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Wayne State University is unique in that it has such an eclectic and diverse school population and amidst the bankruptcy and poverty, there is a student community that is thriving and willing to bring back the beauty and toughness of Detroit.


My school has a small farmer's market on the school's ground, along with a few other shops, including a flower shop. Also, it is directly across the street from a Public Library, so if you can't find what you are looking for in the school's library have no fear the Main Detroit Public Library is near. Lastly, it is in walking distance from the Detroit Art institution, Detroit Science Center, Charles H. Wright Museum, The Fox Theatre, The Tigers Baseball stadium, Ford Field - home of the Lions, downtown Detroit and much more.


What's unique here at WSU is the atmosphere of being downtown. I love how I have things like the bookstore close to my classes. I also like that I can receive help from the academic success center.


My school was in an urban setting. So as opposed to being in a small college town my school was in the heart of the city.


The most unique factor about Wayne State University is the diversity amongst my peers. Walking into Wayne State is like taking a trip around the world. Everywhere I turn I experience a new culture and country. We have people from all over the world here, just by holding a simple conversation you can learn something you may never of learned of before. Wayne State is the heart of Detroit Michigan and we are surrounded by the city and urban lifestyle.


Most of the students here are commuters, and there are a high proportion of graduate students.


Wayne State is in the middle of Detroit, this provides a unique learning experience because when you are on campus it is as if you are in a small town where everyone knows everyone else, but when you leave campus you are in a large urban environment.


One thing I really love is during the Spring when all the flowers and trees bloom, campus is BEAUTIFUL! It is honestly my favorite part of the day to walk down Cass and just look at all the trees and flowers opening up in the sun. It's funny how everyone stereotypes Detroit to be "dangerous" but really Wayne State is a lot more gorgeous then my hometown.


My school has a farely big campus, but a small campus feel. Most buildings are within walking distance of the dorms. The school is located in Midtown which has some nice extras to offer. You can walk to the Detroit Institute of Arts. There are concert theatres you can get to in 5 minutes or less by car. I love that there is always something to do.


I considered going to Eastern Michigan Univesity but instea I chos Wayne because the tuition is more affordable. Its closer to home and I wouldnt have to live on campus.


My school is the best known Medical School in Michigan. Also my school Has a diverse community of students, which allows for a broader understanding of other ethnic backgrounds and traditions.


Wayne State University has many commuter students, and many older students. I fit into both of these categories. Since Wayne has a large population of people going back to school in their 30's, the professors are understanding and willing to help. Wayne State University is also one of the only Universities left in my area that offers a Classics Greek and Latin program, which is my major.


Wayne State was close enough to home that I could visit when I want to, but far enough away that I could be on my own. It is world renowned in the sciences and health professions, making it a valuable destination for any future health care professional. As a pharmacy student, Wayne State offered me the opportunity for early admittance and the ability to study surrounded by premier medical facilities. The area surrounding Wayne State has a multitude of professional and social opportunites. It is such a great area to live in.




Wayne state university has a lot of cultural, ethnicc, and political diversity. And they encourage it, no one will try and make you suppress your opinion. Its almost like a comnnunity college, becasue everyone is so close. The school is located i the middle of a very rich, and diverse neighborhood. Some people say that its not saf here, but then again, bad thinga can happen anywhere, it just depends on you luck. Overall this school has teh most to offer through its diverse faculty. The more diverse the faculty the batter persepective teh students gte, they get .


the availibility of many different kinds of programs really got my attention at WSU. WSU has a program for almost anyone. The commute back and forth is reasonable and is not as expensive as university of michigan or university of detroit mercy.


Very Racially Diverse


At Wayne State University, advisors are always there for the students.


It is diverse and inexpensive. It is easily acessable for commuters.


I've been to a lot of campuses, and attended the University of Michigan - Dearborn, but Wayne State University is the epitome of the underdog. The schooling there is comparable or better than almost every school in Michigan. If I gave ANY schools the advantage in comparison, I'd say State of UMAA. It's the nicest, most upbeat, most progressive, most down-to-earth campus I've ever attended. (UM - Dearborn, in contrast, was filled with unhelpful bureaucrats who ALWAYS messed up financial aid and credits and people that thought they were better than everyone else.)


Because Wayne State University is in Detroit, there are many cultural experiences. Also, being located downtown, Comerica Park, Ford Field, The State Theatre, as well as the Majestic are all conveniently located for entertainment purposes. I also feel that the faculty takes my progress to heart; they genuinely care about me.


It's in Detroit, a close campus, so not too much walking.


It's small enough to fit the needs of students that like a comfortable atmosphere.


Wayne State is really diverse. The diversity of the people can teach you so many new and interesting things and may even be helpful if applied to your area of study.


My school is unique, since I started out in a community college. Wayne State is much bigger.


It has an awesome medical program.


Wayne State is extremely diverse. There are opportunities to interact with students from all ethnic backgrounds and races. Its setting in an urban environment also provides opportunity to interact with city residents, and to feel a part of the Detroit community.


I believe that Wayne State University is unique because of its location in the heart of Downtown Detroit. Many college campuses I have visited are located in areas that have only developed due to the location of the school, whereas Wayne State is in such a well developed city that there is always something going on, or something to see.