Wayne State University Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


As a member of an ethnic minority, I often find myself frequently evaluating the diversity of my surroundings. There have been numerous situations in which I have felt out of place because of the lack of diversity. However, Wayne State University epitomizes the definition of diversity and this is pleasantly accompanied by the comfort of acceptance. Consequently, I have never had any issue with discrimination or stereotyping. This school has consistently made me feel welcome regardless of the ethnic makeup of a particular class or group.


Wayne State University has good instructors that are willing to help you succeed. Plenty of restaurants and college activities to have an awesome college life. Great internships with the opportunity to find jobs and meet career goals.


There is alot of diversity


The best thing about Wayne State University is the credentials of being a well known school.


The best quality that my university has to offer is diversity. Wayne State University is statistically one of the most diverse universities in the nation, and can therefore open doors to many students who wonder about academia and how it envelopes the world, as (theoretically) opposed to students who attend a university composed of only a single-dominant ethnicity/race.


The best thing about Wayne State is the cultural diversity and the location of the campus. Wayne State is located in the city, unlike other colleges we experience both the real world interaction and schooling at once.


The best thing about Wayne State is that I can live at home and drive 25 minutes to school


The diversity of the campus and community


Enought man power and materiais such as libirary, laboratory rooms.


Being that i want to work in the medical field wayne is a good choice. It has one of the best medical programs.


The location. Although Detroit isn't what it used to be, to me the area is still beautiful for taking pictures and exploring. There are many diffrent activities you can particiapate in Downtown Detroit.


It is in the middle of downtown. So all the events in Detroit, I right in the middle of it. So it is easy to be apart of.


The best thing about Wayne State is that the faculty really does care about the best interest of the students. They give you multiple opportunities to find on campus jobs as well.




It is in the middle of everything from sports,entertainment,good food, and yet you can still stay in for the night and get things done if needed.


I love that the campus is not that big so I don't have far to travel from the dormitory to my classes. In the winter it is very cold and since I don't have far to travel to class I am able to get some extra sleep, whereas, if I went to a larger university like Michigan State I'd have to make arrangements to get up earlier to get to class on time because the campus is very large.


The best thing is that you can socialize with many diffent people of different backgrounds. This can help you because in most careers it is preparing you to work with different ethnicities.


The best thing about my school is the amount of diversity between the students. Having a diverse group of people helps to meet new and interesting people. It doesn't matter what group of people you hang out with, you can find some people who you can get along with.


education because i love learning and everyone also seems to care about learning.


its very diverse. I never seen a school that had so many people from different racial background in my life.


Easy to get adjusted to and it is one of the best colleges in the country for my major.


It is a nice campus to attend, with a very multicultural student population.


I would consider Wayne State University's diversity as the best thing about my school. Being able to associate with people from all around the world broadens the mindset of an inner city youth. It gives me a chance to understand other peoples cultures, as well as dealing with different personalities and nationalities.


I like the diversity at my school. A lot of different come to this school from all over the world. You get to meet so many different types of people and become friends with them.


The best thin g about my school is that you meet so many great people. Having an effecient number of friends who share the same goals as you is very refreshing. There are many places available to study and chat amongst one another. I never stayed on campus but i heard that it is an experience within itself. The eatery is a place to take a break from class and just breathe and take in what the day has in store for you. The


It's as far away from home as possible while stil charging in state tuition.


Classes are close together


I consider the diversity to be the best thing at our school because of the culture it surrounds us in. It also allows us to learn and experience different things in life.


The diversity in ethnicity and study, because it provides a well-rounded education and cultural understanding of the world we live in.


For Pre-Medical students, there is a lot of research and resources available.


just being around different people ever day and getting a chance to me new people because sometimes metting new people can open doors for you later on in life.


The best thing about Wayne State is how cultury diverse it is. I've never been around so many different races that get along so well. I'm surprised at how accepting the people are of eachother. Everyone that goes to WSU are very focused on what they want to do in life. It is not a typical college, where everyone is drinking, and people are pressured to do something they don't want to. People think going to Wayne is easy, and that is farthest from the truth. Classes are just as challenging. Overall, its a great school.


The medical school. It accepts the highest percentage of people compared to other schools out there. Everything else seems mediocre in comparison.


The best thing about my school are the Couselors that encourage me to keep my head up and give me positive information that I want to hear about graduating.


The diversity at the school because I like to be around alot of culture.


The best thing about Wayne State University is the flexibility of class schedules. There are a variety of days and times to choose from.


Probably most the students. They are very friendly and always welcoming you into their groups in classes.


I think the best thing about attending Wayne State University is the fact that it is okay to be yourself and not wear your entire refund check on your back:(