Washington and Lee University Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


The school is very homegenous in what student like to do on weekends (partying), it is hard to find others who want to go into the nearby mountians or do outdoor activities.


Because there are students at Washington and Lee who come from the upper classes, there is a tendency of arrogance and apathy about the student body that can make it hard to get things done. Those students do not participate in fundraisers or charity events, and usually spend most of their time focusing on their personal goals. Not that personal goals are a bad thing, but it is leading to a lack of overall school spirit.


The worst thing about my school is the dominance of Greek life over social life here along with the importance of alcohol and going out to party.


So much of my school is centered around partying and Greek life. It is very hard for people who choose not to go Greek because almost 85% of students are in the Greek system. Parties happen every night and some kids party way too hard. These students often interfere with studying and make the school look bad in that aspect. I wish less emphasis was put on partying and more on how academically challenging it is to attend my school.


The pervasive Greek system. It generates horrid gender relations and a social hierarchy I was expecting to leave behind from high school.


Very little student dialogue concerning diversity issues. W&L's honor code comes off as insensibly black and white; its not tempered by rationality and common sense. While is does offer a small selection of specialties, the psych department prepares students for research rather than clinical work. The school is in such a small town unless you have a car anything, go any where and take advntage of potential opportunities is difficult. Town & School homogeneity make it difficult to get your ethnic needs met, such as finding some one to do hair, and purchasing adequate hair care products.