Wayne State University Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


Wayne State University is the perfect school for someone who embraces diversity and shows the willingness to learn from people who belong to different cultures.


Anyone who wants a quality education, loves Detroit, and enjoys a diverse and friendly atmosphere should attend Wayne State. It is a great place for people straight out of high school, transfer students, and older adults returning to school alike.


The kind of person that would enjoy attending Wayne State University would be an open-minded person who likes to experience new journeys. Someone who is not afraid to experience a new culture, someone who is not afraid to dive into the urban city lifestyle would be the right fit for this university. Wayne State welcomes anyone with the innovation and willingness to learn and to better their selves.


Someone who is looking for a school with a lot of diversity in an unconventional atmosphere. There are students from all walks of life at Wayne State University and that allows you to become familiar with all different kinds of people. We have many students studying abroad and even more that commute from cities all around Michigan. It's location is pretty famous for being a rough area but the campus really is beautiful, well kept, and extremely safe. Wayne State provides a highly recognized education and endless opportunites for medical students with all of the hospitals near by.


A liberal arts education is a big part of this school. A majority of this school is of a diverse race and I feel that anyone can fit in.


A kind of person that should attend Wayne State University would be culturaly diverese and open minded. Always coming up with new ideas and giving back to the community, being green is also an added bonus. Wayne State makes the best out of it's location and always strives for success. If you are a driven and determined person, Wayne State University is right for you.


Wayne State University, in my notion, is a school made for anyone and everyone. The Campus is full of so many different kinds people of all ages, ethnicity's, backgrounds, idea's, styles, and social stratifications. As long as you have a motivation to learn and pursue a dream and/or carreer, Wayne State University is the school for you. Just by spending time on campus grounds, the possibilities are endless. There is help and information practically everywhere you look, everyone is kind and wants to help you.


The person who should attend this school is someone who wants to experience a large variety of backgrounds and work hard for what they want. This school gives many opprotunities to succeed not only in acedemics because of the rigorous courses, but also the many on campus clubs, sports and awesome hang-out spots. Not only is this campus great because of the extra-curriculars they offer, but also because it is in the heart of Detroit. There is always a new event going on downtown and many buisnesses in the area cater to college students with discounts and specials.


Anybody who wishes to get close and personal with the people of the city as well as their major. While the campus, itself, offers a nice tranquil study environment, Wayne State University is smack-dab in the middle of the city of Detroit allowing students to fully experience city life as well. Near the campus lies the Art and Science Museums, Detroit public Library, and other attractions. Students in the Community of Scholars or Honors college volunteer in hospitals, community centers, and many other places to help understand and better the city.


The type of students attending this school should be, goal-oriented, prepared to work hard, and commited to dedicating many long hours to their course studies. This university is by all means challenging and anyone who aspires to be sucessful should anticipate a rigorous load and be equipt to endure cold winters while still maintaining class expectation. The academic intensity at Wayne State University allows you to be competitive and simultaneously prepares you for higher education and the workforce ahead. I encourage everyone inclined to take the challenge apply to become a student at Wayne State University!


I believe that the type of person who should attend Wayne State University is a person with great discipline because with all the parties going on around there, self control is a plus. A person who is very ambitious and driven for success in college is a great candidate because not only does it help yu to succeed in Wayne State, but its also very expensive so dont waste time on playing aound.


Students ready to learn


A person with an open mind, readiness to to volunteer and a good sense of time management should attend Wayne State University, the area is so fresh and clean that it surprises people it's located in Detroit! Detroit has a bad reputation so this is a school for people ready to change their city by being active in their education and their community. There are plenty of volunteer oppurtunites at the Red Cross and Planned Parenthood so a person who attends this school should enjoy helping others while working towards their education.


Any kind of person! Wayne State is EXTREMELY culturally diverse. It doesn't matter what you religious, political, or personal beliefs are.


I believe that a self determined person should attent this school. A person that is well disiplined. This school is much bigger than Wayne County Community College and the class sizes are larger as well. Therefore a person need to be a one that doesn't loose focus in class. They need to be a person that is willing to make a sacrifice. Being that this is a University, the level of teaching may be different, the amount of work to be completed may be different. Therefore people should sacrifice things to allow them more time to study.


Anyone who wants to get an excellent education should attend this school.


Someone should attend Wayne State University especially if they are in a pre-professional program (premed, prevet, predent), or aspiring to be an engineer.


Someone who is looking for a career that is in high demand. Ex: Nursing, engineers, teachers, etc. Also, someone that is looking to having a good time while receiving an education.


one focused on good academics and the chance for sucess


One who's comfortable with diversity. I have friends from half of Europe and Asia, across America, and from Detroit itself. Bigots need not apply, but those with an open mind are welcome.


I believe that there is a place for every kind of student. It is an excellent place to learn a number of different specialties.


i think that everyone should attend this school, people that are not scared to be in a really scary neighborhood, people that can make friends easily


someone who is trying to graduate and begin a career


Students who are interested in the medical field should attend Wanye State University, By far the best university for medical field in the state of Michigan.


a goal orentated, hard working student who is open to new ideas and views on life. It is also helpful if they hold no prjidice towards other people


Liberal, loves city life, self motivated


You should attend this school if you are looking for a university that has a great location (very close to the downtown area), diverse group of people, nice campus, access to free student services (tutoring, advising, etc.), and a great variety of classes.


People who are career-focused and goal-oriented should attend this college. Students who like to engage in organizations should also attend this school because there are more than 200 organizations to choose one, and if thats not enough, the college helps you start a new one! Hardworking and motivated students would be successful at this university.


Someone that wants to go far in life and has high goals and aspirations for themselves should attend Wayne State.


People that enjoy a diverse group of people, and who like a large vast campus. Wayne State is in Urban downtown setting so we are in the heart of a large city and campus encorporates stores and resturants within the campus.


any kind of person can come here. This school for the popular kids and the misfits everyone feels welcome here!!!!!


I believe that someone who is independent and can handle the more commuter forcused environment should attend Wayne State University. If you are class focused as opposed to attedning school to further your social life, Wayne State University is the school you you.