West Texas A & M University Top Questions

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Our campus ranks number one in beautification. We are very involved with the community and giving back. Our school is one of a few that has a live mascott which is a buffalo.


Cooraperation, a quality that is in a shortage today. It is acceptable to take a breath and relax. I had applied to multiple schools with West Texas A&M University being the only one to respond promptly with politeness. I was kept updated on my application and even informed of programs I was eligible. West Texas quickly became my decision despite my personal inability to view the campus at the time. The unique quality of people and interactions that I was greeted by has only assisted me in augmenting my knowledge. WT provides needed mental support as well as education.


The unique thing about tis school is that it feels just like home and that everyone here is so friendly and nice. The people here will actually know your name and want to hang out unlike other big schools that don't even know your name. Another thing is that the people here are so polite and that there ARE gentlemen who open doors for young ladies here.


A very unique thing about West Texas A&M compared to other schools is the small student to teacher ratio. Having a small class gives you and the professor the ability to interact with each other and the professor actually knows you by your name.


West Texas A&M is a division two NCAA school. It is larger than most division two schools and that is what attracted me to the school.


West Texas A&M University is a college that has a broad range of students who all express the buff spirit. At WT, I've found out that it's hard to have failure as an option. This college provides numerous tools to help students achieve academic success and start a foundation to build upon. The WT experience gives students a way to be ahead of most graduates as it prepares students for real-life situations. I have always felt my future is possible with WT's help.


They allow the opportunity for you to succeed. How can someone be successful if they were never given the chance or opportunity to show that they can be successful? I feel that this school gives many opportunity of each individual to grow and achieve their dreams.


The fact that the students and faculty here loves it here, and they definitely show it. When new people come and ask for help, students and such are glad to help. They help without hesitation. The atmosphere is so welcoming it's so unbelieveable. Whatever major you are, there's always someone you can talk to about it. Former students, graduates, advisors, counselors, or professors help you. I felt so welcome as soon as I came here and I love every second of it. I can't imagine myself any place else.


What is unique about West Texas A&M is the genuine feeling of being a part of a community. There really is a strong sense of being apart of a small town at this college. There is always fun activities open to everybody, restaurants for you and your friends to hang out, and if someone gets hurt or hits a hard spot, many students will just come together and help them. A recent example of this is when a student got his face severely burned and that night students went door-to-door to raise money for him.


Well since i only went to wt for a year it was cool. I made a lot of good friends there. But this school is not for me. You will meet nice people. But overall the campus life is boring and there are racist people that go there. So dont be surprised if you hear the n word a lot up there. Well i had to do it all over i would have pick other school to go to at first. But i will keep my friends i made there. But i attend now a way better school. So what more can i say!!!!


The great thing about WT is that it is a small university but with a music education such as that from a big university. Within one month of living on campus I have met so many people, and everyone (and I do mean everyone) knows each other somehow! However, I am attaining an education as if it were a big campus in a big town. In one short semester I have participated in prestigious events with the orchestra and have played serious repertoire in chamber methods class.


It's the only university for 100 miles in any direction


I originally applied to all large, and very competitive schools. I was accepted into NYU, A&M, UT, etc. However, I chose to go to WTAMU because of the cost, and I wanted a change. I did not realize what I was getting myself into.