Wartburg College Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


The best thing about my school is the family-like atmosphere. Almost everyone on campus knows one another by name or they try to get to know each other. Wartburg feels like a home away from home because people here are very close. It is a small campus, so, there are a lot of relationships between people. Administration, staff, faculty, and students come together and help those who need it. I love feeling like part of one big community, instead of just another student at a school. Wartburg acknowledges everyone!


Wartburg is a very supportive and helpful community. With the low faculty to student ratio, students receive a more individualized experience and get to know their professors. As a first year, I felt that I had support from many different sources of support available including a student mentor from Wartburg's College Achievement Program, Pathways tutoring services, Student Intruction sessions for classes, and a student tutor who was designated to a specific class I was in. I always feel that there will always be help on campus if I need it.


I believe that the best thing at my school are the teachers and their ability to work with each student independently. They show great care and respect to every student. They also do a great job at helping and explaining everything.


I love that the programs often allow you to get experience in the field even during your first year. Education majors have field experience even during the first semester. I will begin observing a music therapy session starting tomorrow as well. I'm glad they allow this because at other colleges I wouldn't be taking music therapy courses until my junior year. This way I am able to see if I love the major I picked or whether I should keep exploring early on.


I believe that the best thing about my school, Wartburg College is the people who attend and work here. They are kind-hearted individuals who truly care for each individuals success at this school. They would do anything for any student; whether it be extra tutoring hours, staying late after practice, or someone to talk to all staff care for each individual as if they were their own child.


The classes at this school


The best part about Wartburg is that everyone is friendly, its like you leave home to go be with a bigger different family. Everyone at Wartburg is like a family. Strangers say hi, and you get to know lots of people.


The best thing about Wartburg College is the student-professor relationships formed both in and out of the classroom. Even from the first time I visited Wartburg, I could tell that the professors were committed to the students to an extent I've not seen anywhere else. I like that my professors want to know who I am not only as a student but as a person. The professors I've gotten close to have become adult mentors to me. I feel like I can go to them about anything, and as a Freshman I believe that's critical.


Small size. The professors get to know the students better at this small liberal arts college than at the large state universites.


I believe the best thing about Wartburg College is its size. The college isn't a big university. It is fairly small. In my opinion this is a good thing. At bigger universities, the students become numbers. But at Wartburg, every student is given the attention they need or want. Most professors know everyone by name, whether it be in class or in the hallways. The professors take time to get to know everyone and are there to help when ever anyone needs it.


The friendly, small-town atmosphere and the very welcoming attitude of people on campus.


It has small, but desireable campus. It only takes about 5 minutes of walking to get from one end to the other. It also has the conveniency of a skywalk system.


The best thing about the school is how close everything is and the small size of classrooms. It is an easy 3 minute walk to all classes and classes dont have many people in them . The advisors are really good in talkin to us as students often and you can go to them for any problem.


It's a tie between the atmosphere and May Term. The atmosphere because the people are so welcoming and open, with little drama or competition, that fosters personal growth and development. May term because it provides incredible opportunities the learn in new environments.