sorority girls wear their letters and the frat boys do the same. You'll see cammoflauge, baseball caps, baggy jeans, skirts with leggings, tye-dye, native dress, khaki, plenty of maroon and orange and a lot of my least favorite item ever--Ugg boots. In a dining hall you'll see four tables. Table one are the guys who live on the same hall on campus. They're comfortable around each other despite knowing each other for only a few months and they laugh very loudly. At the second table you'd see sorority girls with side salads and water in their letters and north face jackets. They spout greek letters and say "like" so much that is sounds like a foreign language. Note-this table us usually surrounded by Vera Bradley tote bags: watch your step. The third table is covered in engineering textbooks and male engineering students are scratching their heads as they help each other with their problem sets. Usually one of them is on his cell phone to his friend who knows what he's doing but never has time to go to lunch. He's probably been studying instead of eating. The fourth table has a mixture of guys and girls--they're all trying to impress each other but they're laughing and having a good time picking food off of each other's plates. I've found that a lot of people are from Virginia here--and oddly enough there's a lot of Jersey kids too. It is very evident that every economic class is represented here---but you can definitely see more of the upper-middle class. Students are very politically aware! People pass out fliers, wear buttons and t-shirts all the time. I think our campus has a really good mixture when it comes to political ideology. You have the local conservatives, the townie hippies, the northern liberals, and the unsure moderates.


They are all tolerated but latinos are very underreprsented at tech. Anyone who is not white will feel a bit out of place. Most students dont dress up to much for class, very casual. In class everyone interacts regardless of demographics. Divided by kids in there major, engineering, poly sci, etc. Middle class is most prevalent at tech. More left and there is alot of political event going on more than most campuses. No one talks about there life after college.


At VT, there are ALLLL kinds of students. I wouldn't say there are any problems with interaction between different religions or races or anything like that. If you're a hokie, you're a hokie! And that's all that matters. We're all on the same page here.


There are a fair amout of groups on campus. Out of Place: Not sure Clothes: Jeans and Hoodies Interaction: Everyone is nice I never noticed a seperation of people at the dining halls. Most VT Students: American Financial Background: Upperclass Politics: somewhat active Liberal


Coming from Liberty, which was incredibly diverse, I must say that coming to Tech was a disappointment in that regard. I fortunately live on Newman hall, which is the international hall. I have a South Korean roommate and so many friends from all over the place. I love to hear the accents and languages, to taste the food and learn about their cultures. I do feel as if many of my classes are predominantly white, but I believe that perhaps Tech is growing more diverse every semester. It was something that really bothered me at first, but there is actually a lot of diversity around if you look for it. As for religious groups, I am Christian and it was not hard at all to find multitudes of groups to join! I tried out a lot and was involved in about three Bible studies at the same time, before I finally picked one that fit me the best. There is something here for everyone! I really meshed with my group (Chi Alpha), and am so thankful to have found them.


Most students are middle class and white. There are a few minorities, but they do avoid interaction with whites. Students are very casual in class. It is a moderate school heavily focused on getting jobs and making money.


The majority of Tech students are of course from Virginia. From the people whom I've meet, even though Virginia Tech is a southern Virginian school, most of them happen to be from the NOVA (Northern VA) area. I know from my area Tech is a big school and a lot of students try to apply and get in.


Pritchard is one of the largest, if not the largest all male residence hall on the east coast. You don't have to see this to believe it-- just close your eyes and take a whiff. It never fails. The night before your hardest 7AM final the people above you will be playing halo, loudly, your roommate will invite friends over, the weather will be horrible, and someone will pull the fire alarm at least three times after 3 AM. You can always tell who are freshman a few different ways: -They dress up for class -They show up to class on time -They show up to class -They carry a map of campus wherever they go -They look both ways before crossing the road araound the drill field -They eat at Deitrick express. Still.


-Not a lot of experience -People who do not like to be involved and people who do not have school pride -Everything, from sweats to pearls. Most students dress very casual: jeans and a a sweatshirt or a Northface jacket. -I think so... -The nerds, the athletes, the sorority/fraternity, and the regular, cool, laid-back kids. I guess? -Northern VA, Norfolk/VA Beach area, North Carolina, Maryland, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey. There's some from Georgia, Florida, Tennessee, and New York. Basically anywhere along the eastern coast -Upper-middle class -Yes, students are politically active. They range from conservative to liberal. A majority of the school is conservative, though. -Not really


Students on this campus have a generally more relaxed wardrobe (jeans and hoodies are common); however, there are always people dressed up and those kids who wear sweats and pjs. Any outfit would fit in at Tech. If one was to look at four separate tables in a dining hall, they most likely would not be able to associate them with particular groups (unless they are wearing letters). It would be hard to say where most VT kids come from, but obviously a lot of us come from VA.


I don't think those things are issues, although some people do. For example, recently, a student accused a Biology teacher I had as a freshman of being racist in the classroom. Personally, I don't see this teacher as being racist at all--I see it as nearly impossible that she's racist, and if she were, I doubt she'd act that unprofessionally. I feel so bad that this student accused her of such a harsh thing, and I really think the student should get over herself. Besides, if anything, football players get treated like gods--how is that fair to the rest of us? I don't know any student that would feel out of place at VT--there are so many people there. I dress down a lot--my freshman year, I pretty much wore sweatpants all the time. I usually wear jeans and a t-shirt, or jeans and a hoodie. Tech is very chill about that--I think it looks really out of place if girls get really dressed up and are wearing heels to class, unless of course they have a reason to be dressed up (job/internship fair, interview, etc.). Besides, we will have to dress up for the rest of our lives at work--why not take advantage of wearing whatever you want now? Depends on what you mean by type. I have friends of all ethnicities and groups, but you do see ethnicities stick together. Four tables: a group of sorority girls all wearing their letters, a table of Asians, a table with people really dressed down, and a table of at least 4 guys (a lot more guys at Tech). A lot of students are from NOVA..I know a lot from Jersey and Maryland, too. Most students are upper middle or middle class. Not all students are politically aware and active.


All the groups mentioned in the first question are present at Virginia Tech but it should be stressed that there is little diversity on campus concerning different races. There are hardly any African American students here unless they are on a sports team. A "lunch table" would most likely consist of three white students and one Asian student. The majority of students hail from Northern Virginia. In class you will encounter all sorts of apparel and types of students. Think hippie, trend setter, bookworm, gangster, country and tons more in every class because each group is definitely present here on campus and in every class. Political awareness here is really based on self choice. If a student wants to be an activist then s/he can join groups and find plenty of others in their same circle but if you don't want to be politically active there really isn't anything here making you be.


Most students dress in jeans and sweatshirts. Which I love because no one is trying to impress by the way they dress. The students are very open minded and friendly. People from all social circles interact well here.


I love the diversity that exists on the VT campus. You will find every ethincity and race on campus, and for me that is a huge plus. Different types of students interact every second of the day in the classrooms, in the dining halls, and in the dorms.


No student would feel out of place at Virginia Tech...unless I guess they were a UVA fan. There are so many different types of people that you can always find a group to fit in with. Most students don't dress up for class. I see (and wear) lots of sweatpants with tees. You see tons of maroon and orange too. When asking where people are from you hear a lot of NOVA or Virginia Beach but there is a lot of other places mixed in there as well. Students don't brag about how much they are going to make one day. EVeryone is really down to earth at tech.


Nobody would really feel out of place here, typical dress is casual to class but some people dress up when they want. most students are from virginia mostly northern area.


-not much, we lack diversity ...growing up in a military family, that was something I was used to, I am involved with a church on campus though -not sure -anything and everything -like I said, we lack diversity, but I think so -- for the most part ...I have friends of all different races, religions, and socio-economic levels -white rich kids -northern virginia -upper middle class, upper class -yes, center -yes