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Something that is very unique about Walsh University is the fact that it is a very small school. Compared to many of the other schools I looked at, Walsh has fantastic conseling services. As a student i receive a personal counselor for the entirety of my academic years. I can make an appointment with them however many times I need to. Also, I like how faith plays a part of all classes at the university. The professors faith, along with the students faith allows everyone to not only enjoy there time, but learn a great amount.


They offer a Museum Studies program.


Walsh University is very unique in its own way. It is very family and community orientated. Alot of the social life is held right on campus in our small town and is very open to anyone joining in. The professors here are very helpful and professional at their work. They are some of the best to learn from. The university really makes everyone feel as if they are apart of a family.


This school is small and even though it is in the middle of nowhere, there is still places to go around it. There is about every food place around here, a mall, and right across the street is giant eagle, an ice cream place, and fast food places. During the week, this school plans activities for everyone to be involved in which is fantastic when looking for something to do. Also, this school has two gyms to work out in and a variety of clubs that plan all the activites to do on campus.


There is a lot of diversity here at Walsh. Also, everyone is very friendly and helpful. Walsh has an awsome tutoring center for educational help!


I feel that what makes Walsh University unique is that there is a small sense of a city atmosphere. There are many local stores and resturaunts to attend. Yet, at the same time, Walsh is very small, and there is a close-knit, family feel to the university.


What I feel is unique about Walsh is the diversity. My college is very welcoming to anyone. There is a wide variety of foreign exchange students that come to this school which makes it very cool. I like being able to meet other students from other countries and learn more about them. Also, this college is a very small private college that is growing more and more each year. Their is a 20:1 ratio of students per classroom with one teacher. I love the fact that I am considered a face and not just a number.


Walsh University is unique because it has a smaller student-faculty ratio in the classes and you are automatically accepted into the nursing program and do not have to apply.


Walsh is a catholic university but they are very open to all religions and we have a very diverse population. It is always interesting to listen to other stuendents ways of life, for example I got to know an afghanistan student and I feel he amazed me by explaining just how different life is for him and I ( when he would return home) Walsh brings all different bodies of students together to help create well rounded and cultured individuals.


My school has small classes with a variety of teachers for each subject.


Small class sizes, how friendly the people are and how much the school cares about you as an individual.


I think that the easy accessability of our professors is a unique quality that my school has. Also, the smaller, more personable class sizes is another unique quality. Another aspect that is unique is that none of the campus housing has a community bathroom which is different from a lot of schools.


The variety of the student body and the faculty. The size is also very unique. It allows for most everyone to know everyone else. The pride the students possess of Wlash University is also great. Students are proud to be apart of the limited Walsh community.


Walsh is a very friendly place to study. They are open and welcoming. As soon as I walked on campus I felt at home with the students and faculty. The small classes allow for professors to get to know you, and they show concern about your success. There is a focus on Catholic teaching but yet they do not force religion on any student. Walsh is place that allows students to express themselves and they provide the tools needed to succeed in life and in your career.


Walsh is unique in the fact that no class has more than around 20 students in any given classroom so the faculty is able to give each srudent the individual attention that he or she needs.