Western Michigan University Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


I recommmend having your sudent visit the campus with a friend that goes to that school to get the inside scoop. Campus tours are great, but they tend to sugar coat things and its hard to get a straight answer out of the tour guides. Even ask other students walking around campus what they think about the school. I would also look into the surrounding area., go out to dinner and ask the waiter about it! Real people will give you real answers, I would never recommend sending a student to a school without getting the true story.


Visit the campus of the universities that you are interested in and investigate what majors and minors they offer. Also, look at what financial aid they will offer you. Look at what supplemental services they offer outside the classroom. See what the public transportation is like around campus and where the local conveniences are.


Go with your gut instinct and go wherever will make you happy!!!


I would tell student especially that they should try to find a college that really fits them, go visit many and make a decision that is right for you. Don't just go where you're friends are going or where others tell you is the best school. I didn't get into my first choice and looking back I couldn't be happier. When you get to college make as many friends as you can, but don't forget about the friends that may or may not have come to that school with you. Have fun but don't let the parties get in the way of your grades, because really, that is what you're in college to do, go to school. Make the most of it because it goes by much faster than you think it's going to!


Take your time and not rush when finding your school. Make sure that you pick a school that best suits you!


Find the place with the biggest smiling faces!


Visit the college and and look into the classes you have to take in your career.


The key is to land where ever you feel most comfortable. It should fall right into place as soon as you take that first step on campus. You just know that this place is the right environment to be in. That's how I felt, and I haven't regretted a single day.


It is the time of your life. Make friends, get involved, and you need to study.


The best advice I can give anyone is to follow their hearts. I had a very difficult time trying to decide where I wanted to go but in the long run my heart was always with WMU and no other decision felt right to me. Also never let anyone choose where you are going or what you are doing because in the long run you are sitting in that class not your friends or parents. Also parents, be open about where your child wants to go this is a major life decision for them don't make them look back and say "I wish I would have gone to........ " Most of all have fun. Don't be afraid to go out and meet new people or tag along with new people to a sports event. This is the best years of your life! Live it up.


You can't pick a college just because you have a bunch of friends going there. Chosing a college has to come from the heart. If you pick a school for the wrong reason like your boyfriends going there or your best friend is your more likely not going to like the school. If you follow your heart and chose whats best for you they will understand. Things change, people change but you should always stay true to yourself and by letting someone dictat you choice doesn't help you.


I would tell the parents to let the kids make the choice for which college is best. As for the students, visit the universities you have in mind. Once you see the campus, you should feel at home. It would have the feeling like you belong there. I know thats how I felt when I stepped foot on the university that I attend.


Do what feels right. Just because you were sure when you enrolled you wanted to major in something, doesn't mean you're stuck with it. The point of the experience is to find what you want to do with your life, and maybe your first choice wasn't a good fit, or you enjoy something else more. It's never too late to change. I'm going into my 4th year, and I just changed my major a week ago. If you don't like it now, you won't like it when it's your job. Discover yourself. Try new things. Meet new people. Separate yourself from the people in your life that bring you down. Be smart with your decisions. Have fun, but remember why you're there. Parents: Chill out. College has changed since you were there. Talk to your student about your worries, but you have to have faith that they will make the right decisions when the time comes. Don't tell them what they can and can't do, because college is all about having the chance to do things for yourself.


To choose the right college for yourself you need to know what type of learning environment is best for you. Are you more successful in smaller class sizes? Do you have difficulty focusing if there are too many activities available to you? You also need to be aware of your priorities. Which is more important, having many activities to choose from or coming out of school with less debt? Chances are that schools in which cost less will offer less. After you have figured out what you want then it is time to find the college in which offers the things you need. To gain the most out of your college experience you need to willing to put yourself out there. You should be prepared to go to school and try new things and keep an open mind. To meet people and make new friends you should be willing to try different things. I do not mean by trying drugs and drinking. What I mean is by trying new sports, volunteer activities, social groups, etc.


I will have to say dont choose a college based how "how cool the parties are". Base it on your career and how good of classes they have for your degree that you are seeking.


Go with what best fits you. Simple as that. Find what makes you comfortable and stick with it. Never feel that you have to turn into a certain personality. There are plenty of options that are already there for you and more people that have similar interests than one can imagine.


Advice I would have for the parent is to allow your child to actually visit the college and let them choose which college they would best adapt and would fulfil their learning needs. Advice I would give the student is to always stand up for what you believe in, there are going to be obstacles that you will have to overcome but there is always someone to turn to. Another thing I would like to say is its always oklay to call home, your parents probably miss you as much as you miss them.


Talk to as many current students and faculty at the university as possible.


I believe that anyone with an open mind can fit into any college the so choose. Base the decision on what you like about the school. Take a tour, weight the advantages and disadvantages of each school. As long as you have an open mind, you will succeed anywhere you go.


The key to college is to get involved in something. Don't just go to class, go to meals, and sit in your dorm room the rest of the time. College will be miserable if you do not get involved in something extra-cirricular that forces you to meet people and share a common goal or interest with a group. For example, I am in marching band. You have to be involved somewhere to have a chance at a positive college experience.


In my opinion, it is best to find a college that has a good balance of social activities, as well as studying. It is very hard to spend all your time studying, only to study more; however it's just as bad when all you do is party. There are quite a few great universities that have this.


The advice I would give to parents is just to try and let go, not to be too concern with the college process with there child. I know all parents are goingto be concerned with the safety of their child and making sure they get the best education, but you also have to remember that your child is going away not you. So try and step back a little bit and let your child get the whole college feel and let the college be the school of their liking. Also to those parents who are a little skeptical with sending there child away just remember that you did the best you could raising him/her and just trust that he/she will suceed and do fine. The advice I would give to incoming freshmen is to slow down and take in every experience because there will never be anything like going away to school and being on your own. Make sure that you stay focus because on a college campus it is very easy to be distracted, especially living on campus. So just make sure you put your priorities in order and always remember that. WORK FIRST, PLAY LATER!!!!


Find a college that fits you and not who your parents want you to be or even where your friends are going. Look at all aspects like the culture and community, location, distance, and what that college offers that you will take advantage of.


I would tell parents and students to ask employers of the fields they are interested in; what schools they prefer to employ from. I would also suggest to look at the cost of tuition, how much financial aid you will recieve and how much you will have to pay out of pocket.


There are so many different people in the world, and with all those different people comes different intrests and personalities. My best advice for finding a college or university that suits you is to start your search very early, before you plan to attend and go visit. Visiting is KEY! You need to find a place that suits you and you must feel comfortable there. When you have picked your school of choice you want to walk to class and tell yourself this is my campus, my school and be proud that it is yours. You dont want to dislike where you are everyday and where you will be for the next 4-5 years of your life.


Choose it for the school and not for the money, you will only have one chance to make this decision so making the right one for the right reasons is the most important aspect. Go Broncos!


First, find a college or colleges that have your focus. Schedule a campus tour. I strongly encourge the tour for that was the selling point for me. Once you have gone on the tour(s), sit with your family and discuss pros and cons. Get multiple opinions besides your own, even thought that in the end it is ultimatly the students decision. Consider tuition, distance from home, gpa requirements, and if you think the student would feel comfortable.


I have had a very interesting college experience. I came out to Western was because I did not want to stay at home and go to community college. Like most eighteen year olds I wanted to get as far away from my hometown as possible. The only problem with this was that I was not too sure what I wanted to go to school for. Therefore, I spent my first year of school taking general eds. that I did not see the point of and assumed were a waste of time. Now that I have put some thought into my life and done research I have picked a major that is perfect for me. My advice to others would be to make sure you know what you are going to school for. This will motivate you in school as well as your personal life. Without this direction it is difficult to see the point of waking up and trudging through the snow to go study geology at nine in the morning. Yet, if you know that by passing this class you will be able to do what makes you happy for the rest of your life it becomes much eaiser.