West Virginia University Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


The lack consideration of other people, of their future, and of the rest of the world, especially when they are drunk.


Upbeat, positive, fun, diverse.


Friendly, outgoing, social, drunk half the time, which is frustrating


They ask lots of questions.


My classmates are generally very nice, extroverted, and helpful which makes them easy to speak to; if they're not, then I normally just move seats or decide to talk to someone else.


My classmates are partiers.


My classmates are all very friendly and helpful when it comes to in class help and out of class help.


awsome, everyone is so nice, everyone is cool with each other, it feels like a small town school even though there are over 21,000 students (the New Jersy kids kinda suck though)


There really isn't any discrimination on the campus. I don't really think anyone feels out of place down here. Most students just wear sweat pants to class. The states that attend WVU the most are Penn, VA, WV, NJ. Students down here also are very giving when it comes to supporting worthy causes.


Even though most of everyone gets along at WVU, there are still "clicks" and groups. I don't think we mean for it to be this way, it just happens.


For a major university, the WVU student body is not as diverse as many people may think. It's a bunch of white, protestant or catholic students from around the world. It sounds bad, but the only black students are the athletes. There is a big northeast influence at WVU, especially from New Jersey. I do have to say that almost all of Jersey's best and brightest went to other colleges. Almost everybody is friendly on campus, and you can tell that from the first time you step foot on the campus. On my first visit to WVU, random students would talk about how great this school is. A lot of poor West Virginia students that got the PROMISE scholarship are there, along with many rich northeast students. The North Face and Abercrombie are what a lot of the students wear. Everyone seems to fit the mold of everyone else.


Most WVU students are from West Virginia, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Maryland, New York, and New Jersey. There are students from elsewhere but I would say the majority are from surrounding states. There is not one major type of WVU student - you have your hippies, your frat boys and sorority sisters, your nerds, your athletes, and hundreds of personalities somewhere in between.


the student body is full of rednecks, jersey trash and wannabes. they're not the best to be with, but if you can't beat them, then don't join them. seriously.


NONE. Everyone is looked at as equal. Except they greek life. They use to be cool and now they are all losers who think they are the coolest. Thank god, all the people that did not join (which is a large amount) realize this. They live in their own world and think everyone wants to be one of them. I know all this because I use to be in a sorority. It was fun so i can't hate too bad but it changes people into someone they are not. So i quit. Poeple where what expresses themself here. That is what I love about this place. No one cares. There is no popular anymore. just be you, and that is what people do.


Since there are so many people at WVU I can honestly say whoever you are, you will find friends just like you. I think sometimes, things like Greek life might make you feel out of place sometimes if you don't want to participate in things like that. I wouldn't want to join a sorority but if you would want to they are ok here...a little intense. The frat parties are usually fun but some of them are lame as well. Hmm, if there were 4 types of people I had to group here it would be 1. Greek life 2. party kids who don't do well in school 3. Kids who can balance school and parties (me) 4. Kids who all they think about is school.


The students aren't here to learn. That's all i have to say. it's humiliating.


The student body is not very diverse. Mostly all white, middle to upper middle class out of state students. In state students are usually lower-middle class white students from WV. Out of state are from NJ,NY, MD, VA, PA, OH, and various other random states. Most students are from a middle class background. It is generally a laid back student body and majority of students do not dress up for class.


There are a LOT of different types of people that attend WVU. There are many religious, racial, academic, and political groups at the school. I don't mean racial in a mean way either. There are different groups for african american females, I believe there is one for latinos, and so on. I'm not really affiliated with many different groups so I'm not exactly sure about all of them, but Student Organizations makes it very easy to contact anyone you're interested in. Most WVU students come from WV due to the promise scholarship. This scholarship awards a free education for those WV residents who reach a certain ACT score and a 3.0 GPA. There are many low income families in West Virginia and this scholarship is aimed at students who may not be able to afford college the ability to attend. It's a great idea in theory, but has found not to increase graduates from WV any more than before it was implemented.


The student body at WVU is made up of all kinds of people from possibly all 50 states. I do not think that anybody would feel out of place on campus. There are groups for all different kinds of people of all races, religions, LGBT, and socio-economic backgrounds. All kinds of people talk with and hang out with eachother. The students wear all kinds of things to class. Everything from pajamas to formal suits sometimes. It all depends on the time of the class, and the individals in that particular class.


As far as diversity goes, WVU doesn't have the most diverse study body but it definitely is diverse, especially for being in the state of West Virginia, a very non-diverse state. I'm fairly confident that almost any "type" of student could find a group or niche at WVU. Students here are liberal for the most part, but there are still more conversative students as well.


Study body at WVU ranges from redneck to socialite. There is definitely a clash of country and city people here. Everyone gets along, even though they poke fun at each other.


WVU is a predominantly caucasian school, but all ethnic groups are present, as well as a large international group. Many of the kids do go and drink. I do not believe that anyone would feel left out at WVU, because there is so much to do and so many options.


WVU as a whole is extremely accepting to everyone at least that's what i have seen. Again, like at any big school, you may have a few jerks that might throw a racist comment here or there, but that is to be expected in any community. And WVU is most definitely a very large community. Right now the 2008 election is coming up, and students have been campaigning for their candidate for months. To see college students in the action of politics is really excited and nice for once.


I hear that in general many students dress down to class. However because I am a fashion major many people try to dress up for class. It becomes a fashion show every day, which makes class more interesting. I think there is something for everyone to do, and someone for everyone to hang out with at this school. I don't think there is anyone who would feel out of place here.


the student body is alot of fun, most of the students attend class in sweats, and hungover


The majority of students dress very casual to class. When I was in high school, I dressed up every day and never thought I would be any different, but college hours change you. My roommate is a fashion major and she says that everyone in her classes do dress up, but I would say the majority of students do not. Many of the WVU students come from West Virginia, Virginia, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Maryland, and New York. There are student organizations for just about every interest: politics, sports, religion, business, sororities, fraternities, etc.


First off, I see myself as a normal person and haven't had to deal with any of these issues. There are plenty of clubs and extracurriculars that cater to these specific groups and they all fit in here, I have never seen any discrimination on this campus. I think all would feel comfortable at this campus. I have taken classes where half of the class is from another country (English 102, they offer an intercultural class.) If these students from China, Japan, Saudi Arabia, and everywhere else feel comfortable mostly anyone will feel at home. It gets cold here, so during the winter it's mainly jeans and a hoodie or sweatpants and a jacket. It's all about personal style and where you are from will shape this style as well. It's not out of the ordinary to see people wearing lounge pants to class on some days. There is no way to put a finger on a certain group of students here. Everyone just seems to get along, any given table in the MountainLair could be filled with people from all of the United States and other countries as well as different religious and socio-economic levels. Students seem to be politically aware. I can assure you that I have become more interested in politics here, because of the fact I can vote now and it affects me. There is no way to put a finger on the predominant group. You have students that are all left, right, and center. I will say that this is a traditional republican state, but as a whole students seem to vote more democratic. The most common conversation between students seems to be about how much money they will earn one day. The second most common conversation is where they will be moving to after graduation.