Wayne State University Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


Culturally, Wayne State is best known for being in the heart of Detroit. On campus there is a juxtaposition of poverty and wealth. Across the street from campus in one direction lies the Detroit Institute of Arts. In another direction there lies an abandoned building that looks as though it should be condemned. This creates a fantastic opportunity to bring education and light to an otherwise dark city.


Our research is rated Carnegie one meaning top research in michigan passing Michigan and Michigan State.


Its not really a campus tradition but I go to the Mort Harris RFC every day and workout. I also teach yoga in the residence halls.


I always enjoy the spirit days, when everyone shows their Wayne State pride! Everyone is out, different organizations, dance groups, ballons, banners, ect! It is so fun to walk around and see what Wayne State has to offer, and not to mention free things they have are awesome too!


Wayne State is probably best known for its academics, although the football team was sixth in th nation early on in the season.


Outstanding law, education and nursing programs.


Our school is best known for our Music Program, Medical Program, Law Program and football.


Wayne State University is best known for its expertise in and encouraging research. It is one of the most notorious public research universities in Michigan.


My school is best known for both its campus life and its success rate. Wayne State Univeristy has a very diverse campus life. There are people coming from all over the world to attend Wayne State University. The success rate at my school is very high. I think that there is a 75 percent success rate at Wayne State University. I love my school for both of these reasons. These reasons are why I decided to attend Wayne State University.


Wayne State University is best known for its highly acclaimed research, along with its Medical School and Pharmacy School. My school is also known for its diversity and culture, for it is located in the heart and center of the city of Detroit, Michigan.


Business degree


Diversity and an urban environment, I would say. It has a good law school for those looking to practice law in Michigan as well




Wayne State University is best known for it's law, engineering, and medical/health related programs. These programs have a good reputation and continue to carry them. Wayne State is also known for its involvement in the community. Various groups are always doing something to help the community whether it's meals on wheels or picking up trash. Students also volunteer at local public schools to tutor reading to elementary children.


Consistently rising tuition costs and a relatively high crime rate. Also, many pre-med and pre-law go here because it is cheaper than most major universities and offers a decent reputation.


Wayne State is best known for their school of medicine, which is located at the largest medical facility in the state of Michigan, the Detroit Medical Center. In my field of music education, Wayne State graduates the second highest number of music educators in the state, compared to Michigan State University. We are also known for working side by side with the top professionals in our field. The location itself also allows a mixture of many different races and cultures, making us the most multicultural school in the state of Michigan.


Wayne State University is best known for its medical school and location near the Detroit Medical Center.


Law and Medical graduates


My school is best known for the city it is located in, Detroit.


Racial diversity.


Medicine and Research


Wayne State is probably not known for their sports teams, but rather their acedemics. Classes are not easy, and there is alot of work that is needed in order to do good in a class. Wayne is also well known for how diverse it is, people realize on their first day of school how different it is from where they used to go.


My school is best known for there law program


Wayne State University is best known for Research. Our Engineering school, and the country know us as the University that "Lives in the Center of it All"