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What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


This is my first semester at Western, and so far, it has been a great experience. I enjoy being on my own, and making my own decisions. College life has taught me many things already, and hopefully these lessons will shape my future. I will try to absorb as much of the information as possible, and I recommend anyone to attend Western Michigan University. It is a great university atmosphere.


When I attended high school, I attended a school that really prepared me for college. The school pushed you to succeed and compared to middle school, I felt overwork but smart at the same time. When I attended college, my experience felt a lot like high school but I had a little extra load, I became a mother to my wonderful son, Brandon. Being a mother and a college student has really gave me a wonderful experience in school. My college experience has been a bumpy road of wanting to give up but pushing myself to succeed, just like high school, for not only a better career for me, but a better career to support my son. It has been valuable to attend college because it's going to help me have a better future for my family. I also believe it's valuable because you go to learn, to futher your education, and not to say you tried but to say you succeeded when everyone thought you would give up.


I have gotten more out of college because I have refrained from just "getting it done." In my time in college, I have gotten married, had my first child, worked full-time to support myself and my family, gotten licensed in the Insurance business, and maintained a GPA of 3.5+. Finishing school is very important to me, but I feel that the life experience I have gained from having to juggle school, work, and family has been even more important in my growth as a person.


Out of my college experience the most valuable thing that I have earned is confidence. Confidence to discover new things and opportunities, to be involved in associations, and to attempt what I previously though impossible. I was once quite shy and introverted, however the college environment has challenged me to abandon that personality and adopt one of energy and openness. College has allowed me to improve my skills in making friends and reaching out to others. Overall, I find this to be one of the most important things I have taken away from my college experience so far this year. With my new found confidence I am ready to face not only the world around me, but the world that lies ahead.


I start college in january 2011. It is every important to go to college because it helps you in the long run. For example, if you apply for a office job and there is you a no college/ degree and another applicant wit a degree, they will pick the degree before you.


My college experience has really changed my attitude toward school. My motivation level for school has increased greatly. I am earning better grades than I did in high school. It has brought me joy to know that I am in an environment where I am being taught and learning things that I have never learned before. I have gotten a chance to meet all kinds of people from different backrounds, cultures, and ethnicities. It has been valuable to attend college because of the new ,life-changing experiences. It has also been valuable because it has given me a chance to network with many people. Being a student here at Western is allowing me to build bonds and networking opportunities with people that will last for a lifetime and has equipped me with the tools necessary to succeed in this world.


Being that I am only a first-semester freshman, I don't really have much to reflect on in an excessively detailed manner. However, so far the number of people that I know now versus before is nearly doubled; which is kind of a big deal for me as I lived in the same town for my whole childhood and went to a high school with only 500 people in it. Not only have I made some new friends but I have learned a few new things as well but so far it's only been sort of a review of some things that I learned in high school and knew from life experience previously; I cannot wait to delve deeper and expand my knowledge. Attending college is definitely a valuable experience to have, especially if you have been sort of sheltered from diversity and if you are dedicated to learning.


My college experience is a fantastic one. I am so lucky to have this opportunity to be able to fill my mind with knowledge from a group of fantastic professors. The professors are your guides and your friends, they are always available to help you. The knowledge that I am receiving no one will ever be able to take away from me. This is another part of my "key" to open the door to new and exciting career opportunities as well as a comfortable lifestyle.


Going to a community college from a small town high school I have gotten a better understanding of diversity and the role each different kind of person plays in the school. I have been in classes with students of every age, race, and background and have learned the importance of working together well with each of them. As well as the opportunity to form friendships with people that otherwise I would have never given a second thought. I have also got the chance to take a lot of different classes and through the college I was able to attend full time my senior year of high school for free so I have also gotten a headstart on my post high school education without the cost. Through my experience at my college I have grown as a person and learned the importance of taking education seriously.


I have learned to plan my time accordingly and to focus on my school in order to prevent falling into the trap of weekend partying. College is valuable to attend because it teaches you critical information for your career and to live life in the real world.


I have learned how to live on my own (in a dorm), and become more independent from my parents. I am more responsible and my goals are more important to me. In college I am maintaining a part-time job which will help me pay for college, and I feel good knowing I can support myself in some way. It has been very valuable to attend college to discover different career paths and explore majors I may want to pursue. I love meeting new people in college, like in student organizations. I am part of the animal adoption organization because I have a huge passion for animals and non-profit work (volunteering). Having this organization at college is very beneficial to me and helps me figure out what I want to do academically. Overall, college has been a great experience my first year and I am looking forward to furthering my education toward success.


When I first started thinking about attending college I was oh-so nervous. I heard the stories of hazing at sororities and fraternities. Plus the fact that I was growing up didn't help. When I finally started attending however, it was very different from what I expected. I made friends quickly, and the classes were nothing like what I had imagined. I like the feel of not doing the same thing every day, like highschool. I love to be able to express myself and not have to worry about what the people think, because they are all new and I haven't had classes with them since kindergarten. I have definitely grown and changed as a person since I graduated highschool and this is why college is so valuable to me.


When I first entered college I never thought I would be like the dozens of other people I know who began their college experience enrolled in a specific area of study only to change their major down the road. However, I quicky realized I was no different. After three weeks into the second semester of my original major, I realized I hated it. I had no desire to do the work for the courses directed towards my major. Instead of just sticking through it like many people do, I decided that I needed to figure out what I really wanted. I came home for a semester to think my future through. I decided to enroll in my local community college in case I changed my mind again. Luck would have it that my new major was a perfect fit. It was something I enrolled in on a whim. I had no experience with this particular major, but it was almost as if it had been created just for me. The most imporant lesson I've learned is not to limit yourself. Explore. Experience. Learn. Most importantly, learn to love learning.


I am getting a higher education. Going to college is preparing me for my future as a teacher. I am proud to call myself a bronco.


As John Dewey once said, "Education is growth. Education is not a prearation for life; education is life itself." College is not just important in order to obtain a job. It is important for groeth as a human being. College has so much to offer, which extends way beyond learning in a classroom. College has given me lasting friendships, knowlwge about the world, as well as a strong foundation and understanding of my particular field. It has been extremey valuable to attend because I have gained a love for learning that will continue to grow my entire life. I was able to find a path in life that I truly believe in, and through my college experience I was able to hone those skills while meeting life long friends. I believe college is an important experience in life in order to be a better person and learn about the world.


So far I have recieved a quality education to advance me towards a degree.


I am not attending any college such yet. I would love to finally find a school and a career that I enjoy doing. I have had such trouble either with the colleges not having what I would like or wanting me to go to school for years on end.


I have already learned so much about my major in the few weeks I've been here along with learning so much about myself in general. My knowledge about my subjects and life in general have been bolstered so much that I can't think of any reason that anyone should not want to come here.


I have only been in college for a few weeks now, but what I have gotten out of it is discipline. I learned that I need to discipline myself to do my homework instead of hang out with friends, or read the textbook instead of surf on Facebook. Going to college has been valuable because, on the non-academic side of things, I learned what's more important in my life. It's not Facebook or the Playstation; it's my family. I miss them, and I know they miss me. They are most important to me, and I want to make them proud by succeeding in college.


My college experience has been an eye opener. It has taught me to be more independent and to grow up a little bit. I realized it is not high school any more. I attend community college with plans to transfer to a local university. The class schedual is more flexible because I decide when I go and what I want to take. It has been valuable to attend because I can further my education in the field I want to study and to look good on job applications and to stand out from the other applicants.


I have had a passion for people for my entire life, but never in my wildest dreams as a child did I believe I would have the opportunity to utilize that passion as a career. It is my belief that I am meant to use my voice, my strength, and my story to speak for those who cannot speak for themselves. With that in mind, I am confident that my experience at Western Michigan University has fully preparted me to go out and find a career that will feed my passion. This institution contributed to my already blazing passions, as well as gave me the opportunity to explore many subjects and fields that were foreign to me. I am excited about the opportunities that lie ahead for me, to learn and to grow, and I’m eager to begin this next chapter of my life.


College is where you are suppose to be the time where you are out on your own and get the chance to discover yourself. This is exactly what I got out of my first year of college. I have become a more well rounded person overall and I have learned so much about myself. I am more confident and know who I am. I went through friends, discovered the kinds of people I truely connect with and the type of person I am myself. College was where I discovered my strengths and weekesses and have become a lot more outgoing. Its been the time of my life so far and I couldn't be more excited to continue this journey, I know there is so much more I have to learn and experience.


My college experience was funded by my highschool. It was a $3000 scholarship for classes that I had a lot of fun taking. I learned AutoCAD. I was taught how to "render" and do elevation details of not only houses I'd designed, but landscapes as well. The class size was smaller than my highschool classes, something I absolutely revelled in. Taking the Architecture & Landscape Design program solidified my desire to continue going to Front Range Community College. I talked with other professors and students, giving me a foot in the door. And, since I'm already enrolled, I don't have to worry about that now, something that my peers are stressed about. I also am already experienced with the website and how to enroll in classes. I figured out how college classes were different from highschool classes and was given a bit of a wake-up call as far as what was expected of me. Presenting my work also gave me more confidence when talking to people as well as figuring out the little fun things of powerpoints. I'm very happy to have been given the opprotunity by my schools to broaden my educational horizons.


Not much yet, but I am looking forward to starting soon.


Learning has always been a wonderful experience. College is the platform of my career. Every day in the college is full of knowledge and learning experience. I still have long way to go as far as learning never ends.


I have gained so much from my first year at Western Michigan University. Most importantly, I learned my potential. I proved to myself that I can be on my own and succeed. I gained confidence and saw my dreams within reach. I struggled but overcame all the obstacles I ran across. From feeling homesick to the stress of exams, I pushed forward and came out a stronger happier person. I had always dreamed of going away to college, and at times was not sure if it was in the cards for me due to the expenses. However, I did all I could to find a way and I am grateful everyday for getting the opportunity to attend. It made me think about my future and decide it was up to me to reach my goals. I had to take action not just sit around hoping for a change. I have experienced that change and am ecstatic for the rest of my college career. I finished my freshman year with a 4.0 GPA and was accepted into the pre-nursing program. I know I can continue to grow as a person and become the woman I want to be.


What I have gotten out of college experience is a sense of seriousness towards my education. Assignments should be completed to the best ability. Attention must be paid to lectures and notes must be taken. Studying is also essential to success. If what is learned is not practiced, then it isn't possible to be successful in a college environment. I found this out the hard way my first time around. However, the experience was valuable in a way. It taught me that a college education isn't to be taken for granted. Without one, I cannot get a career such as a doctor, or a lawyer, or even a nurse. Everything that I learn in a college environment is leading towards an important career. It is leading towards a career that I will look forward to doing every day of my life. I must try hard to succeed and focus to the best of my ability in order to reach my goals. My dream is to finish college and have a great career where I can be stimulated every day. I hope to have a career that I am respected in and I hope to make my family proud.


I have gained a lot through my college experience- even though I've only been attending college for a little over a semester. I've learned how to be more independent since I'm living on campus instead of with my parents. I've learned how to make friends easier, to manage money better, and to study better. I've always received good grades throughout school, but college is completely different. Most importantly, I think I've learned that I have to put my plan for my future into action now. I have to actually start working towards the career that I want to obtain instead of just taking the same general classes. I have to be the person that I want to be with no exceptions because now I'm on my own.


In the last three four years, I've received credit from three different colleges. With such a diverse experience underneath my belt, I've been able to interact and learn in many different settings. I believe that there are huge benefits with people who are able to interact with as many people as they possibly can. I had an incredible mind opening experience when I transferred from my second college, which was a conservative college, to my third which I am currently at that is very liberal. Throughout the transition Iearned to be accepting of what people believe, even though it may not be what you believe, which is what I think one of the most valuable lessons a person could possibly learn.


College has been the best experience of my life, because it is such a big environment. It has been wonderful being able to explore who I truly am as a person and adventure out and try new things. I also love beign able to take classes that interest me. I have never loved going to class so much. Every day I wonder what I will get to learn today. I feel like the courses are designed specifically for me. I love Western Michigan University!


I believe that I have become a better person today because of my experience.


Hey Erica this is Erica. I am you, a little older and wiser. Having been through my first semester of college I need to get us on the right path to make the first year of college easier. You really need to hit the books! Make academics your number one priority. Follow through with the AP test since you took the AP classes. If you pass those test it will give you more credits. College is expensive, the better your GPA the more scholarship money is avaiable to you. Since I mentioned money, you need make good use of your spare time. You should get at least a part time job and save as much as you can to help with your expenses when away at school. Since you know you are interested in becoming an Occupational Therapist you should try that field in your job search. Any job you can get in the medical field will help you on your way. College is a great experience and you have a lot to look forward to! Try to follow this advise and trust me, it will be even better for you and me.


If I could go back in time and talk to myself, I would tell myself not to just settle with passing or graduating. I would tell myself to reach even higher, although going to college is a great goal, I could have still graduated with high honors. I started to get a little lazy back then; I guess you can call it ?Senioritis?. I would tell myself to focus a lot better because after high school, life can get a lot more complex. I noticed that now being a freshman in college, a lot of the material that?s covered here has also been covered back in high school but just a bit more advanced. If I had taken the time to learn the material a bit more back then, I would not have been struggling on it here. I guess overall, I would just tell myself that, ?Time is valuable?, because your success in high school and college is dependent on your ability to study effectively and efficiently. If you do not take the time out to prep, then you will not become a successful.


I would highly reccomend for myself to not slack off my last semesters of high school. High school is a great opportunity to learn study habits, what is your best study atmosphere, challenge yourself to classes that might be of interest to you so you can get a better idea if you like a subject or not. Narrowing down interests is very useful to deciding what you would like to study/major in. That way you won't waste your time taking credits that don't go towards your major.


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior I would be glad to. I would tell myself to save all the money I could because college has a lot of expenses. I would also tell myself not to slack off and to do my best at everything since that is what they expect everyday at college. I would tell myself to follow my dreams and to really be passionate about what I want to do with my life so that I can strive toward that goal in college full steam. If I could go back and say those things I would, but who I was and what I did my senior year has made me to be who I am today and I would not want to change that.


I would let myself know that always work hard, no matter if your tired of a class or you think you can slack off because you a senior, your wrong. Your work isn't done until you gradurate from High School. I would let myself know that everyone was right when they said hard work does evenually pay off. I would say always apply your self to everything you do and always do your best because thats all anyone can ask of you. I would say set your own goals and standards, because only you can excel and accomplish the goals you set for yourself.


I have already thought about this question before. I would go back in time and tell myself, "Stop waiting until the last minute to do everything, which is a bad habit you need to fix before going into college. Luckily most of my situations work out, but that is because I ran into many instructors who were kind and easy going. When you get to the university level it?s going to feel like community college part two so don?t worry about school being too hard because you can do it. Go out and apply for more scholarships now because once you go to Western Michigan University you will barely have any time to look into scholarships, so it?s best that you take care of that now. Graduate school is going to cost like ten times more than what you are paying for at Lake Michigan College. Pell Grant alone won't be able to cover it so you better get a move on it and go apply for as many scholarships as you can. Also stop playing video games so much you will have time for that after you graduate with your Ph. D. See you later."


Do not have sex till you get married, do not take anabolic steroids, and surrender your life to Christ now.


Meghan, it's me. I mean it's you. At 22. And I just want to tell you, even though things may not be going your way at this point and time- everything will get better. College will be the best time of your life. Don't change anything about yourself that makes you you, just keep living like you are. You will make wonderful life-long friends and meet a wonderful boy who will sweep you off of your feet. So even though life as you know it sucks- it won't always be that way. Keep your head held high, keep painting and reading , keep being quirky and most importantly keep on livin'.


Living in upper classmen res.halls may be "cool"; but the best friends you'll ever make will be the ones you share experiences with - especially those "firsts". They will be the ones to study with you because no one is QUITE sure how hard a college exam will be. They will be the ones to let you know that you're not the only one feeling homesick and sad. They'll be the ones you find the grocery store with. They'll be the ones you figure out the bus system with. So, when you get to college, brave the long walk to live in the freshmen halls. Join a group (even if you don't know anyone!) just because it sounds cool. Most of all, though, remember that there's not just one transition in college. You're going to continue to grow and learn and challenge. Accept it, love it, admire it - it's the biggest life lesson you will take away.


My advice to myself as a high school senior would be to get involved earlier. I started late with my campus activies and getting involved, and let me just say, my college experience is exponentially greater. I've made some of the best friends I could imagine just by getting myself out there. Also, getting involved is great networking experience. I would also tell myself to make sure she waited until her sophomore year to enter into Greek Life, by waiting until then I was able to make so many friends outside of the Greek-system, and some of these girls and guys have become my best friends. I am almost 100{4a082faed443b016e84c6ea63012b481c58f64867aa2dc62fff66e22ad7dff6c} sure that that would not have been the case had I gone right into it. I would also tell my former-self to invest in getting a warm-steam humidifier because the dorms here can get kind of dry, and also to take advantage of the on-campus clinic and other services here.


If I could go back ad talk to myself as a high school senior, I would give myself some advice about how not to act or respond to different situations. First I would tell myself to not be so shy and to be open with people that I am meeting for the first time. Secondly I would tell myself to respond to situations like loneliness and feelings of homesickness in a different way. I wish I could go back to my first year at college and change the way I met people, because I was very shy and didn't meet people very easily. Finally I would tell myself to only switch majors twice and to listen to myself, not to my mother or anyone else around me. I learned the hard way about listening to other people and not myself when it came to choosing a major.


Your college career won't be as difficult as you think it is going to be as long as you establish a few goals for yourself. Don't make the goals impossible either, but make them little ones that you can accomplish week to week. I found it helpful to get my homework done before the weekend so I can enjoy my time away from school (unless there was a test to study for). Also, take some time to get to know what resources your campus has to offer, like the library, tutoring services, bookstore offers, writing centers, gym, and other student activities. All of these things are great ways to establish contacts and make friends at any university or college. Socially, I suggest you keep a few close friends so you can use each other for support throughout the school week and then enjoy other activities on the weekends. You can bring these friends with you when you get involved with campus activities as well as study groups at the library. In the end, take advantage of the utilities and opportunities that your college has to offer and you'll be sure to have a satistfied college experience.


Dear 18 year old Jenny, This is coming from an older, wiser verison of you. You think now that you can't be great and that medical school is too hard and too expensive for you. You have given up on that goal because you can barely afford undergrad; you've let money steal your dream. Well snap out of it! You have been through child abuse and survived, you have battled anorexia and won, you are ranked 8th in your graduating class, you are so strong with so much potential that you haven't even unlocked yet, but you will I promise. Don't major in Exercise Science, don't settle, just go straight into pre-med. If you wait and then switch, you'll have to work hard to catch up to take the MCAT, (like I'm doing now). Believe in yourself. You will make the Dean's list consistantly, and perform cutting-edge research as a sophomore, and see 8+ surgeries, making connections with surgeons! You will have to work hard, but you have been through worse; you have overcome worse odds. Take a leap of faith! Love, Your future self


The first couple months of college were a whirlwind. Between classes, practices, studying, socializing, and work there was a lot on my plate. In high school I was always involved in a lot of organizations. However, now in college I have a lot of responsibilities but am also thrown with the stress of living on my own. The thought of living on my own actually made me quite anxious for many months leading up to the transition to college. I would stay up late at night worrying how I would be able to survive by myself, if I would be able to find my classes and many other stresses that nervous high school seniors face. Looking back, I would tell myself to relax. Although, college is much different, everyone goes through the transition and it is best to take it one step at a time. I would remind myself that college is the experience of your lifetime. It's where you'll meet your lifelong friends, it's where you will learn about the job you will work at the rest of your life, and it's where you'll learn who you are as a person.


As a high school senior you wonder what will be involved in transitioning to a college student, not only the physical aspect but the mental. I believe the hardest adjustment is being out of your comfort zone. Gone will be the days of everyone knowing you at school and having your Mom take care of so many daily tasks. The last half of your senior year you need to cut the apron strings from Mom and Dad! You need to begin talking to people outside of your ?circle of friends? because when you get to college you won?t know very many kids. You need to learn to wash your clothes, balance a checkbook, and learn to do some basic cooking. College life needs your full commitment if you want to succeed. An excellent grade point requires studying and this can consist of long hours and you must discipline yourself and be prepared! Ultimately you are entering a new stage of your life where you will become more self-reliant and independent. If you get through the first semester you can get through the next one. Meet new friends, join a club, or be on a sports team.


Dear high school senior Megan, I advise that you get working on those scholarships you keep putting off, they will be very helpful next year. I'm not going to give you too many details about college, except to stay financially savvy. The surprise and adventure is indescribable, you will meet people different than anyone you ever imagined meeting, you will be forced into situations you will think that you can never handle but believe me you can. I don't want to tell you anything more about college or the transition, because no one should know what to expect. That is the reality of growing up, not knowing what to expect and handling any situation with class and dignity. Always remember that. Keep an open mind and an open heart, for you can do anything you want to do. Love, Megan


Knowing what I know now, I would change many things. A huge advice I would give myself is to try harder in my AP classes in high school. To start studying harder and try harder than what I did. I wish I would have tried in my AP classes so I could of done well enough on the AP exams so I would not have had to taken some credits in college and saved money. My main advice would be to get into a studying habit because in college, things are not handed to you like they are in high school.


If i could go back in time to when I was in highschool and know what I know now, I would have gone to a community college for my first two years of college and then transferred to western Michigan university. And Believe that this would have saved me money and I would have had more to time to deciding what I wanted to do as a career.


If I had the ability to go back and talk to myself as a high school senior my best advice to myself would to be to pay attention to life in closer detail than I did before. I would not take a single high school class for granted, because free education sounds incredible to me now. I would have paid attention to the little things that I love in life a little closer, to figure out who I was a little sooner. All in all I would have to tell myself not to be scared and just be who I know I am, and that everything finds a way to work itself out. I would tell myself not to sweat the hard times but to focus on my learning because there are plenty of good times ahead. I would incourage myself to dig at what really drives me, to figure out what I wanted to do sooner. Last of all I would tell myself I know I have to do this for myself, shake away that fear, and take my first steps towards a new life.