Wartburg College Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


The best advice I can give to people looking at colleges is to visit them whenever possible. Many of the schools that I thought I would end up at were quickly ruled out when I went to see them, and the minute I set foot on my campus, I knew that was where I would end up. There is a sort of feeling that really helps you decide whether or not you fit there. Also, it really helps to narrow it down. Looking at eight or nine schools is probably unrealistic for many people, so pick a few favorites and visit those. Don't be afraid to go far away! With transportation and communication in the present times, it is easy to keep in touch with people from home while going to a school that suits you more than one close to home would. Be bold, keep your options open, and look everywhere!


Don't think of who you are at 18 but who you want to be at 22. If I woul have thought about this more clearly and specifically, I probably would have chosen a different school in a different setting.


I would tell prospective students/parents of students that finding the right college isn't just about finding answers to specific quetsions. A great college will answer those questions and leave you thinking of all of the possibilities that you didn't think to ask about. College is the time in a person's life to comfortably seek out answers to life's toughest questions, while still having somewhat of a "safety net." Throughout the college years, students will learn to become independent, and it is essential to find the college that will adequately do that for the student. Each student that applies for college is as unique as the college itself, so some colleges won't be the best for everybody. Take the time to investigate various possibilities, and decide together whether or not a college will be able to provide those things for that individual.


The biggest thing is to get to the campus and see it for youself. Try and meet some of the professors in your area, coaches or extracurricular leaders to get a feel for what else is offered on your campus. Money is important to consider, but if you're not happy, is it really worth saving a few thousand dollars? You have find what feels right. You're going to be living there at least part time for a few years, so you should be comfortable and happy with your new home.


There are several things I would tell parents and students seeking the right college "fit." I would encourage students to contact alumni of their favorite schools and see what they have to say about their experiences. I think understanding the students' points of view is very important in the decision process. Also, I think students and parents should go online to the colleges' websites and research the academic programs and social activities available. It is important that the school not only have the major or subject the student is interested in, but that is also has plenty of activities or clubs to keep the student engaged and enjoying the college experience. Lastly, I would suggest making an actual visit to the student's favorite colleges. This helps the student see what the environment is like there, and also possibly experience an actual class. The parent also gets to see what the environment is like, and it will put their mind at ease about their child going off on their own, usually for the first time. Once the student finds the right college, I would encourage him to apply early, get in contact with his future roommate, and try new experiences.


Make sure to keep your options open and don't commit to one college until you have seen a variety of schools. Make friends with people right away and don't don't don't be shy.


When choosing a college, it's important to focus on what you feel works the best for you. Work well in small groups? A smaller college could be right for you. Love to be the life of a group? Maybe a larger school is your choice. The important thing is to choose where you will feel the most happy and comfortable. Don't choose a school based on what others want FOR you. Focus on their academic merits, as well as the atmosphere on the campus. When you get to college, don't hole up in your room--go out and meet people! Hopefully your school will offer lots of orientation activities. Also, get to know people in your classes. Often times, people who are in the same major can become really great friends, not to mention resources for homework help or just a sounding board for your ideas. Also, sign up for activites! It's easier to say no to an activity if you don't have time than it is to get involved after the school year is underway. And the most important thing is to just have fun... this is the time you'll remember forever.


Take your time and dont rush. Just because your friends are goin there does not mean that you have to. It is a personal choice and if it's right, then you will feel it. It should feel at home.


Visit as many colleges as you need to to make sure you find the right college. You will be there for four years so you want to find the one that makes you feel at home. Find out as much as you can about each college you visit. Find at least one unique thing about each college. That might help you decide which one is the right fit. Get involved as much as you can, but don't let it interfere with your studies. Getting involved will help you meet new people, but also open you up to different things and opportunities. Try new things that you would never try. You might end up loving it, but you also might hate. That's part of the fun of finding out who you really are. Don't be afraid to take those new risks because they might be worth the risk. The most important part is to find the college that will let you be yourself.


Parents, be supportive of your children. Let them be themselves and understand that they are now adults and responsible for their own actions. I would tell other students that it is important to visit different colleges to get a feel for what is best for you. Do not room with your friends from high school. To make the best out of your college experience, I think it is very important to study hard, but also allow time for a social life.


Don't be too worried about finding a job or how you'll make a living after college. It seems counterintuitive, but it's more important to just think about what you will find interesting and stimulating over the next several years; an environment that will push you to become your best you; and participate in activities that capitalize on your skills and talents and worry about the next step when you come to it. The right job for you exists. Focus on your personal growth, and, when you graduate, you'll be ready for it. And you'll be able to enjoy yourself along the way.


How do I find the right school? This was a question millions of students struggle with. What it really comes down to is deciding what kind of person you want to become, and finding a school that will support that. When I was searching for a college I knew I wanted to be someone who was engaged in the world at large. Then I searched for schools whose values matched mine. What college you decide to attend will ultimately change your life; So don't just look at where your friends are, or what will be easy. Look at what school will support you in who and what you want to be. Once you get to that college make the decision to put yourself out there and really plug in to the opportunities available to you. The more activities you become involved with, and the more people you meet who share your interests, will help determine how much you'll get out of your college years. Also make sure to take time to reflect on what you want out of your experience. If you don't know what you want, you probably won't get it.


I would tell them that they need to do some research and look around at everything and everything. The more you look into each college the better choice will be made. One key thing that helped me figure out what college was the right one was visiting the college. I wanted to make sure I was comfortable on the campus. I also took the change of staying on campus over night, so I could make sure everything was nice on campus and I was able to have a good night sleep.


Research and spend some time on campus and visiting with students and professors.


Find a place where you feel comfortable on the campus and you will fit right in!


I think it's important to visit the school more than once. I also think prospective students should take the time to observe in the areas they are interested, if possible. Attend a rehearsal of a music ensemble. Watch an athletic practice. Talk to the coaches and teachers involved in the extracurricular activities. Eat a meal on campus. Tour the dorms as well. I think it's also important to visit with alumni from the school if possible, to inquire about their experience at the school. There were several students from my home town who attended Wartburg, and I got a great feel for the college by listening to their experiences. Once you arrive on the campus of your choice, it's important to seek out the activities/groups that interest you. If you don't get involved in the campus life, you will be lonely and miss out on all that the school has to offer. Take some risks and venture into activities you might not have experienced in high school. It can make your college experience one you will never forget.