Wake Forest University Top Questions

What is your overall opinion of this school?


I love the overall feel of the university to do more, be more, & achieve more. With the newly released Wake Will campaign (attempting to rise higher in the rankings & become one of the best universities) I think that that is evident. That feeling exudes throughout the classrooms and student body. Due to this, when I tell people where I go they either have never even heard of it (that's mostly Northerners) or know it well for its strong academic programs as well as its basketball program. Speaking of, I would however, change the creepy mascot...the Demon Deacon needs to go. Even though there is tons of school pride here (rolling the quad, applying for a tour guide position, or being in our student section, the Screamin' Demons) you always find a few who are not as passionate. I have been there and I have to say that I have come to love it here in Winston Salem. Winston (as the locals call it) is not quite yet a college town. It is a step up from my tiny farm town in Kentucky, but it's nowhere near Chapel Hill. It is stepping up its game, though and many students don't even leave campus enough to care. I dislike the "need to be Greek" approach that Wake seems to give off. I am not involved in Greek life, but I want it to be known that you can be happy here without a sorority or frat. Many of my friends' lives are heavily run by the Greek system and I find myself more content outside of it although there is nothing wrong with either. Going off of that, I love Wake's size- it's not too big, nor too small and class sizes stay under twenty. If you're looking for an academic based school that has a little Southern charm and the programs to help get you where you want to be in life, I highly suggest applying to Wake Forest.


I love Wake. The academics seem to speak for themselves. It may not be as well-known by the average person, but every time I speak with professional contacts or employers they are always impressed with Wake's academics. Students put in a lot of hard work to succeed, hence why some people say they go to "Work Forest". There are definitely some stressful times with schoolwork, but I feel like the work is always worth it. Student also know how to have fun and relieve some of that stress caused by school work. Winston-Salem has some fun things to offer, but there are often so many activities on campus that students don't have to go far to look for something to do. People might think expect that with a school as small as ours. Fraternity events, movies, concerts, comedy shows, plays and musicals, and fundraisers are just some of the events that occur often on campus. Overall, whenever the work seems to get too stressful, there are always a ton of fun events to let loose and have some fun.


Everyone has something to complain about regarding Wake, but we find ourselves whining about the same things time and time again because there is so little to complain about. We especially harp on the parking and computers, but how many schools allow freshman to bring cars or give all their students laptops?! We complain, as all 18 to 20 somethings do, but overall, what an incredible place to be.


The campus is utterly breathtaking. The historic architecture set against the progressive backdrop of the seasons is just plain easy on the eyes. In terms of size, if you live on campus you avoid that winded feeling of a marathon runner you might get traveling between classes on a larger campus because everything is relatively close. Even on the worst days it takes 10 minutes at most to get to your farthest class. Yet you never feel smothered or cloistered by the people or surroundings. I'd say Wake Forest hits a relative sweet spot in terms of size. The quality you'll be most thankful for is the low student to teacher ratio. Learning is much more engaging when it has the chance to be interactive. The library is amazingly huge and has an in-house Starbucks that is a godsend on some days, and a computer trouble-shooting office. Wake Forest does a great job of accommodating students' needs. I've seldom had difficulty getting something done. Some detractions are that if you don't have a car there's isn't any good social hotspots nearby and social events on campus are largely directed at frats and sororities.


The best thing about Wake Forest: BEAUTIFUL CAMPUS What I, personally, would change: The elitist and ridiculous process of being admitted into the social stratosphere known as GREEK LIFE School size: If you're trying to avoid someone, you can't. You'll probably see them at least 3 times per week Reactions: When I tell people I go to Wake Forest, generally they know it's a Top 25-ranked university Time well-spent: THE ZSR aka the LIBRARY. We have had an open relationship since my freshman year here. College town: Fallacious Administration: Natty O. is our president. Sometimes I see him, most of the time I get his emails which he may or may not actually write himself. Controversy on campus; In order of most controversial, 1) Greek life, 2) Politics, 3) What party to go to on Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday nights, and 4) On which floor of the library should I study today? School pride: Black and Gold. Mainly at basketball games. Football games are apparently for Lilly Pulitzer dresses and Vineyard Vine button-downs Unusual things: the high number of girls with eating disorders and the dearth of boyfriend-girlfriend relationships. Hook-ups are prominent Experience I'll remember: Creating a team for Hit-the-Bricks to raise money for cancer research Student complaints- THE PIT (cafeteria) gets old real fast, not enough seats available in the library, TOO MUCH WORK, not enough alcohol


I think the most unique aspect of Wake Forest is its size. While the campus is small enough to navigate around in fifteen minutes, the facilities it boasts are impressive. A wide variety of academic curriculum are available, and with a small community comes small class sizes and the opportunity for better teacher-student interaction. The prestige of the campus in relation to its size cannot be overstated. It is simply one of the most well-known small schools left. In addition, the community on campus is distinctly set apart from the town, but the town is close enough to drive to and experience.


The best thing about Wake Forest University is the people. The workers, the professors, your fellow classmates, everyone is on the same page as you to make campus a great place. The size of the school is just right for someone like me who likes a lot of people but not too many where you feel lost. I spend most of my time on campus in the library since that is also where my work study and Starbucks is. Winston-Salem is not a huge college town but it is growing with at least three other colleges and a downtown area. There's definitely a lot of school pride in campus events including athletics. Being here you definitely will be proud to be a Demon Deacon!


When I began receiving information about Wake during my senior year in high school, my very first thought was, "everyone who goes to Wake Forest must be snobby and rich,". The school looked so elite in the brochures, and I thought I didn't have a chance of being accepted. However, I applied anyway and, amazingly, I was accepted. I didn't know of the school's fantastic reputation at first, but once I began telling people that I was accepted, I was quickly schooled on how great of a school Wake is. When I visited the campus for the first time, I knew that I wanted to spend my undergrad years here. Everyone was actually extremely nice; I honestly did not meet a single person-faculty, staff, student, or otherwise-that was not willing to talk to me about the school. I love the close-knit feel of the campus; the student body isn't too large or too small. All of the students here are very academic, but are able to find a good balance of work and play. We have so many fun campus traditions, like Seize the Quad, LoveFeast, and Rolling the Quad. The one thing that troubles me about the school is, however, the financial commitment it requires. I come from a humble background, so paying for my education at Wake has been a struggle at times. Despite this. the financial aid department is extremely helpful in directing you to scholarships and working with your family's finances. Honestly, although Wake is expensive, I feel that you definitely get what you pay for. I 100% believe that I am receiving a top notch, quality education, surrounded by amazingly bright students. Coming out of Wake Forest with a degree will definitely turn a few heads and garner a few respectful head nods!


I think Wake Forest is the perfect balance of several factors that students consider when choosing a college. The size is just right for the student who wants individual attention and small class sizes, but does not want to attend a tiny school where they feel like they know everyone. I have made personal connections with almost all of my professors and I have grown academically through the small class discussions that are typical in classes. However, I have also enjoyed the feeling of being on a decent sized campus and the opportunity to meet new people all of the time. Wake Forest is the perfect mix of the small academic environment and the Division I sports of a large university. I think that this school also allows for students to find balance between school and outside activities. Obviously our academic reputation is stellar and we are commonly referred to as "Work Forest." Academics are a definite emphasis and the work load can be overwhelming. However, there are so many opportunities to get involved on campus and in the community. Most students are involved in at least three activities outside of their school work and they find ways to make time for fun. I have been so grateful for the friends I have made here, who have been understanding whenever I need to cancel a social activity for school work, but are always willing to take fun study breaks.


Like the students it attracts and accepts, Wake is well-rounded. It's small enough to form relationships with professors, to never walk around without seeing someone you know, to guarantee on-campus housing, to network, and to reach any part of campus in under ten minutes . It's big enough to always meet new people, to attract professors highly-involved in the professional world, to compete competitively in sports, to host top graduate programs, and to call Maya Angelou our own. When you say you go to Wake Forest, people are impressed. Oftentimes though, they can't quite remember where it is. That would be Winston-Salem, NC, known for Hanes Brand and tobacco but not known so much as a college town--which is probably one of the main complaints consistently heard from Wake students in addition to the Campus Police's incompetence to deal reasonably and consistently with on-campus drinking. In a most recent discussion with Administration, students complained that if the school wants to move parties safely back to campus, there needs to be a safe, fun place to drink on campus. Impressively, the Administration immediately answered with new social venue, "The Barn"--success to be determined, perhaps. In the meantime, many students enjoy mild socializing in on-campus locations such as Starbucks, dorm lounges and courtyards, as well as my personal favorite hangout: student-run coffee shop, Campus Grounds. There's someplace for everyone--even if it is one of the seven floors of the ZSR library (which is often the case.)


Like the students it attracts and accepts, Wake is well-rounded. It's small enough to form relationships with professors, to never walk around without seeing someone you know, to guarantee on-campus housing, to network, and to reach any part of campus in under ten minutes . It's big enough to always meet new people, to attract professors highly-involved in the professional world, to compete competitively in sports, to host top graduate programs, and to call Maya Angelou our own. When you say you go to Wake Forest, people are impressed. Oftentimes though, they can't quite remember where it is. That would be Winston-Salem, NC, known for Hanes Brand and tobacco but not known so much as a college town--which is probably one of the main complaints consistently heard from Wake students in addition to the Campus Police's incompetence to deal reasonably and consistently with on-campus drinking. In a most recent discussion with Administration, students complained that if the school wants to move parties safely back to campus, there needs to be a safe, fun place to drink on campus. Impressively, the Administration immediately answered with new social venue, "The Barn"--success to be determined, perhaps. In the meantime, many students enjoy mild socializing in on-campus locations such as Starbucks, dorm lounges and courtyards, as well as my personal favorite hangout: student-run coffee shop, Campus Grounds. There's someplace for everyone--even if it is one of the seven floors of the ZSR library (which is often the case.)


Wake is a highly ranked, fairly demanding, and overall good school. It is a relatively small school, which can be a good or bad thing, depending on your perspective. On the one hand, this allows for small classes familiar surroundings. But on the other hand, the school's small size, combined with its location in the suburbs, makes the school feel pretty isolated. Living on campus can feel like living in a bubble at times, so it's recommended that you get off campus pretty often to keep things fresh. It's almost imperative to either own or know someone with a car, as you need one to get around the city. The city, Winston-Salem, is a midsize city with a metropolitan population of about 500,000. There are tons of places to eat, a large mall/many shopping areas, and a nice little downtown. There's not much in the way of nightlife (from what I hear; I'm not into the party scene), but there are tons of parties on campus anyway, so that takes care of itself. Also, the city's within an hour of Charlotte and Greensboro, which are NC's 1st and 3rd largest cities, respectively.


Wake is expensive, but it's worth it. Literally. You come out with a degree that people recognize as extremely hard to get relative to other schools around the world, which translates to greater post-grad opportunities. Winston-Salem is founded on tobacco money. RJ Reynolds is down the street, and the sweet smell of tobacco (not cigarette smoke, but actual tobacco) floats around campus on clear days to remind you where you are. Swimming in the RJ Reynolds fountain, though illegal, is a favorite pastime of graduating seniors. School pride comes and goes. I came the year Chris Paul (2005 NBA Rookie of the Year) had just left the basketball team and many students were disappointed with the lackluster performance of the basketball team. A noticeable disinterest in attending games was known, and pride in the school seemed to have slightly diminished. However, the football team ended up going to the Orange Bowl after having its best season in history, leading to a resurgence in school pride (that would ultimately collapse until the 2008 basketball season when WFU reached #1 in the country for a few days).


Wake is a great size, not too big, not too small. Very good reputation with employers. Winston-Salem sucks, but Wake is it's own little bubble. Beautiful campus. Fun social life if you go Greek. Division I sports. Main complaint of students is the grade deflation and massive amounts of work.


I think Wake is perfect...for a particular person. Many students here enjoy Wake Forest VERY much and I am definitely one of those persons. I really enjoy the workload/social balance that can definitely be a part of your Wake Forest experience. There is also a lot of school pride on campus. Many are very willing to talk about their different experiences on campus and are satisfied with the things they have learned when they leave the campus. I really encourage you though to take a good look at the student body make up as well as the different activities (which are so many) of which you can be a part. Wake is again a GREAT place for many people, but it also isn't for everyone.


Wake is a very good school that many people outside of North Carolina have never heard of. Appearance and reputation are very important to the administration. It is small but it still has the components of a larger school, such as Division 1 athletics and good job placement.


The best thing about Wake is the size. It's big enough so that you can always meet new people but small enough so you don't get lost in a sea of faces. Greek life helps people have a smaller family-type relationship with a sub-group of campus. I am from Connecticut so when I tell people I go to Wake they often want to know where it is and then are surprised that I went so far to go to school. I spend most of my time on campus in class or in Benson. A big controversy on campus is juicycampus.com which is a superficial and cruel website used to spread ridiculous gossip about people. One experience I will always remember will be living on my sorority halls sophomore year because it was where I developed my strongest friendships and it provided the best support system I've ever had. The most frequent student complaints are probably about how expensive things are, how bad the computers are, and how gross the food in the Pit is.


One thing I'd change would be the relationship with the administration. Wake students are very intelligent and have ideas that can actually benefit Wake as a whole. However these ideas cannot be implemented if Wake students don't listen to the administration and work with them to help ensure the students ideas are fulfilled.


I love the school size as it is, but think its terrible Wake is increasing enrollment. It undermines the motto of the school which is "Small in size, big in resources." The current administration doesn't seem to take student opinion into account, but rather is purely doing what will bring in more money.


I had a really hard time deciding where I wanted to go to college. I had no clue about size or location or what I wanted to study, but Wake was definately the perfect choice for me. Greek life is present but not overwhelming. It is very easy to become close to your teachers as opposed to being a face in the crowd. We do not always win in athletics but our school spirit is very fun and exciting. I have also realized that Wake is looked highly upon by the public. I knew that it was a well-known school for academic standards and such, but I have received more compliments on my school choice then I had anticipated. It is the perfect size for me. I am always meeting new people, but I can find friendly faces in the crowd when I walk from class to class. The campus and seasons are beautiful!


The size of Wake is great because you frequently see people you know but are also always meeting new people.


I love that Wake is a small school because it really makes me feel like part of a community. If he school grew in number significantly, it would not have the same atmosphere. When I tell people I go to Wake, they are usually impressed by the academic standing of the school. I spend most of my time on campus in my dorm. Winston-Salem is not a college town and most students stay inside the "Wake bubble" all year, which I think can make some people forget about the outside world and world matters that are more important than campus gossip. I think there is school pride, but not enough to go to free campus events that Student Union organizes. Most students do not take advantage of fun things on campus. The most frequent student complaints are about the poor food quality at the Pit, the plan to make Wake a larger university and the odd hours of operation at school stores and Benson.


Wake is a really good school all around. We have top-notch classes and professors with small class sizes. You can easily reach your teachers through email or during their office hours and most of them know you by name. Winston-Salem isn't really a college town but there is a pretty good mall, a couple movie theaters, and a lot of restaurants. The Greek life is the highlight of Wake as almost every night,especially Wednesdays and the weekends, there is a frat party to go to or a sorority function or fund raiser.


Wake is a great school. I feel like its the perfect size. You are going to see at least a few people you know every time you walk to class. Its not so small that it feels smothering and you only see the same people. As a college town Winston-Salem is mediocre. The school has been buying out the college bars, which makes it a little more difficult to enjoy the bar scene, but there are tons of good restaurants, in addition to a nice movie theater, etc. Like I mentioned earlier, Wake is buying up a lot of the college bars, which does not make the administration too popular with the students. President Hatch used to be the Chaplain at Notre Dame and he has some pretty outdated notions about drinking and Greek Life. However, despite the administration, Wake is still a really great school, and a person can really have a fantastic college experience here.


The best thing about what is the professors. They are willing to go out of their way to help you with anything--coming up wiht paper topics, helping you find sources (even for other classes), even suggestions for careers. Also, the internet is really reliable, strong, and consistantly available all over campus. I wish we had other social activities available besides Greek-related events. I also wish the meal plans/food and the dorms were better. Both completely suck. I like the size, but some think it's too small. I just think it's nice to know such a huge percentage of the student population. When I tell people I go to wake, about 1/2 say they've never heard of it. Another 1/4 say something about our sports and how we used to be good but they have been disappointed in us recently. Another 1/4 comment on how good the academics are reputed to be. On campus, I spend most of my time in my room or in the library studying. At leat 6 hours a night, Id say.


Size is great because you can know a decent portion of the school but you still see people on a daily basis that you have never seen before. School is hard, they don't call it "Work Forest" for nothing, but it really just comes down to actually doing what you need to do. If you do your work, there is really no reason that a person can't handle it. My biggest problem with Wake is the money problems the school has been having because our endowment is so small. Well if this is true, then the school needs to stop with the random other programs. Example: a daycare for students' and teachers' kids would be great, yes, but we have survived this long without it and we have bigger fish to fry.


Wake is amazing because of its combination of big school (research opportunities, Div. I sports) and little school opportunities (smaller classes taught by professors, not TAs). Sometimes the small school aspect is limiting when it comes to picking classes, as some are only offered once a year. I can't imagine going anywhere larger though, where I would be a number, because I wouldn't think that the motivation to get work done would be as great as it is here. People are usually impressed when they hear that I go to Wake, because they've heard the name, but also tend to ask me general questions (where is it? how many kids go there?) because they don't actually know much about the school itself. Socially, I hang around on campus or at fraternity parties mostly-- pledge drivers make transportation much safer since I don't have to worry about drunk drivers or waiting and paying for a cab. Winston-Salem really embraces Wake as one of its central attractions, but there definitely is enough to do off campus as well (arts district downtown, close distance to Greensboro/Charlotte/Chapel Hill/Raleigh/Durham). Wake's administration isn't dealing with registration times as well as any of us would like; the amount of divisionals we have to take also means that most of us are taking summer school, essentially paying for extra semesters of college. There is a lot of school pride-- most noticeable last year when we went to the Orange Bowl and this year when we beat Duke. Rolling the Quad and mudslidding are rites of passage for the ardent fan.


Best thing= people are so curteous and polite and friendly. The size is perfect because everyday you will see someone you know but also meet new people. People don't really knw wake very well up north, where im from, but it is starting to become better recognized. I spend most of my time doing work, in benson university center, the gym, the quad, the library, my room, or the food places. There is a lot of school pride here- everyone is so school spirited, we all love the deacon and going to athletic events is awesome because everyone is there and everyone really cares about how well we do. Were also sometimes on espn!!


Wake is just perfect. It is a small enough school that you recognize faces wherever you go but don't really run out of new people to meet either. It has a very homey feel and you know you'll always see someone you know out and about. Even though it's a small school it has the feel of a state school in the sense that there are excellent sports programs which are well supported by the student body. You're definitely not missing out on D1 sports by going to wake. The professors are so willing to help, and the student-faculty ratio is also perfect. You get to know people in your class as well as your professors if you make the effort. There's always something to do whether it's through student union or another club or organization of your choosing. It's also impressive to be able to say "I go to Wake." It's a renowned school with a great reputation!


I would change that the school is trying to hide that the social life is dominated by Greek life. I would also change that they are increasing enrollment by eighty students next year. I would hope that the school would start to supply transportation to football games that actually was worth taking. When I tell people I go to Wake they are amazed because it has a great reputation.


I think that it is too small, but I thought that when I chose to come here. I like that the school is focused on the students, and the undergraduate experience. I like the idea of the thinkpad program, but not the actual thinkpads Winston-Salem isn't a college town, there is no argument about that. The school is too small and the town is too big. On the bright side, the cities and the people of W-S and Wake Forest get along. I am from Michigan, so either the reaction when I say I go to Wake is "oh... where is that again...? don't they have a good basketball or football team or something?" or you can tell that have connections in the south, and it immediately clicks, and they are like "oh! really! wow! that is a good school. i never hear of people going there" I think that most of the "issues" on campus are all things that are issues at every school. "We want a bigger gym"- who doesn't. "the administration doesn't care"- you can't please 4000 people at the same time. etc.


We're a ridiculously Greek campus, I heartily enjoy it but you of course have to take it with a grain of salt, there are some people who throw themselves into this stuff WAY too hard.


Wake is great, it's small (sometimes I feel like I know too many people but there's always new people to meet). It has all the benefits of a small school with all the resources, and reputation and big sports teams of a larger school.


Our school is the perfect size. The kids are smart and motivated. I always get positive reactions when I tell people I am a Wake student. Winston-Salem isn't a particularly amazing city, but going downtown on the weekends can be fun, especially if you are 21 and can go to bars. Wake has tons of school pride. The only things that can be said negatively are that the gym is too small and there isn't always enough parking.


Wake never seemed small to me until this year, Senior Year. I am officially ready to move on now but I think that's a good thing. I feel prepared for the real world. One thing I would change about Wake is its location. Winston-Salem is a strange city and not really geared towards college kids.


its relativly small which is nice. i went to other schools to visit friends and i just felt myself overwhelmed. my boyfriend once described wake as "america at disney's epcot". it has a very homey feel.


Wake is the only college I applied to, and I have never questioned my decision (this was thanks to the early decision-single choice application they offer, if you love it here, do it!! Makes senior year a breeze ;-)) The size right now is a little more than 4,000 students, but they are implementing a plan to grow a couple thousand over the next few years. Personally, I think the size is great. It is big enough that you do not know everybody, but you can't go anywhere without seeing people you know (which I suppose could be considered a downside at times). Before you even get a chance to get sick of this, though, it's your junior year, which is when most people choose to go abroad. Spring at Wake is amazing, with lots of stuff going on (including lots of day drinking on the weekends) so most people go abroad in the Fall (sororities and fraternities are really really big here, too, and the new pledge classes are selected in the spring--even more reason to be on campus). Wake is a really good school, and people across the country are definitely starting to take notice. When I first started at Wake, people recognized the name because of our basketball program and Chris Paul, but the academics are getting more and more notice now. People definitely do not seem to have trouble getting jobs right out of college. Wake doesn't have the greatest nightlife outside of our "bubble" if you are underage. There were 3 bars that fraternities have parties at at least once a week, but Wake bought them up this year, so it's not entirely clear what will be going on there. For those of age, there are some very popular bars that are popular pretty much every night of the week in case you finish that homework early. Overall, people who go to Wake, absolutely love it. You have to suffer through a lot of papers, tests, and presentations, but the fun you have with all your friends when the work is done (or when you can afford to push it off) makes it all totally worth it.


Winston Salem is no college town. I actually like winston and have some favorite haunts (of course, I will be out of here five seconds after graduation), but wake campus is a bubble, and very few students venture out and explore the town. There are some really cool bars and restaurants; being 21 and having a car certainly helps. You just need to take some time to explore. I'm pleased that wake is moving to reach out to the community more and is going to be developing parts of the town. It'll be really good for both the town and school. I'm so frustrated with the administration. They are draining the pocket books of all the students, when they should make greater fund raising efforts. If the revenue for a new project doesn't exist, then don't irresponsibly charge the students as a way to mobilize it! How will we ever increase the socio-economic diversity of the school if we keep dramatically rising costs?! It isn't just tuition; it's even parking and student health!


If I could change some things about Wake I would add more food options on campus and I would also make the dorms nicer (larger rooms, etc.).


The best thing about Wake is the size. We're small, but I love it because we still have all the resources of a huge state school. People are usually surprised and excited for me when I say that I go to Wake -- they're impressed. We don't really have a college town, but I like that. Wake is sometimes known as "the bubble," but that's not necessarily a bad thing.


The best thing about Wake I think are the people that I have met here and also the reputation for excellence. I would change our stereotypes and make our reputation for turning out great students/people way more prevalent - I had no idea about it as an incoming freshman. Wake's size is just right. When I tell people I go to Wake, people have either never heard of it, or are a little impressed. I spend most of my time either in the theatre, in the library or in my room. Wake's biggest recent controversy is moving the faculty off campus and using the apartments for students. There is a lot of school pride, but we do it in a classy way. The unusual thing about Wake is that we roll our own quad when we win games, esp. big ones *cough*DUKE*cough*. I will always remember my first day on Wake's campus and the day I decided to come here.


The best thing about Wake is the feeling obtained from the small environment. The undergraduate population is perfect so that there isn't an overwhelming number of students on campus, but you can still walk to class and recognize most, if not all, of the students you pass by. Wake is a well-known institution in most parts of the country, which is amazing for a pretty small school. The crime rate is ridiculously low, so I always feel safe walking around campus, even when I'm alone at night. Everyone loves the Demon Deacons, so such a strong feeling of school spirit gives the school an even better atmosphere. The only complaint about Wake that I have so far is that there is no college town, so eating or shopping off campus is always a car ride away.


best thing: education and the people; I would change the dining, we need more than just the pit and benson; our school is just the right size; people react by saying they don't know Wake but it sounds great; most of time on campus spent in class, library, or pit; "what college town"; wake admin is good but they messed up the faculty housing a lot; recent controversy is the faculty housing poorly done by the admin; lots of school pride but also think that wake kicks your butt academically; nothing unusual comes to mind; I'll always remember by freshman RA and fraternity beach weekends and seeing my first confederate flag; most common student complaints are that it's too hard and that they take your money from you but I think that it's good Wake is hard and it has to be expensive to be good


I spend most of my time in Benson, the student center. It's awesome because so many people walk through so I can be social, but at the same time I get a lot of work accomplished. It's right by food (which is a HUGE plus for me!) and in the center of all of my classes. Benson is a great place to meet up and hang out, in addition to be serious and productive.


I love the school pride and the fact that mostly all Wake students seem to really love Wake and everything about it...also love the small size and the geographic diversity being located in the South yet attracting students from all over the country...Bigtime sports is also a big reason why I love Wake...When i tell people I go to Wake they are normally either confused because they have never heard of it or really impressed because they have heard of it...I wouldn't call Winston-Salem a "college town" but I definitely enjoy going off campus to different restaurants and bars, it does have a lot to offer if you explore it.


considering how much we pay to go here, wake could improve a lot of things. they definitely need to get another shuttle. the dorm rooms are wayyy to small. i know the location is good and the fact that theyre 25+ years old, but they are still horribly tiny. most people are generally impressed when i say i go to wake. winston salem kind of blows since wake is buying all the bars we have. they want us to stay here but they dont want us to have fun. they dont want us to party off campus, but when frats have lounge parties they LOVE to bust them.


Best thing: Small southern school Wake: mixed reactions: "That's a wonderful school" to "I'm sorry, where?" If you don't have a car or know someone who does, it's almost impossible to get off campus. Absolutely terrible, unorganized, financial department. Recent controversy: Naked picture of Riley Skinner


I LOVE WAKE! Everyone is very nice. I think that the size is perfect because I am always meeting new people, but I also like going to any class and knowing at least one person. The class sizes are small, which is great because you really get to know your classmates and your teachers. It is so convenient that we all get computers because IS and the RTA's know how to fix everything. I spend most of my time on campus in classrooms, the library, in Benson (the student center), or in friends' rooms. There is a lot of school pride and the football games are so much fun! The entire school tailgates in a huge parking lot before every game. The most recent controversy on campus was that Faculty Apartments are becoming student dorms, which was a bummer for the faculty, but great for the students. There are a lot of fun events put on by Student Union and Student Government, like the free carnival, Shag on the Mag, and the President's Ball. The biggest student complaint is that there is not enough parking on campus, but to be honest, even the free lot off campus is closer than parking at most state schools.


Wake is not in a college town. It's in a business area, and while there are good restaurants and bars scattered sparinglny, Winston-Salem is not a town that caters to the college student.


The best thing about Wake is the accessability of my teachers. With my small class sizes, my teachers always know my name. Unfortunately, one thing that I would change about this, though, is that sometimes in an effort to maintain small class sizes, it's hard to get into the classes you want because they cap them off so low. I think the size of Wake is just right. It seems like there are two categories of school sizes, 1000-3000, and 6000-8000 (small school and large school). It is not often that you find a school of 4000-5000 students. I spend most of my time either in my room or in the library because of the amount of hours I need to spend studying. There is no "college-town" per say, although the city of winston-salem has some great restaurants if you can get off campus to explore. Wake's administration is pretty controversial. There has been a lot of controversy lately over the use of faculty housing to house the surpluss of students that have been accepted into the upcoming class. The administration gave faculty until the end of the semester to find new housing, without giving appropriate compensation for the eviction. I am sure that I do not know the details of this problem, but the adminstration is not very helpful in informing the students of their actions. As far as school pride goes, it's pretty divided. Screamin' Deamons have a lot of pride in Wake's teams, but those who are not screamin' deamons tend to only go to the games against big rivals.