Viterbo University Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


The kind of person who should attend Viterbo University is anyone who wants to further their education. This school welcomes anyone and everyone no matter what your background, socioeconomic status, religon, sexual orientation etc. Their is a variety of students who attend this college on each end of the spectrum. It is a great place to go if you want to feel like you belong somewhere. Everyone is friendly and open to new people.


Viterbo is a well diverse school. There are many majors that can fit many different personalities. Viterbo is a great school to stay focussed on school work. Majority of students are very busy and involved with their majors.


Though anyone, from traditional to original, is welcomed at Viterbo University, most enrolled students are dedicated, hard-working students who like to get involved with the various academic programs, clubs, and organizations around campus. If a student is anxious about leaving home for the first time, Viterbo welcomes them with open arms. If a student is excited for an adventure, Viterbo has those opportunities as well. There is something for everyone, as Viterbo is such an inclusive school. Staff, faculty, and students are welcoming to all sorts of diversity, which has helped to create such a dynamic community on campus.


A responsible, determined, and hard working person. The school is small and private so they would have to like that also. This person should like a liberal arts school too that focuses around getting a well-rounded education.


Viterbo University is a school for students who want to get a good education, but also have a good time doing it. Students are able to explore their dreams and are encouraged to try new thing that they never thought they would like. It is located in beautiful La Crosse, WI. Not only does the campus plan many fun activites for its students, but there is always something do in the town itself.


someone who knows they need a smaller school in order to be successful should go here. I know myself and how I work in big and small environments. I know, attending this school is the best option for me because classes are small enough and you can rely in your professors/teachers as well as other classmates. Someone who likes seeing the same people around should also go here. I, myself don't prefer it, but I know the education is best for me here.


A person that is big into the Fine Arts, Teaching, or nursing. People who are respectful of other peoples property, and willing to get a little religion. They should also be friendly and open minded to many aspects of life. In the end It really doesn't matter Viterbo is good at arranging good roommates and most people here are kind and friendly.


Viterbo University is rich in its fine arts so anyone pursuing a career in music, art or theatre would gain enormous experience here. Being a private Catholic university, Viterbo is rich in faith and voluteer opportunities. The priests and nuns are available for spiritual guidance and prayer. They have an excellent Adult Learning program that allows adults working full-time to attend one night a week in an accelorated format. The small class size (8-14) is perfect for individual learning.


Students are: white, middle class kids from less than an hour away, where everyone knows everyone from high school. (So if you like that and are in a 50 mile radius, come here). You should like small towns and country music. (Only exception: international students from Africa. We don't have African-American students, we have African students.) Basically, nursing and theatre are the best so if you want to do that but still like a small town, come here, but realize you can't stay in this protective bubble forever.


Because of the diversity at Viterbo, I honestly believe this school is for anyone.