Wartburg College Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


This school is best known for its biology and music programs, along with a strong German heritage and affiliation with the Lutheran church.


Wartburg College is best known for its success in all areas and developing educated, well-rounded graduates. From an outstanding biology program, to a stellar music department, to winning wrestling National Championships for several years straight, Wartburg College has students who are extremely competitive and want to be the best in whatever they do. Wartburg College is also dedicated to the community and places emphasis on community service and giving back. Wartburg College can be proud of the legacy it has, and students are definitely proud to be called a Knight.


Our school is best known for our academic and athletic success. We have one of the best pre-med programs in the Midwest, and we also thrive in the Business department. We also are very well-known for our athletic successes, as we continually compete for national championships at the Division III level. In fact, last year we became the first NCAA school to win two national championships on the same day (wrestling, track and field).


Wartburg college is best known for carrying out the four pillars of our mission statement: Faith, leadership, service, and learning. Throughout a student's educational career at Wartburg they will develop skills and knowledge in all of these categories. I believe that all four of these are essential to leading a successful career and being well-rounded and knowledgable.


Wartburg College is best known for their Liberal Arts program. Wartburg believe that their students will be more successful with a superior education. At Wartburg we focus on communication skills, writing techniques, and developing the knowledge to think critically. Wartburg College prepares their students to over challenges/obstacles. They also prepare their student throughout the job process, such as interviews, dressing professionally, be able to communicate and respond to questions to the best of our ability. My school is also known for sports, such as being national champs in track in field. Wartburg College is preparing me for my future.


Wartburg College is known for it's amazing Liberal Arts program. It has a very strong music department, as well as strong departments for the other arts. In fact, Wartburg College has strong departments in every subject. It's athletic program and teams do very good job, but scholarships aren't available for athleticism because Wartburg College is a college that's primarily focused on Liberal/Fine Arts.


Wartburg is best known for its music programs. Christmas with Wartburg is a must see.