West Texas A & M University Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


West Texas A&M University is known for their great community of welcoming students and faculity.


The best thing about my school is that it is big enough to do what it needs in order to teach students to create an effective and successful career, but still small enough to allow students the many opportunities that would be so easily missed at a larger school. There is so much competition at larger schools that students are not allowed the same experiences as would be allowed at a smaller school.


West Texas A&M is known for many things, but is mostly known for its wonderful agriculture program. They offer a wide verity of studies in the agriculture industry, ranging from soil sciences to equine science. I am attending West Texas A&M to be a part of their fantastic pre-veterinary science program.


The one thing my school is best known for is school spirit. WTAMU has always had a sense of pride when it comes to sports, academics, etc. WT offers numerous extracurricular activities to be involved in.


One of the best D2 football teams in the Nation.


Our school is well known for is its sports and what a great spirti school we have.