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Do you feel like you changed a lot?

Yes and no. College is a brand new experience in many different ways. You no longer have the comfort of knowing everyone in your classes. Your old friends go to different schools and unless you are very close and can't live without them, you don't talk. That part is sad, losing people that meant so much to you before. But the good part is you make many different kinds of friends, ones that don't just live around the block, but ones that are from all over the country. Another thing that changed for me was my priorites. Getting a job on campus really pushes me to do good in school and make sure I am always there at work. College life is a lot more busy then high school life. But I think all the changes I made were really important for me because I am finding out I can do a lot more than I had thought. College makes me independent more than ever before, which is a great thing!

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