West Virginia University Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


I think the best thing about my school is the affordability. The cost for an in-state student is very low and even the out-of-state tuition is reasonably priced.


Lots of mountains. Great workout.


Friendships, classes


I t hink the best thing about this school is the friendliness and tolerance of all the students and staff. You can always feel welcome and there are rare cases of people being picked on or biased against.


There are many great things about WVU, such as the large atmosphere, the diversity among the students, the athletics and the availability of resources that are provided around campus. Although all of these are great, I believe that the school spirit is the best thing because it brings a sense of pride to the university. Football games in Morgantown West Virginia are unlike any other. The alumni do a wonderful job staying in touch with the university and make it a great place to be a part of.


The school spirit would be the best thing i would choose about this school. We are one whole family, we all have such faith and love for our school its as if no one ever would choose to be anything other than a mountaineer.


For those who were there to learn, and attended class regularly, there was much knowledge and skill to be taken from class. The professors were very intelligent and knowledgable, and had much to offer students. Being a chemistry major, I was very pleased with the program and what I learned. WVU gets a bad rep as a party school.. which is obviously true. But there are many students who do take their education seriously and are there for more, and with this in mind, students are able to get a well rounded education here.


Football games. The most exciting event ever.


The friendly people and carring staff, because it is always helpful to find friends for life and have people that care about my education.


Morgantown fires set by WVU revelers.


The overall feeling of camraderie that exists among the students,and our winning sports teams.


Everything is awesome. There is never a dull moment.